Pioneer PL-12 turntable set-up

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by indy mike, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. indy mike

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    I've got a turntable project going right now - a buddy of mine has an old Pioneer PL-12 turntable that he dug out of storage. So far, I've replaced the headshell (hooridly rewired, melt marks), cartridge and belt. I got the cartridge aligned (dug out the old Geo-Disc from MoFi), arm got balanced, tracking force and anti-skate set. I'm curious about the tonearm - on the backend near the weight on the left side is an arm that is set out about 2 inches, with a moveable weight with set screw to hold it in place. What does that little arm with the weight at the end do? Does it provide more weight if a very light cartridge is used? I didn't get the owner's manual, and it's been awhile since I've set up a turntable - anybody got some thoughts to help me out?
  2. Joe Nino-Hernes

    Joe Nino-Hernes Active Member

    Chicago, IL
    Maybe its anti skate force??
  3. indy mike

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    I wondered about that, but why would it have a screw for adjustment? There's a knob to set the antiskate to match the cartridge tracking force...
  4. Another Side

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    I found a site that said this is supposedly a lateral balance adjustment mechanism. I'm not sure what that is. Maybe it sets the angle of the tone arm?
  5. indy mike

    indy mike Forum Pest

    I snuck over to Audio Asylum and found pretty much the same thing. The post mentioned that the weight is supposed to be centered (it was all the way out to the end on the one I have here). Where are alla the analog folks at???
  6. indy mike

    indy mike Forum Pest

    BTW, Needle Doctor did a super job with my parts order - left the day I ordered (Tuesday), arrive here on Thursday...
  7. Tetrack

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  8. indy mike

    indy mike Forum Pest

    For some reason I get a message that says "Empty referer - no referring page"....
  9. indy mike

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    Here's a picture of the ferschlugginah metal rod/counterweight gizmo - the weight on the one I'm working on is positioned where this one is in the picture below...

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  10. Tetrack

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    It comes up ok for me, try the homepage and go to library - turntables for it. You need to register first to download the acrobat file, i think it just gives a position distance for that weight, there is a pic that might help.
  11. Tetrack

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    Scotland, UK.
    Probably fine as it is then.
  12. Don C

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  13. indy mike

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  14. Steve Hoffman

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    Ahh, freaky. That's the turntable I had in the 1970's after I got wise and dumped my Garrard Zero 100. I paid 100 bucks for it at Pacific Stereo. Kind of miss it; it worked and worked and never died. I ended up giving it to an old girlfriend who STILL uses it!
  15. jkev2

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    brings back memories or my PL 15 that I had back in the mid 70's- very similar to the 12 the main difference if memory serves was that the 15 was a semi automatic. Dont recall seeing that metal gizmo though
  16. chosenhandle

    chosenhandle Well-Known Member

    that was my first real turntable as well! I loved that thing.
  17. Coypu

    Coypu Member

    Pioneer.... they made some great Turntables

    I was given a Pioneer PL-115D by a friend many years ago.
    He worked at a recycling plant and pulled it out of a skip, it was still in working order, after a clean up and a new headshell and cartridge (Ortofon 510 MII) it sounded a treat. I still actually use this turntable to this day.
    The friend that gave me turntable was sadly killed in a car accident 4 years ago and I just can't bring myself to change it for sentimental reasons.
    On the PL-115D there is a small anti- skate adjustment knob just at the back of the arm It's marked from 0 to 4, I have this set at 2 and the deck performs well on the test disc that I have. There is also a very small bar that you can adjust on the rear of the arm. Happy listening.

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