Pioneer SP-FS52 Speakers

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by sad124, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. sad124

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    These speakers get great reviews for performance and price point.
    I'm building a second system with a Pioneer SX-680.

    Would these speakers be a good match?
    Didn't want to spend a lot of money for the second system.

  2. head_unit

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    As a loudspeaker engineer let me tell you you really get what you pay for, more than any other component. But I understand there are many $$$ priorities in life. Those Pioneers are design by the famous Andrew Jones and are very well regarded for the money.

    These Polks
    are currently on sale for just a bit more than the Pioneers and likely better.

    Andrew Jones has gone to ELAC and released stuff like this:
    really impressive sounding, albeit a couple hundred bucks more than the Pioneers you mentioned. Then again, whatever you get will last you DECADES, think about that.

    Recent model used speakers can also be a bargain, IF you can find something you like, for instance these Athenas:
    Athena Technologies AS-F2 loudspeaker
    Or Celestion 300s, a lovely transmission line design, low distortion and very neutral. Hard to find though. You *might* find the Pioneers or Polks used, though unless they are local shipping will kill any savings.
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  3. Chazz

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    The SP-FS52's are great for the money. Andrew Jones designed them and many people praise them. You might want to check out Elac speakers designed by him. They are a little more money but build quality is supposed to be much better.
  4. recap200

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    Curious...what speakers do you use in your other system?
  5. Adam9

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    I like mine quite a bit.
  6. sad124

    sad124 Forum Resident Thread Starter


    In my main system I have Klipsch Chorus II's.

    Thanks to everyone for the advice so far....Those Polk's are beautiful.

    Probably should have mentioned in the original post, but would like to stay under $400.
    This system won't get too much use, so I didn't want to dump a lot of money into it.
  7. gaels7592

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    I'm also curious about these speakers, for my music set up. I have a pair of BIC RTR 1530's as well as a subwoofer. The RTR's are just too big but sound good and have nice bass. Do you think these Pioneers are an upgrade over the RTR's? Any help would be appreciated
  8. OpethPA

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    I use the Pioneers to drive my main Home Theater system and can honestly say I love them and dont know that you can find better for the cost.
    As a matter of fact my whole 5.1 system is this complete speaker setup .
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  9. sad124

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  10. Edgard Varese

    Edgard Varese Royale with Cheese

    If you were interested in the Polks, I would go one model up the line and get the the TSi400 as the bass response is much better.
  11. SpeedMorris

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  12. recap200

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    Klipsch Chorus II: 39 Hz–20kHz ±3 dB, 8 ohm, 101 dB SPL, one watt, one meter.
    Pioneer SP-FS52 (about $280/pair, new): 40 Hz–20kHz, 6 ohm, 87 db...not the most efficient speakers...1-year warranty.
    Polk TSi-300 (about $380/pair): 8 ohm, 90 db, 5-year warranty, I think.
    I believe your Sx-680 ('78...approx. 39 years old?) is rated 4 ohm, minimum.

    Again, just curious...what is the size of the room for your second system?
    Have you considered bookshelf (standmount) speakers?
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  13. sad124

    sad124 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    The room is 11ft X 12ft.

    I have thought about bookshelf speakers with stands, but......
    I might be totally wrong on this, they just seems more expensive W/stands than a regular floor standers.

    I'm leaning towards the Pioneers due to price and endorsement from other members.
    The Polk's are appealing with the 5-year warranty and they look nice (in picture anyway, I do know they're not real cherry wood) :D.

    You do imply a good point, synergy and compatibility.
  14. avanti1960

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    Chicago metro, USA
    I listened to the SP-FS52s extensively at a local dealer. They sounded veiled with a substantial amount of midrange coloration from the resonating cabinets and lacked detail and dynamics. They are basically designed for people with AVRs as their main source of amplification.
    Any of the ELAC speakers designed by Andrew Jones will sound like true high fidelity audio speakers compared to the Pioneers. Even the B4 bookshelfs at 179.99 / pair which are open, transparent, neutral and flat out remarkable for the money.
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  15. gaels7592

    gaels7592 Forum Resident

    I'm looking to purchase the SP-FS52's. They have an impedance of 6 ohms but I have a Sony DH-130 2CH receiver that has an impedance for 8. Will they work fine or will it cause damage to my unit?
  16. recap200

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    Good question--and your question requires a really good answer. Have you considered contacting Pioneer Support, Sony Support, or Crutchfield? If you don't get an answer, consider contacting ELAC.
  17. Disionity

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    Honestly, I haven't heard these speakers, but unless you're insistent on floorstanders, nicer stand-mounts can be had for not that much more money. Check out the Elac Debut line or some of the closeout speakers at MusicDirect. Amazing deals to be had there.
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  18. recap200

    recap200 Well-Known Member

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    You seem to prefer the SP-FS52--and that's okay. I actually prefer AJ's BS22--it's a fun speaker. But that's just me. If necessary, I think Pioneer speakers are generally are sold with a fair and generous return policy.

    With my electronics and my music, a bookshelf speaker is my preferred choice in my unique, small room. By way of a few examples, the Wharfedale 220, ELAC B6, and Pioneer BS22 all sound pretty good in my small room—no sub needed. An open-box 220 and B6 (new) are about $280/pair. And I've seen AJ's BS22 for $65/pair.
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  19. SpeedMorris

    SpeedMorris Forum Resident

    Technically, yes, and the idea of buying stands is sort of annoying. However, even similarly priced standmounts- and the stands that can make them a little more- can better their bigger brethren in some ways:

    1- They can be purer, less congested sounding in the mids and in the bottom, too.
    2- They can fit a room- such as an 11 x 12- better. Potentially fewer bass problems. They may have less quantity, but it's often better quality. (Sometimes it may not even be all that less.)
    3- They will image better, be more sonically "invisible", be more focused, etc.
    4- The amp doesn't have to deal with deeper bass, more drivers and crossovers.

    I guess I'm singing a slightly different tune after reading that your room is 11 x 12 and realizing that the Pioneer is 30 wpc and not the 50 I was for some reason initially thinking it was. So...

    Music Direct has a demo Elac B6 for $226. 60-day satisfaction policy. It may well have as much beef as the 52, and to borrow a word from recap200, will likely be more fun. Lots of rave reviews out there.
    ELAC - Debut B6 Bookshelf Speakers **DEMO** | Shop Music Direct

    You might like a couple more dB in sensitivity, so a couple that have that are the

    Polk RTi A3- A step or two up from the TSi line, this one's probably the more aggressive, vibrant speaker between this and the next one. Should sound big and image well- Polk RTis seem to do that.
    Polk Audio RtiA3 6.5" Bookshelf Speaker Pair in Cherry (Certified Refurbished)

    Review: Polk Audio RTi A3 loudspeaker

    This one seems to have a more smooth, probably mellower approach, if the Sound & Vision review lined at the buy site is accurate. It claims 90 dB sensitivity compared to the 87 of the Elac and 89 (IIRC) of the Polk. (S&V measured 88.5).
    CAMBRIDGE AUDIO Aero 2 6.5" 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers Black Pair

    And, yes, stands.:mad:

    These $100 Pangeas seem like a solid buy, but I haven't searched the entire www.

    Pangea Audio LS300 All Steel Speaker Stand-Audio Advisor
  20. sad124

    sad124 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Wow! Thanks for all the advice and education :righton:.
    Just made my decision more difficult.
  21. recap200

    recap200 Well-Known Member

    nowhere land
    OP, do you feel that you are used to the sound of your Klipsch Chorus II speakers?

    What if the SP-FS52 sounds different? Is this okay with you?

    IMO, unless you buy used, e.g., your Klipsch Chorus II, you're probably not going to find a new, good floorstander at the $260/pair price point. [Polk T50--"new/used"--is $200.00/pair.]

    My final advice is: Consider a bookshelf speaker (and stands, if possible) for a small room. At <$400, KEF's Q100 is very good. At <$100, Pioneer's BS22 is good, too. Or, maybe another Klipsch product works better for you.

    Good luck!
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  22. sad124

    sad124 Forum Resident Thread Starter


    Thanks again for all your advice.

    I do love the sound of the Chorus II's, but if the Pioneers sounded different (as long as they are enjoyable) I don't think it would turn me off.

    I have Klipsch 1.5 W/Stands that I use for surrounds on my main system.
    I hooked those up to the Pioneer and the combo sounded really good.
    I could be perfectly happy with that set-up, but then I wouldn't have surround on my main system.
    I thought about getting another pair of the 1.5's, but then I saw the reviews of the Pioneers and I thought, they might be a tad better.

    So many options. You do have me intrigued with the KEF's. Never have heard a pair, but have never read any complaints.
    I do have a dealer fairly close. I do know they carry Klipsch as that's where I got mine from. Not sure on other brands they carry.
    I think I'll take a ride out there. I'll ask if I can bring the Pioneer with me to audition a few models.

    Thanks again :edthumbs:
  23. sad124

    sad124 Forum Resident Thread Starter


    I would like to thank everyone for their guidance, advice and suggestions.
    I ended up with the Polk's. I figured the Polk's being at 8 ohm would be a better match for the SX-680, instead of the Pioneer's 6 ohm.

    Have to say I'm not disappointed. The speakers sound great for the price and everything (classical to heavy metal) sound great through them.
    They do get a little bloated in the bass with some material, but I just cut the bass down on the 680. They are perfect for what I will be using this system for, has that old vintage sound.

    Anyway, I'm going to try to post a picture.
    Thanks again to everyone.
  24. recap200

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    Congratulations on your new speakers—enjoy!

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