Pioneer SX680 Failed Output IC, STK-0039

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by SwampHarp, Jan 11, 2017.

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    I have been having an issue recently with my receiver and am looking for some help. Here is my current setup;

    Receiver: Pioneer SX680

    Turntable: U-Turn Orbit

    Speakers: KLH Model 5

    Speaker wire: Generic

    The issue I have been having (twice) is that the right channel of the receiver has gone out (no sound coming from the right speaker). The repair shop stated it was a “failed output IC, STK-0039” and replaced it. A week into having it back the right channel went out again. I sent it back and they did the same repair again but stated “Note: this amplifier is only 30 watts per channel, so you are limited with output volume and speaker connections.” I am picking it back up and want to avoid having this happen again. Are the KLH’s not compatible with the receiver? Does the crossover switch function on the back of each speaker play a part in this? It is currently set to mid. I keep the volume at a reasonable level. One other thing that I wondered if it played a part in the failed output IC is that both times, the receiver was plugged into a power strip with 2 lamps. My girlfriend plugged in a vacuum cleaner into the strip the day it stopped working. Not sure if that could have been the cause. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    Mark, it sounds like the power strip could be your problem. Those 90W peak KLH Model 5's should be fine short of cranking up the volume for extended periods of time. My old SX-434 Pioneer still works fine with 150 watt speakers it's been connected with for decades. Perhaps it's time for one of these.
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