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    Pittsburgh, PA
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  2. Jerry's and the Attic both have really great selections, though it can be a physical challenge to search through some of those racks.

    My old stomping grounds years ago was Paul's in Bloomfield. I don't know what it was like when the late Karl Hendricks owned it, but the new place there is pretty lame.

    I was surprised that downtown Greensburg, in Westmoreland County, actually had a great shop, Rabbit Hole Records. Not a huge selection but worth a look if you're out that way.
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  3. Lived there most of my life and it's still confusing. There are no grid streets in Pittsburgh, for sure. It's the terrain.
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    and every single street, i swear, is a one way street.
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    I've been going to Jerry's for over 20 years, but let's be serious. The place has been picked clean because of all the publicity the store has gotten over the years. The place was a literal goldmine when it first opened in 94-ish and for a while thereafter, but now you'd be hard pressed to find domestic pressings by Devo, Blondie or Sparks in there. And don't even think about a Cure, Depeche Mode or Siouxsie record. But if you're looking for shorter career bands of relative obscurity, and not expecting odd imports, you may find something. And note that if a bands section only has one battered copy in the bin, make sure to check the backstock on the wall because there could be 10 more copies to choose from, or even titles not in the bin. And some titles in the "Rock" section are also in the "Alternative" section. But be warned that his prices have now gone up to about $7 for average stock.

    I was at The Attic about a week ago. The place has become such a congested mess compared to a couple of decades ago. The main used section are all squeezed tight aisles stacked floor to ceiling. The back room where I used to find stock of 12" singles is still there but the lights are out and there are boxes piled everywhere. I snuck back there with the light from my iPhone but it was so disorganized that I gave up. Many aisles were blocked by unsorted boxes that could contain treasure but I don't foresee anyone going through them anytime soon. I did find a few great condition items that I couldn't find in any condition at Jerry's, so that was a plus. The heyday of walking into a used vinyl store and finding a 5 inch thick Sparks section with every album are long gone. Now, you're lucky to find one lone ragged 12" single.
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  6. I'd only been there for the first time a few months ago, but I was really frustrated at how hard it was to navigate, too. I ended up finding some great stuff there, but I shudder to think what I missed, simply because it was almost impossible to get to!

    Jerry's did feel very picked over - I was surprised more by what wasn't there than what was.
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    Jerry's concentrated on auctions of their best stuff. Every month their website listed about 285 of the best rock and psyche lps in one auction and then another 280+ Soul and R & B lps in another auction. His auctions really sucked because he used a "sliding scale" for bidding. You didn't have any idea if you won anything until it was over. You'd get an email and you either won or you got a message stating the auction was over and you didn't get anything. There was no verifying the winner, the winning amount, or any details.
    Even though he had tons of stuff in his store, I always felt the quality was substandard.

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