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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by stenway, May 10, 2012.

  1. stenway

    stenway Well-Known Member

    hi, now is possible play .iso from SACD on mac, new to me :), and even on with itunes a even other formats like FLAC, or .cue files; with

    I do a test with depeche mode SACD


    the app can decode dsd to pcm 44

    I have some issues, with the volume, is too low, anybody test this? comments?
  2. Forum Resident

    New York
    sorry how are you capturing a SACD?? with what drive? a Sacd Player?
  3. noname74

    noname74 Your Name Here.

    I'm confused as well.....pls start at the beginning with how you get the SACD tracks onto your computer with a basic drive?
  4. I'd love to know how you do this.
  5. Pibroch

    Pibroch Active Member

    Dayton, OH
    It's just using iTunes to display the contents of an ISO file, which is captured using a SACD-capable PS3. Those files are not part of the iTunes library.
  6. Larry Mc

    Larry Mc Forum Dude

    Yea, help us out.
  7. Edgard Varese

    Edgard Varese It's too late to stop now

    That's right, there is a thread in the Hardware section that details how it is now possible to rip SACDs.

    on edit: just noticed you have contributed to that thread, Pibroch. :)
  8. stenway

    stenway Well-Known Member

    let me explain better:

    that is not a play from the SACD disc put it on a cd-drive; that is a play from the .iso (a backup of the SACD ripped with a playstation, is a copy of my SACD original disc)

    now is possible play on mac in full 1bit/2.8MHz SACD :)
  9. stenway

    stenway Well-Known Member

    mmm the only problem that I have, I hear somethings some clicks and music stop, you know like when the hd computer is reading a lot and music stop at times... maybe I need more RAM? only 2gb here... or maybe need a DAC mmm
  10. stenway

    stenway Well-Known Member

    I dont have DAC

    mmm the only problem that I have, I hear somethings some clicks, you know like when the hd computer is reading a lot and music stop at times... maybe I need more RAM? only 2gb here... or maybe need a DAC mmm
  11. Pibroch

    Pibroch Active Member

    Dayton, OH
    You may need a faster HDD or simply a faster Mac. I'll bet my Core i5 MacBook Pro would rip through that thing.

    I wish I had a SACD-R to play with on this. I have some DFF files but I can't get Audirvana to play them.
  12. stenway

    stenway Well-Known Member

    I have a macpro 8cores but my ram sucks 2gb... my hd mmm the wd 2tb black...

    not play DFF? strange... on the site say that play dff

    DSF, DSDIFF (including DST compressed), SACD ISO images
  13. stenway

    stenway Well-Known Member

    one more thing:
    I have the Beck - Sea Change (what a great sound!!!)


    why the app dont say if are playing the stereo or surround sound??? Im really new to SACD, are not like the DVDAudio? you know... I can choose between stereo and 5.1 etc... any help?
  14. Pibroch

    Pibroch Active Member

    Dayton, OH
    Never mind, I got Pure Music to play them. I'll check and see if they play without gaps here in a second.
  15. stenway

    stenway Well-Known Member

    thats the word that I have it in mind "GAPS" ;) my english sucks lol
    yes I hear gaps sometimes...
  16. SamS

    SamS Forum Legend

    Very interesting. I will try this out in a few days.
  17. Pibroch

    Pibroch Active Member

    Dayton, OH
    Well, I had it muted because I'm in class. iTunes reports as if it's playing the files, but there is no audio output. I'm currently troubleshooting to find out why.
  18. This should be in the hardware section.
  19. If anyone is interested in the aforementioned SACD ripping project (custom PS3) I was one of the early US beta testers, and have written a pdf SACD Ripping for Dummies where I explain installing the firmware, app and keys on a compatible-PS3 (one of 4 models, with firmware at 3.55 or below only), ripping the ISO, extracting the DSF or DIFF (DSD) files, and if you don't have a DSD-capable DAC (I own 2, the Meitner MA-1 and the Mytek Stereo-192-DSD DAC) then you will be converting the DSD to PCM at your preferred 24 bit sample rate (like 24/176k, for example).

    PM if you are interested in the guide. This is purely to archive your personal collection or play them on your hi-end DAC. No piracy or sharing questions allowed.
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  20. JRiver Media Center for Mac can also play SACD iso's.
  21. stenway

    stenway Well-Known Member

    oh really? downloading now for test...
  22. stenway

    stenway Well-Known Member

    its seems a java app... but dont works for me, I can hear anything but yes read the SACD, any settings for get the sound?
  23. I haven't tweaked the settings at all. I just choose the .iso image file from the open dialog box and it works.
  24. Also, it's not a Java app. It's a native Mac app, but obviously does not use the Cocoa API for its UI. Remember, it's a beta version, and will become more Mac-like as it becomes closer to GM.
  25. john greenwood

    john greenwood Forum Resident

    Ted got me going, and I'm ripping discs like crazy - one in the PS3 as we speak. Playback through my Oppo 105.

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