POCO- what to get on CD?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Turnaround, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Turnaround

    Turnaround Around the Way Member Thread Starter

    What do forum members recommend for Poco on CD?

    I would be interested in a good compilation (song choice and sound-wise), or picking up whatever albums are good.

    I do not own any Poco albums now, or know much about them. Thanks in advance!
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  2. Mark

    Mark I Am Gort, Hear Me Roar Staff

    For a compilation, I'd start with "The Forgotten Trail." Decent sound, good mix of popular songs, album cuts and some unreleased stuff. Their early albums are pretty much out of print on CD and go for pretty big bucks on eBay and elsewhere, for some reason. If you can find them, I'd recommend "Pickin Up The Pieces," their first; "Deliverin'," one of the finest live albums ever released; "A Good Feelin' to Know," and "Rose of Cimmaron." From their less country periods, "Indian Summer," "Head Over Heels," "Legend," and, if you really want one that is really underrated, try "Blue and Gray."

    "There's just a little magic in the country music (they're) singing, so let's begin...."
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  3. phish

    phish Jack Your Body

    Biloxi, MS, USA
    Pocofan should chime in soon.

    DEAN OF ROCK Forum Resident

    Hoover, AL
    Don't forget Crazy Eyes-Richie's last one.
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  5. JDeanB

    JDeanB Forum Resident

    Charlotte, NC USA
    My favorite Poco albums are probably Crazy Eyes and Cantamos. For the Epic years, as Mark said, the place to start is The Forgotten Trail. The recent 2 CD set Gold covers the rest of the years pretty well. Had I been compiling it, I would have put a few of the rockier songs ("Livin' In the Band", "Boomerang", "Twenty Years") on it.
  6. J. R.

    J. R. Forum Resident

    Kansas City, MO
    You have to have Rose of Cimarron...strong songs throughout, especially the title track and "Too Many Nights Too Long". For the later years, you would need to get "Legend" - more of a rock album than the rest, but very good.
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  7. Beattles

    Beattles Forum Resident

    Florence, SC
    There is an import 2fer of From The Inside/Good Feelin' To Know. It is may most played Poco CD.
  8. Gary Freed

    Gary Freed Forum Resident

    I like the Forgotten Trail compilation too. Most of the songs are there and the sound is
    very good.

    Legend is very good as well. There is a forum favorite for this title. I think it is the 1990 release.
  9. Marvin

    Marvin Forum Resident

    I'd buy "A Good Feelin' to Know" before any compilation or any other of their CDs.
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  10. jason100x

    jason100x Well-Known Member

    I picked up Forgotten Trail and Gold to start off with regarding Poco. I'll probably get Legend and Rose of Cimarron in the near future.
  11. Mark

    Mark I Am Gort, Hear Me Roar Staff

    I forgot about "Gold." Great recommendation. :righton:
  12. evad

    evad Well-Known Member

    Be careful. This BGO CD has dropouts.
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  13. stackswim

    stackswim formerly brianstack@sbcgl

    My preference would be to start at the beginning like Mark said with Picking Up The Pieces. I'm partial to the second album titled Poco, but referred to as the Oranges Album, some are not so partial to that one. The Forgotten Trail is my favorite compilation. Looks like the Amazon Marketplace sellers would be a good source. Lots of used CDs for low prices:http://tinyurl.com/ce89xz
    The first 5 are available as a bargain Boxed set at Amazon marketplace for less than $25.00.
    Enjoy the journey of discovery, you're on the way.
  14. Chief

    Chief Over 9634 Served

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  15. JDeanB

    JDeanB Forum Resident

    Charlotte, NC USA
    I wonder how the sound is for the 5 CD box. Does anyone have it? I'm not fond of the sound of the Hall & Oates box.
  16. rjp

    rjp Forum Resident

    you need everything, but you will probably have a hard time trying to find them.

    there is something good on every album.

    my favorites:

    crazy eyes
    indian summer

    a very underrated and underappreciated band.
  17. kentb47

    kentb47 Forum Resident

    Hot Springs Ark.
    DeLIVErin' is their best album, hands down. Haven't heard a really great sounding CD.

    I think A Good Feelin' to Know holds up best of all their studio CDs. (I should note that I loathe the band post-Richie Furay).

    You absolutely cannot go wrong with The Forgotten Trail anthology, tho. No bad songs, very very astute song selection, no sound issues.
  18. txguitar

    txguitar Forum Resident

    I'd also pick up : The Very best of Poco -(Epic)It covers their early material -It was originally
    a 2 lp set.Also another best of:Crazy Loving '75-82, Which covers their later material-Rose of Cimarron,Indian Summer,Crazy Love,( MCA ),it's a good overview of their later materail.
    I would also pick up Legend a really strong album,that was put out as a MFSL release.
  19. HeavyDistortion

    HeavyDistortion Forum Resident

    Baltimore, MD
    I agree that "Legend" is a strong album, and is essential listening for a Poco fan. However, MFSL released it on LP, but not on CD. The gold CD of "Legend" was released by MCA, and it sounds much brighter than the original plaid-back MCA CD, which sounds really nice.

    Ed Hurdle
  20. monewe

    monewe Forum Resident

    Personally I recommend Cantamos- great album.
  21. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Music Appreciator

    Eastern Iowa
    You need everything from 1969-1978:

    1.Pickin' Up The Pieces (1995 Legacy cd)
    2.Poco (standard US Epic cd)
    3.Deliverin' (standard US Epic cd..also seek out a QUAD LP for extra bits not on the regular release)
    4. From The Inside (standard US Epic cd)
    5. Good Feelin' To Know (standard US Epic cd)
    6. Crazy Eyes (1997 Legacy cd)
    7. Seven (1997 Legacy cd)
    8. Cantamos (I have the Wounded Bird cd and it sounds OK to me. Not sure how the BGO two-fer is)
    9. Live (One Way cd)
    10. Head Over Heels (plaid back MCA cd...look around for a cheap priced one. I saw this go for $27 used but was patient to find a sealed copy for $5!!! One thing about Head Over Heels is that the cd sound a little sterile. I attribute it to being recorded using dolby. It's why there's a lack of hiss on the cd. I wonder if this album was recorded at ABC studios w/the DBX equipment just like labelmates Steely Dan did with the Katy Lied album.)
    11. Rose Of Cimarron (1994 Japan MCA cd)
    12. Indian Summer (US MCA cd)
    13. Legend (plaid back MCA cd)
    14. The Forgotten Trail: 1969-1974
    15. Crazy Lovin: The Best Of Poco 1975-1982 * This will give you an idea of how they sounded post 1978...then choose for yourself if you want to seek out the more pop-oriented stuff they did in the early 80's.
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  22. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Music Appreciator

    Eastern Iowa
    Post-Richie loathed? You're missing out on Cantamos! :shake:
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  23. Gene

    Gene Active Member

    New York, USA
  24. Gene

    Gene Active Member

    New York, USA
    Thanks for the link to the album by album thread Chief... A lot of good reading there...
  25. JDeanB

    JDeanB Forum Resident

    Charlotte, NC USA
    I just read that Timothy B. Schmit will be joining Poco (Paul, Rusty, Jack and George Lawrence), Richie Furay and Jim Messina at the Stagecoach Festival this week. Wow! Wish I could be there for that show! I had given up hope that would ever happen. The article says Messina is having it filmed. I hope they are good...and I hope it gets released. (Per the article, it was Richie who asked Tim to join them.) The article is on Jack's (Sundred) website.

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