"Pogues 30" box set (includes unreleased live album with Joe Strummer and two remixed albums)

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    Philip Chevron reports:

  2. Sandinista

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    I have been DYING to hear the Joe Strummer fronted Pogues for years and years.
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  3. I was at that Forum show in London 91! I also saw them in Manchester earlier on the same tour. Both shows were great. I remember Shane watching from the side of the stage at the London show. I was hoping he'd come out for a song but never did.
  4. Sandinista

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    Nothing in that thread that I could see about the other albums being remastered aside from the two remixes. I have the remasters which sound ok to me. Wonder if they will be using those versions with the all xtra tracks or what.
  5. dlemaudit

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    strange and sad situation i must say , it was his band after all
    i cannot remember the reasons why Shane took a break : health , mental reasons ?
  6. Sandinista

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    all of the above IIRC. He dropped in an airport or something in the middle of a tour. Dude was and is (AKAIK) a mess. Drinking himself silly.
  7. There are a few Strummer fronted tracks on the last Pogues boxset.
  8. kwadguy

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    Yeah, Shane drank himself out of the band. They didn't want him gone. He did it to himself.

    As for the box...The first four are good to great, and the fifth is good enough. But I think most anyone who has enough interest in the Strummer show to consider this already has all those. And the last two studio albums...who needs those again?
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    I saw the tour in LA...I concur, it was great. Strummer singing Pogues, and the Pogues playing Clash, both came off even better than I'd hoped.
  10. Sandinista

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    Aha - I never picked that up. How do you like them?
  11. heliocentric

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    Saw the same tour in Liverpool, pretty good
  12. Goratrix

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    According to that thread, the albums are missing the 2004 bonus tracks :realmad:
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    I'm on the fence about it. I want to the remixes and the summer show, but it's hard to think of this set without Poguetry In Motion.

    I'm somewhat a Pogues completist.

    Last I checked, it was around $54 to the US from Amazon UK (after subtracting VAT and adding shipping)
  14. Step 1: take 7 albums; sell
    Step 2: make compilation; sell again
    Step 3: add bonus tracks; sell again
    Step 4: make another compilation; sell again
    Step 5: remove bonus tracks; sell again
    Step 6: make another compilation; sell again
    Step 7: repackage in boxset; sell again
    Step 8: make another compilation; sell again
    Step 9: remix two, add live album, repackage in different boxset; sell again
    Step 10: go to 1

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