Police Reunion WILL happen!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Karmageddon, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Karmageddon

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    Well boyz (and gurlz)

    In today's issue of one of our newspapers here in Vancouver, BC (The Province) - the front page has a picture (recent) of the Police saying that they have been spotted here in Vancouver.

    Supposedly 2 large semi trucks were spotted in North Vancouver at Lions Gate Film Studios and techies were spotted bringing out gear that had the Police logo on it. All 3 members have also been spotted in downtown as well as the North Shore.

    The "official" rumour is that they are rehearsing just as U2, the Stones and many, many other artsist have done over the years....

    As well. to confirm (as I work for the dreaded Ticketmaster) the pre-sale password is indeed "Roxanne" for OBVIOUS reasons.


    just a head's up folks. be prepared *suppsoedl* for an appearance at the Grammy's as well as Coachella and a 80 date world tour stopping in the UK, North America and Asia.

    there ya go!
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    Canada, O!
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