POLL: Sgt Pepper's - 1967 or 2017 Stereo Version?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Diego Lucas, May 26, 2017.

  1. I thought Mal's post implied that the Beatles were present for SOME of the stereo mixes, but I may have misread his post.

    I'm not an audio engineer, nor have I ever been involved in mixing an album, so this question about the so called "rushed stereo mixes" is from a real novice on the subject. If the producers, engineers and artist work out the mono-mix first (as was the case with Pepper) they have sweated the hard details of defining how they want their song to be presented musically; is it reasonable to expect the stereo mixes to take much less effort to construct because much of the difficult work of establishing the different levels and overall construct and sound of the song was established during the mono mixing?
  2. mpayan

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    According to the big threads suggestion there must have been only a handfull of people who need meds and are psychotic due to disliking the remix.

    In other words my point is: There are many many who do not like it according to this thread.

    Ever heard the german dry mix of the first album?

    Id take that at 15- 20 feet away over the mono version any day of the week. Its that good to have to compromise standing back a bit to minimize the radical panning. You dont have to be scrunched up next to a speaker to enjoy an album. 15 feet isnt that big a deal.

    Yes, I realize that many do not like the stereo version of Peppers. In not a super fan myself. But given the minuses of the remix compared to the negatives of the original stereo, Id have to go with the later.

    Disappointing to say the least because I am all for a remix done in a way that a Steven Wilson can do.

    So its not that I am pro stereo original at all, I will be listening, as I always have, to the mono. Why? Because I and not just a few others dislike the remix Giles Martin worked on.
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  3. Wuther

    Wuther Prog Rock Explorer

    Exactly. Steven Wilson followed the concept of the albums he remixed. He just implemented his own "point of views" over it, without destruction the general concept/idea of the albums.
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  4. olsen

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    los angeles
    Yes, exactly
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  5. zen

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    ;) Love this 2017 version...

    Instead of the usual "Green Onions" excerpt (prior to "Hush"), Deep Purple decide to pay tribute to Sgt. Pepper's release date!! :)
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  6. delmonaco

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    I just took the time to listen the original stereo on headphones (never did it before, always on speakers). So the voices and the instruments are all over the place, and in many occasions the vocals are centered. In other occasions they are half- centered, or floating around, or strictly on left or right. Same is valid for the instruments and the sound effects. It's quite entertaining actually, and cannot be compared to how the earliest stereo Beatles mixes are made. I don't think that the original stereo mix of Pepper is done this way just because of the technical restrictions. It's mainly an artistic decision, made on a song-by-song basis, and whoever made these decisions created something quite interesting and very colorful and animated. IMO because of the hype about the importance of the mono mix the original stereo mix is undeservingly overlooked recently.
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  7. It might be limited and loud , yes, but I don't know about compressed and I'm not sure what "aggressive" sounds like? It is a rock album after all and this version rocks harder than ever before; the bass and drums are clearer, punchier and more authoritative. There is a copious amount of detail hitherto buried in the previous mixes. For all the "heat" in the mastering (and I agree it isn't perfect) I still say this sounds better than any earlier version.
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  8. delmonaco

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    Sofia, Bulgaria
    But the Beatles were trying to create and achieve something different and beyond the definition of a "rock album". That's the main point about this LP.
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  9. Wuther

    Wuther Prog Rock Explorer

    I love the mastering they did in the Blue album (last edition). That's the best sounding Pepper tracks in stereo ever! Isn't it rocky and punchy enough for a "rock album"? Come on!...

    My point is - why putting more bass and drums? And making voices sound blur? ... Who needs that "throwing sand in face"? It did not make the album sound "rockier", just more aggressive, less delicate, that's all.
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  10. vmajewsk

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    I agree with Wuther about the low end over powering the rest of the mix. I listened to both the original mixes and the new remixes this weekend. I prefer the original 1967 stereo, but I think the 1967 mono is my favorite. I was nine when Pepper was released.
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  11. Wuther

    Wuther Prog Rock Explorer

    I agree. We just do not discuss the mono version here. I believe, Giles' goal was to replicate the mono concept creating a better stereo mix. Obviously, he missed a lot of points by doing that, IMHO. If his father were here he would probably give him ideas on how to do it right. If he only could...
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  12. audiomixer

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    And, yes, we do!
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  13. Grant

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    Aggressive means edgy, in your face, or forceful.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Different, yes, but not completely divorced from its roots either.
  16. violetvinyl

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    But, many many more who do like it.
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  17. A great idea for a thread in 6 months, after the dust has settled. :)
  18. It's actually great that we have 3 different mixes to enjoy (and choose from at any time). It's somewhat like in classical music, where you can choose from recordings of different performances.
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  19. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    And again that wasnt my point.
  20. Wuther

    Wuther Prog Rock Explorer

    It would be great if we actually had a decent original mix 1967 from original analog master tapes newly reissued in 2017 (not the bad digital remaster they made in 2012!)
    Otherwise, it is not fare to compare old original (30-50-year old!) vinyl copies with the 2017 made remixes.
  21. It makes my teeth hurt, if I think about it too much.
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  22. Doug Schiller

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    The new stereo mix is a revelation. I hope and pray the same team works on the White Album.
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  23. Tartifless

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    So the public has spoken, and it's an overwhelming victory for the 2017 mix.
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  24. sathvyre

    sathvyre formerly known as ABBAmaniac

    2017 remix for me. Sounds excellent !!!
    Now we need a full MMT and I am glad :)
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  25. bhazen

    bhazen Beatles Diehard

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    Different software, for three different applications! I only wish the new 'transfer' of the mono mix was available separately from the box, so as to make that four ...

    I'll say the new stereo mix would surely get my vote if I had a rig that rolled off severely at the frequency extremes (say, an inexpensive shelf system) ...

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