POLL: Sgt Pepper's - 1967 or 2017 Stereo Version?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Diego Lucas, May 26, 2017.

  1. raveoned

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    I've spun the originals (mono and stereo, 1967 pressings), the 1987 CD (original issue), 2009 stereo CD, 2009 mono CD, 2012 stereo vinyl, 2014 mono vinyl.

    Listening to this remixed version, I'm absolutely thrilled with it. I love the spaciousness of it, how it widens the sonic picture The Beatles created with the original mono mix of the album. I've played it tons since release day on May 26, and it's starting to replace Rubber Soul as my favorite Beatles LP.
  2. StevenC

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    Not according to George Martin
  3. Rne

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    The 2077 stereo remix is going to be definitely better than the previous ones.
  4. raveoned

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    Ambler, PA
    It will be a step up from the 2067 remix, which includes the life-size holograms of The Beatles performing the album.
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  5. Rne

    Rne Tangled up in blue

    And then we will know for sure who's singing those "aaaaaahs" in "A Day in the Life"!
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  6. Price.pittsburgh

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    The Beatles Bible makes reference to their presence on various tracks of the stereo mix.
    I've read also they were "minimally" involved.
    I never said they mixed it or were on top of it as with the mono but saying they just were never there isn't true.
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  7. Grant

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    The key is, what type of involvement was it, and how many songs was it? You can sit in the back of the mixing room and smoke. That would make you present, but not involved.
  8. DRM

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    Keenly involved in the stereo and mono mix of A Day In The Life.

    From Mark Lewisohn's "The Complete Beatles Chronicles", page 247, regarding A Day In The Life: "The Beatles were especially keen to sit in on the various mono and stereo mixes and edits of this song that followed..."
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  9. Bill Lettang

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    If what you say is so, and I don't mean to be confrontational, please explain what Steve is referring to when he said the re-mix "was too squashed" and that the meters (of an analog copy of it) were stuck at plus 3 for over a minute.....
  10. Grant

    Grant A Musical Free-Spirit

    Apparently, he means the music was compressed. That does not necessarily mean music has to be brickwalled, though. I can show you a screenshot of a wave file, and, while it would look dynamic, it could be compressed. Also, I could show you a file that looks a little "brickwalled" but not appear to be compressed upon listening.

    Band compression has a different sound than a limiter.
  11. Price.pittsburgh

    Price.pittsburgh Forum Resident

    We were certainly looking at it from different perspectives.
    It's unfortunate that stereo was still perceived as not that significant in 67.
    Only a year later that all changed.
  12. There was often a degree of conservatism on George Martin's part. I remember in the early 1980s, he was asked if the Beatles would be released on Compact Disc. His response was something like CDs were just a gimmick or a fad. Does someone have this interview?
  13. Bill Lettang

    Bill Lettang Well-Known Member

    thank you..........
  14. Bill Lettang

    Bill Lettang Well-Known Member

    well now, it seems, according to the book in the box, and Gila, post #7211, Beatles Sgt Pepper 50th ann. Contents, Sound Quality and Discussion that alternate bass parts (the book says two were recorded according to Gila) were used on Getting Better. After charting and comparing both the remix and stereo re-master from 2009, there can be no doubt there are little rhythmic and melodic differences in places. In fact when I first listened to the remix, my initial reaction on this tune was "I've been playing this song on my bass for years, how did I miss that?" Is this one of those famous Giles No-No's?......Not to me a big deal but it may for purists raise a revisionist flag. It's nothing like the 8 days a week f--kup outrow on The Beatles 1 Re-mix. If you weren't a bassist and Macca desciple you'd never notice, and who knows, maybe Giles rang up Paul and got an OK to go between them. It's common knowledge Paul purposely changed White Album mono and Stereo Mix parts and levels. (as he said, that way you'd have to buy both). My main point is, with more listenings, it's becoming a very different Sgt. Pepper....
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  15. Grant

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    Well now, you're assuming that all of what you allude to is common knowledge. It isn't I have no idea what you're talking about. Please slow down and explain. Thanks!
  16. Holy Diver

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    I don't do remixes. :shake:
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  17. Bill Lettang

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    yea, mustn't use "common knowledge" term...
  18. bherbert

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    The new remix has issues like it's excessive loudness and all the instruments fighting for attention. However, it still creams the wimpy original stereo mix. The original stereo mix sounds gentle compared to the mono mix and remix.
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  19. Tone_Boss

    Tone_Boss Forum Resident

    It seems the 2017 is heavier yet more revealing, win win.
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  20. 6stringer

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    First post - glad I've found this forum!

    I've just sat and listened to the '67 mono provided in the box set and then the 2017 stereo. I understand Giles Martin was aiming for a modern emulation of the original mono (reference "She's Leaving Home" running at the mono speed but intro to the Pepper reprise for where it's a closer match to the original stereo!). For me, it's great to hear some life breathed into the dynamics of this. I wouldn't necessarily say it's all better. I found myself taking the edge of the volume because it just kept feeling louder but that might be because of the wider soundscape and some might find it brash in places because the instrumentation has more of a "ring" and some body.

    I'm just going to enjoy the fact that it's a sympathetic refresh of everything that was there in the first place (but which no equipment could truly reflect at the time).
  21. Tone_Boss

    Tone_Boss Forum Resident

    Since getting the 2017 yesterday I think I've listened to it six times in 24 hours, the most in 40 years since I first got it on vinyl (A/B'd it twice vs. the mono and twice vs. the 1987 stereo). Besides noting earlier that the 2017 is heavier yet more revealing, the thing that struck me vs. the mono is that the 2017 is more open and less congested yet has the power that the mono has (which the 1987 stereo lacks, turning up the volume on the 87 doesn't give it the power it just makes it louder). I can clearly see what Gile's intentions were and I think he nailed it.
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  22. DRM

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    Over the decades, the 1967 stereo Sgt. Pepper's has had much more attention, accolades, sales, and enabled the very existence of the 2017.

    The buzz about the remix of the summer of 2017 died by mid-July. Do you think the buzz about Sgt. Pepper's in 1967 died that fast?

    The only reason there even was a 50th celebration and a new product offering was because of the greatness of the 1967 stereo Sgt. Pepper's.

    Some hear "heaviness" in the 2017.

    I hear crystal clear Muzak.

    Some say the 1967 stereo is "wimpy".

    I hear someone talking with no imagination, no sense of subtle brilliance, and no sense of how it all...

    Really Went Down.

    Millions and Millions more people have heard the 1967 stereo version.

    For good reason.
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  23. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    '67 sounds like vintage studio recording gear pushed to its limits

    '17 sounds like digital audio workstation at its limits

    Neither are as good as the mono. If I had to choose two I'd dump the '17
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  24. dudley07726

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    The final chord of ADITL has the power that it always should have had but didn't until the Love remix. And now it has it on the album as well.
  25. Psychedelic Good Trip

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    1967 stereo has it merits albeit limited stereo infancy. Love it nonetheless.

    2017 hybrid mono stereo another way to enjoy SPLHCB.

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