Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson 2016/2017 Digital Remasters

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by tlake6659, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. lennonology

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    The vinyl edition of Up The Downstair in the new Delerium 1991-1993 box is definitely the re-mix with Gavin's drums.

    Chip Madinger
  2. It says in the product description that this is a copy of the 2012 masters.

    I received the LP a couple of days ago. It sounds great! I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't come with custom/printer sleeves, though, just standard black poly ones. Now we just need a good remaster and press of In Abstentia and Deadwing. I also wish they'd release more pressings of Signify.
  3. walrus

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    I didn't either, but Gavin feels a bit too heavy-handed for that material. Thought Chris Maitland would've been a better choice, but who knows why that wasn't done.
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  4. tlake6659

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    Sorry, but appreciate the update. I guess Fear of a Blank Planet won't be remastered.
  5. Riccardo2

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    The new CD (with master of 2012, whatever that may be) is exactly the same as the orginal CD from 2007
  6. Ah, I don't have the CD so I didn't realize. If it really is exactly the same then its definitely unfortunate to label it as a remaster.
  7. Simon_LDT

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    Are you sure they're the same? According to this post in another thread, they seem to measure differently...
  8. Riccardo2

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    Well they sound the same and they the same dynamic range
  9. Riccardo2

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    I was hoping for more dynamic range, like the remaster of Insurgentes. The package is nice though.
  10. oneway23

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    Anyone know why the hi-res releases of Up the Downstair and Voyage 34 were removed from ProStudioMasters? They were the only place to buy them in the US, to my knowledge.
  11. grbl

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    Anyone know where I can get my hands on the new Signify remaster on cd? It's sold out on Burning Shed and Kscope's website. I thought I'd found it on Amazon, but when it came it turned out to be a 2003 remaster.
  12. Rosskolnikov

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    How do you identify the "Signify" remaster from 2016? Is it the one with 802644738024 on the back cover under the UPC code in the upper right?
  13. ponkine

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    This is my favourite PT album. And it BEGS for a good remastering and/or remixing
    Original CD had only DR7, whereas vinyl is DR10 (and much more natural sounding)

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  14. oneway23

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    NY, US
    The Signify CD you're looking for is available from Amazon in the US. It's the release dated February 6, 2017, and is available as we speak.
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  15. albertop

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  16. opiumden

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    Blackfield (2016 SW Remaster)
    Blackfield II (2013 SW Remaster)
    Returning Jesus (2017 SW Remaster)
    Available now.

    If you're rich enough to order Returning Jesus right now you can get a postcard signed by Tim Bowness & Steven Wilson!
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  17. bleachershane

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    Glasgow, Scotland
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  18. Endymion

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    Yeah, I don't care much for remixes but I would love decent masterings of the original mixes.
    Thanks to opiumden I ordered the Blackfield remaster today.
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  19. Tyler

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    I’m very curious to hear opinions on the new Blackfield remasters, especially Blackfield II, too much compression nearly ruins “My Gift Of Silence” on the original CD.
  20. ThmsFrd

    ThmsFrd Forum Resident

    Absolutely. If someone was kind enough to post the DR measurements...
  21. Simon_LDT

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    England, UK
    Same. The original sounds pretty good but a newer more dynamic mastering could be even better.
  22. ThmsFrd

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    Hey Simon, you're up on every front aren't you
  23. tlake6659

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    They are available to download in the US via 7Digital. I just downloaded them and they sound very good.

    Anyone know if the HD Downloads of Sky Moves Sideways and Coma Divine are available to download anywhere in the US?
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