Post an obscure cartoon (theatrical or TV)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by PaulKTF, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Manapua

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    Another favorite from 1960. Japanese film Saiyuki dubbed Alakazam The Great:

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    This was my all time favorite growing up:

    Didn't hold up when I got the VHS tapes in my 20's. Though I might give it another try... Maybe age has softened the critic in me.
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  3. PaulKTF

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    They made a Garbage Pail Kids cartoon show (yes, based loosely on the trading cards). It was cancelled in the U.S for being too controversial but it's really not gross or nasty so much as it is just really silly and stupid.

  4. I hate that "Animated Atrocities" guy, pointing out the flaws in the cartoon I took my avatar from at the time of posting

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    I dunno how obscure, but Heidi in Japanese...forerunner to Studio Ghibli.

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    Star Blazers (Named Space Battleship Yamato in Japan) was one of my favorite series. It was only on my local television station for one summer in the 1970s, and I got up every morning early during my Summer Vacation just to watch it. It was unlike any other animated series on TV at the time (featured one long story with episodes that had to be watched in order, some adult story elements, and a sense of tension created by the heroes having to complete their mission in 1 year or the Earth is dead).
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    Would love to view a subtitled version.
  8. jazon

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    family dog - on fox in the early 90's i thought it was a pretty good show but it didn't last long.
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    Actually this is from the series, Amazing Stories. Some years later CBS (not fox) made it a series with spielberg and tim burton producing. I loved the Amazing Stories series as a kid.
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    Is anyone familiar with a cartoon that may have the name "How To Draw Cartoons"? Animation was similar to Terry Gilliam's animation for Monty Python, with, if remembering correctly, was narrated by someone with an English accent. The cartoon itself was absurd and very humorous, with the subject matter more about how to fail at drawing cartoons.

    I've only seen it once, in the late 60s on broadcast TV, shown as a time filler after a feature film had completed, may have been one of the Wednesday Night at the Movies / Thursday night at the Movies evening broadcasts. I remember that it had me & my Dad falling out of our chairs with laughter.
  12. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper What, me worry?

    This seems timely!
  13. gd0

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    Golden Gate
    Another rare George Pal Puppetoon.

    Not for the anachronistic racial depictions, but for the very unexpected cameo @ 4:40.

    There doesn't seem to be a quality print out there.


  14. bekayne

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    I noticed in the credits Peter Riegert (Animal House) and Caren Kaye (Jason Bateman's mom on It's Your Move)
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    A cartoon to keep people's spirits up in good ol' WWII Germany! Love the tune!
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    I bet that would look really nice if it was restored. I bet the colors would really pop.
  17. clhboa

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    Here is a Disney cartoon I saw at the theater as a kid. It was shown before "Song Of The South". I think the book it is based on is pretty well known, not too sure about the cartoon.

  18. DVEric

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    I’ve been looking for a short animated cartoon I saw in the late 70’s or early 80’s in Los Angeles on cable TV. It could have been on an early version of HBO, Cinemax, K TV, etc. I only saw it once. If anyone can find it, or tell me what it is, I will send you an Amazon gift card for $50 — seriously, I’m not joking. Here is what I remember:

    The cartoon is in color. There is a man driving in his car. He comes upon a giant metallic crab/spider that does nothing but eat metal and grinds it up in its stomach. The thing eats everything metal it can find which destroys the city, it then eats the mans car, then it eats the zippers off the mans clothes. When the thing can’t find any more metal, it sits for about 10 seconds and then pulls of one of its own metallic legs to eat, then another, then another until the crab/spider devours so much of itself, it collapses.

    Obviously it’s a basic illustration of over consumption. I’m 48, I’ve been trying to find it since I was 10 or so. Everyone I’ve ever asked draws a complete blank. Maybe one of you has seen it . . . Thanks. :wave:
  19. Laineycrusoe

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    Blazing Dragons

    This ran for two seasons between 1996 and 1998. Terry Jones was one of the show's creators, hence its somewhat Python-esque humour.
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  20. DVEric

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  21. cboldman

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    New Adventures of Pinocchio - stop motion animation
  22. Holy Diver

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    They used to play this on the show Night Flight back in the day. It is so cool.

    Balance (1989 film).

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  23. Jeff Kent

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  24. Solitaire1

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    This was an early work by the same company that went on to do the Rankin-Bass Christmas specials. I remember reading that they were careful not to get too close to the Disney version of the characters.
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    Apparently an attempt to make a star of Kiko the Kangaroo


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