Post photos of your systems/rooms here! (Part 15)

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Halloween Jack, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Yes that's a pet peeve for me and I hesitated fixing that image but the photo and room was nice and I felt it needed to be seen. Even though it wasn't my photo.

    I think most folks here use camera phones, and the majority of them have built in apps to alter or fix any images. You don't have to download a separate app. On an iPhone for instance, in PHOTOS just alter the light, and within that area you can work on exposure, shadows and contrast if you like. Especially those who have dark rooms or when you are shooting right into a back lit window coming at you. Sometimes play with your images before you upload them.

    I've bee representing commercial photographers for over thirty years and am in awe of their talent. But yes you can now do so much with a friggen phone. I used to be into photography myself when I was young but working with these great photographers has taught me a ton more about the value of imagery.

    I love look at all these rooms so I want to view them in the best possible light. That's what this particular thread is all about. Beautiful rooms, beautiful equipment and the viewing of the wide variety of tastes.... Love it all.
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  2. Daily Nightly

    Daily Nightly Well-Known Member

    New Jersey, USA
    my upstairs/"headphone" system;)...[​IMG]
  3. Ntotrar

    Ntotrar Supper's ready


    The other end of my listening room. Boxes and all. The chair/stool being my perch. Warts and all. Sounds good even though the room is oversized for my little Rega system.


    More listening room, addition of REL T2. It sounds good but I feel Klipshorns in my future!!!
    Been shopping Klipsch on eBay...
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  4. Ntotrar

    Ntotrar Supper's ready

    Just bought Cornwalls on eBay... God save me. Next will be an appropriate amplifier. I'll keep my Rega sources for now.
  5. Erocka2000

    Erocka2000 Forum Resident

    Brooklyn, NY, USA
    Congrats! I would definitely look for nice tube amp for those Cornwalls. What do you envision the budget will be?
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  6. pdxway

    pdxway Forum Resident

    Have you considered sitting closer? :)
  7. Dennis0675

    Dennis0675 Burnout from the smoke pit

    I bought a pair in December without ever hearing them before. A crites crossover and an old tube amp will fill that room like you can't believe.
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  8. Ntotrar

    Ntotrar Supper's ready

    Yeah but the room is huge! Fact is they sound great everywhere but the dynamics are lacking at the other end...

    Sell my Brio, sell my RS3 and thrown in a grand and we will see... Scott, Fisher or perhaps a Rogue I don't know yet...
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  9. costerdock

    costerdock Forum Resident

    Prescott, AZ, USA
    That music room chair will not do (in my best hanable leckter voice)

    Congrats on the Cornwalls. They should be awesome.
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  10. Ron P.

    Ron P. Forum Resident

    The Rockies
    LOVE IT! Your my kinda guy Ntotrar! First things first....set up the Hi-Fi. Good Man!!! I also noticed the glass of beer on the other stool.....nicely done!
  11. dmleman

    dmleman Forum Resident

    Up to date picture of my soundroom.
    [​IMG]Up to date picture of my soundroom by Don Leman, on Flickr

    Speakers - Harbeth Monitor 40.2
    Preamp - Blue Circle BC3000
    Amp - Blue Circle BC204
    Turntable -Thorens 125 MkII/ SME 3009 Series III/ Benz Micro Gold
    Phonostage - Blue Circle BC23
    CD player - Denon 3520
    Streamer - Cambridge Audio CXN
    Open Reel - ReVox A77
    Tuner - Magnum Dynalab Etude
  12. Litejazz53

    Litejazz53 Enjoying Sparkling Crystal Clear Digital

    Beautiful set up indeed, love those speakers! Everything is so neat and elegant looking, wish the ReVox showed up in the pic, I see it behind the left speaker. Great system to be sure!
  13. Steve0

    Steve0 Audio Banana

    I really wanted to add a woofa to my setup at home , so we did just that a few weeks ago


    Ok so she is not strictly an audio upgrade but certainly is an upgrade to my life. She is 10 weeks old in that pic and is a French Bulldog in case anyone is wondering.

    TT pic from the other night, so I dont offend anyone in the thread ;P

    Throens TD124 Mk2, SME 3009 imp, Ortofon 2M Black :)

  14. Some really nice setups in this thread!

    Here is mine, it's quite modest but I love the sound coming out of it.
    TT is a Thorens TD166 MKV with an Ortofon 2M Blue.
    Preamp is a Graham Slee Amp Communicator with the audiophile PSU1 upgrade.
    The amp is an all-tubes Thorens AZ-25 from 1961, and the speakers are Cabasse Sloop M4.


  15. John Woo

    John Woo Well-Known Member

    it happens to me, just a few months back, i went to a transport/DAC route and never look back
    the sound is so engaging emotionally that i hardly play LPs now.
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  16. Bob_in_OKC

    Bob_in_OKC Forum Resident

    Dallas, Texas
    This is a thread to show our systems and rooms, not a digital vs. analog debate. Any chance we could talk about that in another thread?

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  17. stereoptic

    stereoptic Anaglyphic GORT Staff

    Thanks for that - many posts were deleted. But we DO NOT need another CD vs LP thread!!!!!!!
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  18. james

    james Forum Resident

    I always pay particular attention to your posts because I think our houses have similar layouts. I'm currently not living there while the kitchen is gutted/renovated. I don't have that fireplace where you do. I was hoping to put the stereo/tv on the same wall you have, but I think my toddler would climb up the back of the couch and maybe fall into the stairwell. Bummed about that.

    I also have a half wall where I think you have a railing. Still trying to figure this out (on paper).

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  19. Ron P.

    Ron P. Forum Resident

    The Rockies
    Thank you Emmanuel Zitnik for this posting...made my morning! I once had this table AND have heard this rare amp decades ago....and it was beautiful! Don't know the speakers but my head is now filled with the opening strains of "Round Here" in warm, yet detailed sound that I imagine your system sounds like.

    "Step out the front door like a ghost
    into the fog where no one notices
    the contrast of white on white.
    And in between the moon and you
    the angels get a better view
    of the crumbling difference between wrong and right."
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  20. Ron P.

    Ron P. Forum Resident

    The Rockies
    Ha .....I knew it.....when LiteJazz53 posted that he gave up the table for strictly digits......I knew there was going to be trouble. One of the biggest "can of worms" in the world of Hi-Fi.
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  21. Thanks! Lovely record for sure and it does sound fantastic :p
  22. Extra points for the Les Paul Standard.

    Love your town. Spent a fair amount of time in the mid 90s traveling to Bordeaux on business.
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  23. Kristofa

    Kristofa I dream of wires

    Eugene, Oregon
    That looks like a Pro-Ject Speed Box on the table. Does this work with the Thorens?
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  24. Yes, I forgot to list it, but it is indeed a Speed Box S, which happens to work with my Thorens because it has a 16v AC motor.
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  25. Looks really close. My house is a split level so right when you walk in there is a landing then seven steps up this open living kitchen area or seven steps down to the right where there is a bedroom, bath laundry and what is now my office music cd room and a seperate record library ( formally a tiny bedroom )

    I bought the house almost four years ago from flippers after leaving and entire life in Sam Francisco. It was a early 80s track style and I see many of the same style south from me. I loved the clean lines.

    Apparently the original small kitchen was walled in cutting up the room. I love that it is all open now like yours. Beautiful open space.

    By kitchen is reversed as the island is long ways and the fridge on the opposite side just left of the hallway. I finally renovated the old fireplace installing a more efficient gas one and replacing with a more minimal modernist tile.

    Yeah my sofa is in front of the stair railing but my son is now grown up at 26 and out of the house. But I remember those worries back in SF. But my sofa is not close to the back railing - check it out. The tv pivots on an arm towards the sofa area. There's a deck out off the eating area.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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