Post photos of your systems/rooms here! (Part 15)

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Halloween Jack, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. jeff kleinberg

    jeff kleinberg Forum Resident

    I see you like watching "fake news" :p Nice room!
  2. Ron P.

    Ron P. Forum Resident

    The Rockies
    Looks like Wilson Yvette. 26k a pair.
  3. Naw I skip that Channel but I do watch the Ones where the idiot reporters stand stupidly in the middle of storms.
  4. Litejazz53

    Litejazz53 Enjoying Sparkling Crystal Clear Digital

    Yes I do, the Wilsons are another ball game.
  5. Ron P.

    Ron P. Forum Resident

    The Rockies
    Ha LOL ... I also thinks it's hilarious that when there's a big storm every channel feels the need to get somebody right out smack in the middle of it. Cracks me up. I'm sure the directors???... back at the station say, "hey Joe, that looks REALLY dangerous over there, go over there and stand in the middle of it".

    I'm sure it keeps the ratings up.
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  6. Ron P.

    Ron P. Forum Resident

    The Rockies
    I don't like the white B&W's Litejazz posted....and I generally like all B&Ws. But I like the Wilson Yvette in white....or, hell, in any color as long as they're giving them away!
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  7. Litejazz53

    Litejazz53 Enjoying Sparkling Crystal Clear Digital

    I posted that particular one because Mazz likes the white color, it's his favorite, trying to pump him up for the big purchase. Each to his own on the color thing, the white pair would look pretty darn cool in his room, however if I just needed to get me some B&W speakers, I would like to find a pair just like this, oh yes! :righton:

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  8. james

    james Forum Resident

    I really appreciate all the photos and insights. We have the exact same house (there are many variations out there, but ours are exact).

    Yes, our kitchen was walled in and small but that has all come out now.

    I have an opening into a sunroom where your Beatles prints are (pictured below). That room was my "stereo room", but it's going to become a dining room. I'm glad to see that you are able to have your couch pulled out away from that railing! That opens up a lot of possibility for me. I'm looking forward to trying new configurations.

    (seeing this photo and all the clutter gives me anxiety, but I guess that's Christmas. I'm working to reduce box count/cables since the stereo will now be in a more visible space.)

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  9. james

    james Forum Resident

    1 hour between posts. Love it. Been there!
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  10. cgw

    cgw Forum Resident

    Upstate NY
    Did you include the espresso machine in your equipment profile? (some things are almost as important as audio equipment)
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  11. Jerry James

    Jerry James Forum Resident

    What impresses me the most is that you still have the same color on the walls after 11 years!
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  12. Ha. Rancilio S26 plumbed in. Mini Mazzer Grinder :tiphat: It was from the photo studio we had downstairs from our San Francisco building.
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  13. Ron P.

    Ron P. Forum Resident

    The Rockies
    Yes!!! Those are beautiful for sure. But the white B&Ws. ??? I don't know. But love the white Wilsons!

    The space I'm in now allowed me to return to Maggies, which are my favorites. It really has a lot to do with the room your in. I have a 20'x 30' room with a 17' ceiling. So, Maggies for sure.

    Look at Ntotrar. He has those lovely little Regas, perfect for a small room.....but not in his new space.
  14. Claude Benshaul

    Claude Benshaul Forum Resident

    I'm a bit ashamed to admit that these speakers always remind me of the joke about the guy stepping into the doctor's office with a frog on its head.
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  15. Ron P.

    Ron P. Forum Resident

    The Rockies
    In regards to Litejazz's pic of the back of his rack, here is a pic of mine. In the spirit of compare and contrast. The pic is not the best, but there is method to what appears to be madness. Although I love neatness factor of zip tying the cables together for a clean look, I am from the school of cabling that wires should not be run together. In fact, I was taught, and do try, to keep "other" sets of cables, (power, interconnects, ..whatever), at sharp angles to each other so as not to allow signals to be "influenced" by other signals. I was taught this while working at a shop where we sold Cardas cable and perhaps this is from the George Cardas school of thought. No matter how good the insulation, signals can be adversely affected. Yes? No?

  16. Ron P.

    Ron P. Forum Resident

    The Rockies
    oh..come on...let's hear it.
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  17. Litejazz53

    Litejazz53 Enjoying Sparkling Crystal Clear Digital

    My replay to your post, you are 100% correct, what you were taught is true, and I took a risk, running the cables in the same direction next to each other, BUT, I have been doing it for years with no adverse hum, noise or any abnormalities, so for me, I suppose I'm just lucky! I do my best to keep power conducting cables away from input and output cables, but even this time I mixed them, but as I said, I was lucky, no noise at all, whisper quiet, but your ARE correct, if wires can be kept away from each other and not run beside each other, you are just better off, good post!:agree:
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  18. gd0

    gd0 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

    Golden Gate
    @Ntotrar moves swiftly and decisively. :thumbsup:
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  19. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Forum Resident

    Absolutely LOVE it! It has all the comforts of home.

    It is not that different than my space, which is in a more commercial environment and is roughly 450 Sq. Ft.

    And, yes, every audio room should make room for "Nipper", and a lava-light or two. As specially if there is vintage music or equipment involved.

    And if you are into the 60's hippy trippy music, then some black light posters and black lights are called for.

    Late 50's and early 60's dance music dictates a rotating mirror ball hanging from the center of the ceiling.

    For music from the disco era and later dance music, add plenty of flashing lights.

    Myself, my room is all white (and freshly painted), so I have a 17' foot strip of color selectable LED's, hidden behind a valance over the south windows.

    I have a little bit of late 60's and early 70's rock theme going with a color organ operating three lights, inside of hanging Chinese lantern's, pulsing along to three different frequency ranges.
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  20. Claude Benshaul

    Claude Benshaul Forum Resident

    Well it ends with the doctor going "What the hell is that"?? to which the frog replies "would you believe it started as a boil on my butt?"
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  21. e.s.

    e.s. Forum Resident

    United States
    Several of these look like early designs the Daleks...
  22. hesson11

    hesson11 Forum Resident

    That blows my mind, too, and I've never even heard it.
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  23. wgb113

    wgb113 Forum Resident

    Chester County, PA
    Give yourself a listen to KEF's new Reference line if you can. They've got a couple of finish options that would fit in nicely as well (Satin American Walnut or High Gloss White).

    Beautifully done space with nice pictures to boot!
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  24. Jerjo

    Jerjo Forum Resident

    But remember, to truly complete that late 60s/early 70s vibe you better be burning some incense. I prefer nag champa from either Shanthimalai or Goloka, but even your old school Satya sticks will do.
  25. action pact

    action pact ^^ Sandy Warner, "The Exotica Girl"

    I'm digging the Duosonic next to the tree.
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