Prince, dead at 57.

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    I'm not arguing because I'm not interested in a counter-point. I did say enjoy it. I for one will pass on that dumpster fire.
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    I remember Prince frowning on reunions or the use of his songs. As soon as he drops, these people are out there, apparently with nothing better to do but pay tributes, which incidentally turned into a tour.

    Cashgrabbers . . .
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    you missed my point.
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    = hot mess
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    That 21 quid was such a bargain... 2 1/2 hrs+ of amazing music. My only regret is given how cheap the tickets were & how much the show differed each night, we didn't go to more shows in that run. Oh well, we did have that one night/
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    You are very tedious with your unwillingness to answer a simple question. Good day to you.
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    I wouldn't use that video as a reference in terms of how they sound on stage. It was filmed at a very bad location soundwise in First Avenue.
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    actually, W&L had wanted a full fledged Revolution reunion even before Prince died and had done a few sporadic shows in recent years with the lineup sans Prince. so it isn't like the day Prince died, suddenly they concocted "let's get back together", they'd been in touch and had been doing one off gigs for 2-3 years
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    The audio sucks, but they sound just fine to me. I'd be thrilled to see The Revolution live if they just stood there and told stories...
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    I don't recall seeing this video previously. Prince played at a press conference in Miami back in 2007 and played Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" before going into "Anotherloverholenyohead."

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    don't be surprised if (no, When) he writes tell-all tabloid junk book to cash in on his 'friend's death ~
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    that was great, thank you so much for that. i was so out of Prince, i didn't even know they did this show available on any of those Sabotage boots ??
    makes me real sad to think these 2 genius are gone at such young age....damn shame ~
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    He'll always be known as the guy that found dead Prince.

    It would do him more worth to share all the positive experiences.
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    yeah,,,but that will not get him a book deal ~

    think about this, every single one of Prince's inner circle drifted away after awhile...except Kirky J., who's been with him since Purple Rain days (he's one of the break dancer extra in the movie).
    either he's simply Prince's soul-mate best friend or he's REALLY good at sucking up, perennial Yes-man that knows exactly where the meal ticket is. Hell, Prince even made him a producer for his 'Aw-So-important' Emancipation album (main reason why it failed) and his main drummer (~) for the tour that followed.

    i actually had a chance to converse with Kirky J. for few minutes back in '99 during 1999 re-launch party in Vegas. he sounded like pleasant enough fellow but that doesn't change the fact he mooched off Prince until his death (& likely after his death). if he was a true friend then he should've done something about P's addiction rather than just stand-by & suck-up.

    am i being unfair to Kirky since this is all just speculation on my part ?? perhaps...and i'll owe him a big apology if i'm wrong....but if/when that 'inevitable' tell-all Prince book by mr. Kirk Johnson hit the shelves...then i'll owe him nothing. we'll see...
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    Wow, a whole lot of assumptions being made in this post!

    Since very, very few people possess in-depth insights into the Prince/Kirk Johnson relationship, I might go a little easier with that large helping of negativity you're dishing out.

    Think about how many associates were close to Prince from the time period between Purple Rain, and his death. There were many. I've even shared some time, and several enjoyable conversations, with a few of them. The fact that Kirk remained close to him all of that time speaks volumes. That's all I'm going to say.

    But blaming him for the failure (which it wasn't even a failure, but that's another conversation) of EMANCIPATION, and suggesting he did nothing to help Prince with his addiction struggles? That's a bit much...
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    like i said, if i'm wrong then i owe him a big apology...if Kirky J. is Prince's version of AC Cowlings then my hats off to him.
    AC had many faults but he never sold out OJ which goes long way in my book...somehow Kirky doesn't strike me as that type.
    this is one incident i hope i'm wrong but...only time will tell.
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    Trying to figure out a couple of things concerning Prince's passing, I guess an attempt at 'closure'.
    1. Did he have hip surgery? Or did he avoid it because his faith prohibited blood transfusions, and the pain drove him to pills? I've heard conflicting reports.
    2. Was the Fentanyl that he took real pharmaceutical Fentanyl, or bootleg? I think I read the pills were in an unlabeled bottle.
    I don't really think there's any closure in this case, but maybe by knowing the facts, we can get a little closer to being at peace about this devastating loss.
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  20. There's a lot of... Well, I suppose it's assumption. Yes, that's what it is, but the big mystery remains, as close as Kirk J was to Prince, how did he not know that Prince was on some heavy meds? Moreover, when they made the emergency landing after the Atlanta show, who was there with P? Kirky J.

    Prince was a guy who had others do his bidding, because Prince had enough money to just record and play live, which is all he wanted to do, aside from getting some tail. Did Prince personally get on the phone with doctors? That's probably a 50-50 bet. Would Prince have hit the streets looking for a batch of drugs and/or would he have made phones calls, himself, to find a batch of drugs? That one is highly doubtful, meaning that someone was doing it for him.

    Everything so far points to a tainted batch of the stuff, again and/or mixing doctor's scripts with street-level stuff. Somebody, or some persons know. It might not have been Kirk Johnson helping Prince get what he needed. But it was somebody. Somebody is either alive or dead out there who knew. If it's somebody living, I hope they hang him or her from the highest tree.

    If not Kirk Johnson, why wouldn't Kirk (especially after the emergency landing) take proactive steps to get Prince immediate help? I can envision a scenario where Prince was like, "I sign your check; I'm leaving the hospital," but this is life or death, and at some point somebody had to say to themselves that a payday isn't as important as a person's life.
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    Getting them endorphins flowing again

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    I just finished Mayte's book. Prince was most likely taking pills as far back as 1990. Also believe that because he kept everything so private even his closest confidants
    didn't know. She even didn't know how much he was taking or if he was addicted. One part in the book she tells how Prince was out of it and made her go back up to the hotel to flush pills
    down the toilet that he left behind.
    Prince was living a lonely life back in 1990. After reading her book it is not as shocking that he died alone.
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    Well, that explains his artistic and commercial decline around the same period, doesn't it?
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    I remember watching that live as it happened.
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    You mean like in the clip just above?
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