Prince, dead at 57.

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    I dunno, her not physically seeing him taking pills. I think she's probably full of it on her accusations. I'm not saying he wasn't on pills, but I don't see much evidence on her side saying she never saw him take one pill including aspirin
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    One of Prince's absolute best 90s songs! :righton:
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    No comment.



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    Is it a year now? (I know Cobain and Prince were both April. I've blocked the dates.)

    Less than a week ago, I finally found my "Vanity 6" CD. Unfortunately, I think I only have "Jill Jones" on vinyl, but whatever format I have it in, it still ain't shown up anywhere.
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    It's been a year since he performed in Atlanta, which happened to be his final two shows.
    Waiting In Vain to Purple Rain section from the 10pm show always bring me to tears.
    The next seven days definitely won't be easy for us.
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    Did anyone post this last year? Rolling Stone put together a list of "25 Essential Prince Songs":

    25 Essential Prince Songs

    I actually think this is a pretty great list. I'm almost shocked to see RS created it. It's a bit vanilla, but then given the quantity of music recorded by Prince, it's hard to trim below about 50 tracks, let alone down to around two dozen.
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    That's exactly the kind of list I'd expect them to post. No real research done.
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  14. Ummmm...Kirk Johnson?

    The Latest: Painkiller Prescribed for Prince in Another Name

    "A court document says a doctor prescribed oxycodone for Prince under the name of the musician's friend to protect his privacy...
    According to search warrants unsealed Monday, authorities searched Paisley Park, cellphone records of Prince's associates, and Prince's emails to try to determine where he got the fentanyl that killed him. The documents suggest Prince was struggling with prescription opioid addiction. One affidavit says Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg admitted he prescribed oxycodone for Prince in a Prince's associate's name "for Prince's privacy..." They still don't know the origin of those drugs and there has been no indication that they are poised to hold anyone responsible anytime soon..."
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    GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The long-awaited search warrants in Prince's death have been unsealed, revealing a lengthy list of prescription medications found throughout the singer's estate, some in the name of one of his oldest confidants -- and several containing controlled substances.

    The search warrants, made public Monday morning, show more than 100 white capsules labeled Watson 853 were hidden in Aleve and Bayer Aspirin bottles and found in numerous rooms inside Paisley Park.

    An online search reveals a multitude of sources that say that capsule is a mixture of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, a prescription classified as a narcotic.

    CVS prescription bottles under the name Kirk Johnson -- Prince's former drummer, bodyguard and close, personal friend -- were found in the dressing room and mirror room. Each contained several different kinds of controlled substances.

    Johnson has been working with Prince since the early 1980s. He is one of the only people who had unrestricted access to Paisley Park.

    Investigators say after learning of Prince's toxicology screening, which showed he had a lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system at the time of his death, they found no prescriptions issued under his name -- but Johnson had a prescription for Oxycodone, which was prescribed by Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg.

    Schulenberg is the same doctor who was at Paisley Park on April 21 (the day of Prince's death) when deputies arrived on scene and the same doctor who admitted to authorities, he prescribed Oxycodone for Prince on April 14, the day before he overdosed while returning from a show in Atlanta, forcing his plane into an emergency landing.

    Schulenberg told detectives he put that prescription in Johnson's name for Prince's privacy. *****Is that even Legal????*****

    Search warrant executed April 21:

    -15 white capsules (Watson 853) discovered in a second floor dressing room
    -CVS pharmacy bottle under the name of Kirk Johnson/7 green capsules
    -8 orange oval pills inside suitcase in mirror room/second floor
    -Bayer bottle/64 white pills with Watson 853
    -Aleve bottle with 20 ½ tablets labeled Watson 853
    -Pamphlet for Recovery Without Walls (rehab center)

    It's been nearly a year since Prince died from an accidental overdose at the Paisley Park estate, after being found unresponsive in one of the elevators.

    Despite the search warrants which reveal Prince's access to other controlled substances, investigators still haven't traced the source of the Fentanyl that killed him, according to the latest search warrants filed last September.

    Prince docs reveal prescription drugs in confidant's name
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  16. Apparently it is.

    2016 Minnesota Statutes

    Subd. 2d.Identification requirement for Schedule II or III controlled substance prescriptions.
    (a) No person may dispense a controlled substance included in Schedule II or III without requiring the person purchasing the controlled substance, who need not be the person for whom the controlled substance prescription is written, to present valid photographic identification, unless the person purchasing the controlled substance, or if applicable the person for whom the controlled substance prescription is written, is known to the dispenser.

    I told y'all it was Kirk Johnson.
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    Sigh. If the intervention had only taken place a day earlier...
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    Pretty much same story here. I HAD lived 10 mins from the Dome (when it 'opened'/'closed' in 2000) and relished a return for one night only from Belfast where I was living.
    On the way out of the first show, I found out from someone I was chatting with that I could get tickets for the aftershow from the box office window for £19.99.
    I seriously doubted this girl's story but there we went, to the box office queue...and I got a ticket.
    That led to realising that the whole 21 Nights Sold Out thing was not quite the story the press had.
    Prince had expertly outdone touts by keeping loads of tickets for sale on the night but you had to find this out by word of mouth.
    The result was I kept coming back for more.
    I haven't a clue which was the best show or aftershow. I saw so many.
    Luckily, because I'd lived in Greenwich, the overstay for more shows didn't result in extra accom bills as I had lots of friends about to visit while I scooped up experiences.
    When I came back and told people I'd spent about £300 on these shows, I got told that some friends had spent that on one show from their favourite bands so I quickly got over the overspend bill realising I'd just had a hell of a unique experience. It was like living at the Millennium Dome and the real world went away.
    Now that the little feller's gone, it's all the moreso for me.
    Really glad I did that trip.
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    I suspect Schulenberg is in worse trouble than is Johnson (whose job probably depended on keeping Prince "happy.") Two tragedies for Kirk: both Prince's death and his drumming and production on Emancipation.
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    Prince took the pills...

    Emancipation is a masterpiece in every way - of course, "my boy" Captain Kirk was at the helm!

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    A.C. Speaks Out


    ($2.99 per minute)


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    Saw the Purple Rain house on my last visit to Minneapolis. Have to go back now to the estate next time.
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    She stated her medication went missing. Then she started to count how many pills were left.
    Just a little suspicious that when he got sick it was always aspirin with wine. I felt her book was pretty convincing , she seemed fair. After reading her book I walked away with lots of
    respect for Mayte. I had no idea how hard she worked and the kind of money she earned and saved before even meeting Prince.
    That chapter on her pregnancy and then after their break up Prince burned down their house with all of her belongings including the ashes of their son. Wow, just horrible...I couldn't get that out of my mind for days after...Horrible.
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  24. Yes, Mal, Emancipation is a masterpiece, and yes, Prince took the drugs, but there's also a such thing as an enabler.

    Now, I don't like witchhunts. It's just seems crazy that the people closest to him could do nothing to save him. P got the drugs, but also tainted drugs. He took them on his own volition, so I get it, ultimately it's on Prince. This much is true. And no, of course I wasn't there.

    If nobody is at fault other than Prince, well, that's all the better.

    Really, I don't want to see anybody suffer over his death, but if somebody has to suffer, okay, I hope they do. It's a necessity of life.
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