Prince, dead at 57.

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    I had to step away from the Sgt. Pepper thread this week and spend time listening to all things Paisley Park. Instead of a chronological trip, it has been all a random ride. One minute it is Prince at his finest, then his not so great moments, then a choice track by Jill Jones, then a forgotten Mayte track. Remixes, acoustic, that 'ballet', the NPGMC radio shows, tracks from that 83 First Avenue concert, you never know what's coming next. So many memories come flooding back.

    Hard to believe it has almost been a year. He was messed up for sure (as we all are in our own ways), but he is one of the few artists who has had the power to consistently mess me up with so much sonic bliss. You can even find glimmers of beauty in some of his worst work.

    From one native-born Minnesotan to another: thank you, Prince, for everything.

    (I will be wearing this on Friday: [​IMG] )
  2. Great post! Thank you for that.

    I cancelled my order for Sgt. Pepper until I know how the new mix sounds.

    Tonight I will Controversy. I know how the mix sounds. :)
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    I'm totally missing it then. What I thought was illegal was to put someone else's name on the prescription bottle, regardless of who actually picks it up and pays for it. :confused:
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    If this is the case, couldn't there be a wrongful death case like what happened to Dr. Conrad Murray?
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    Thanks, Zen.
    Add that to the list of great songs he threw away. Call me cynical, but I'm not believing hordes of unreleased songs will be loaded on the public until I see them.
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    I agree. This E.P. would have been a great release on the 1 year anniversary of his death. Why didn't the Estate come up with this type of release? Now they are
    bringing a lawsuit to block it. It seems it will take a long time for unreleased material to surface if we are waiting on his Estate.
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    They don't care about the music, obviously. They are interested in what they can get for themselves.

    There should have been something released on the 21st of April, something to mark the occasion with a forward-looking attitude toward the legacy of his artistry.
  10. Maybe it's agreed that WB with announce the track listing for the Purple Rain deluxe on April 21st. *shrug*
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    I for one and glad this ep was released. We needed it and it's very enjoyable
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    Wow...that was pretty great!
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    You need to some research in regards to the complex mess that Prince left behind in relation to his estate, mostly because he didn't leave a will.
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    didn't see this 'til now...come on, Man's gotta Eat !!
    i believe neither venture included anything negative towards his bud nor anything about the 'murder'.
    in fact, both were done when he was still hanging with OJ in the mid-90's therefore with his blessing.
    he could've easily made a small fortune by writing a book or selling his story to the tabloids, anytime in the past 20+ years.
    yet, he hasn't said nada & stayed out of limelight even with all the OJ resurgence last year.
    whatever you may think of him, he's one loyal dude and perhaps too good of a friend for someone like mr. Simpson.

    i just hope 'your boy' Kirky J. is even quarter-way loyal to his bud like mr. Cowlings has been for the past 20+ years.
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    The beautiful ones
    U always seem 2 lose
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    It's been a year now. :shake:

    I'm starting the day with "HitnRun Phase Two".
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  21. George P

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    ...since he took his love away.
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    you know we can take anyone to a fancy restaurant...
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    Can't believe that it's been a year now since he passed away. :( :cry:
  25. George P

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    Of his last three releases, that is (by far) the one I enjoy the most.
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