Prince, dead at 57.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mr._mojo_filter, Apr 21, 2016.

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    Glad to see this material properly stored. And screw the two heirs.
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    Not yet. That seems to be what they're moving the tapes for. True to what we've heard it seems that Prince did, indeed, leave his masters in a state of disarry.

    I'm sure the next step is to keep them at a benign temperature, moisture free, and then they'll start baking them, using local techs.

    I can see where the two heirs are coming from, but those tapes must have been worse than we thought. Prince just didn't care. I'm sure the expense of retrofitting the PP vaults with climate control would be more than storing them at a ready-made facility. That doesn't mean they can't be mixed at PP, though.
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    It seems possible that half of the family approved of the tape transfer, and they didn't tell the other half. I kind of understand why the two sisters are upset, but they should realize that the tapes are really safer stored at Iron Mountain.
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    At this rate, it might be a long time before we hear any of that material. It seems that continually changing administrators and disagreements among siblings is only slowing things down.
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    Hmmm...Yeah, I had read first-hand accounts at Paisley Park of flakes of iron oxide falling off of master tapes in the vault. There's going to be sticky-shed syndrome, dirt, and probably water stains on these tapes. Prince simply did not care about his past, thus no will.

    The Library of Congress [3] recommends that any tapes needing preservation for a minimum of 10 years should be stored between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit at 45-50% relative humidity (RH). Large fluctuations in either of these factors should be avoided at all costs. If the tapes need permanent preservation, they should be stored at 46-50 degrees Fahrenheit at 20-30% relative humidity. In the case of magnetic tapes, contrary to traditional preservation storage rules for books and photographic film, colder is certainly not better. If the collections are stored below 46 degrees F, the tape lubricant can separate from the base, ruining the recording. The most important thing is to keep conditions consistent once desirable conditions are achieved.

    The good news is that miracles have been done with tapes in the past, where people thought that the tapes were unplayable and lost. Then again I've heard of tapes being beyond repair, so I guess it's a case-by-case basis.

    I usually don't invoke the name, but I wonder if @Steve Hoffman has anything to add, judging by the description supplied above? I mean, this is one of music's most prized archives in the case of Prince.
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    Prince made many mix-tapes and configurations on cassettes and DATs that he gave out to people. That's how bootlegs have surfaced.

    If the master tapes aren't available, most of the worthwhile material will have a back-up source. As crappy a format as it might be on.

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    This is good enough for you? A bunch of cassette tapes encoded to MP3, transferred multiple times over antiquated FTP, with no checksums? This is like saying a dot matrix print of the grand canyon is good enough. :)

    No, I mean, I guess you're saying to look on the bright side, but I think some of these protective measures might mitigate whatever damage has been done. After all, there has been magnetic tape that's been preserved since the 1940s. The question is, after the preservation is it as lossy as the above? Again, I think that's probably a case-by-case basis, but I'd like to think that the oldest Prince tapes from the late '70s have some life in them yet, and I won't have to listen to these crap grey market mixes.
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    One of the saddest realities as a Prince fans is getting what you're given.

    I agree all measures should be taken before resorting to an inferior format. With that, I'd rather hear something, than not.
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