Prince, dead at 57.

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    Point taken, but "loneliest man in the world"? Just sounds like a cheap documentary tagline. Story arcs abound both about his sociability and his giant missing chunks of properly socialized humanity thereof, at the same time.
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    Imagine that Warners would have given Prince his album masters back in the early nineties.
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    Does anyone know where I can find Darling Nikki by Foo Fighters?
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    Several hits on YouTube, like this one:
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    The Darling Nikki cover made me think of the one below. Beyoncé singing The Beautiful Ones at Glastonbury. Gives me goose bumps, every time.

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    It's blocked in my country on copyright grounds by UMPG Publishing.
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    Hmmm. Can’t help you there. I found more videos on YouTube, are they all blocked?

    PS. You could try an online VPN service to change your location for other sites. It seems Opera has a good one for iOS and Android.
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    Crystal Ball album (1986) tapes which were handed out to Prince’s band members as reference materials for rehearsals. These particular tapes were given to Eric Leeds. (Source: Housequake )


    Interesting that it's credited to Camille, and that it seems to have gone as far in the process as being properly mastered for release, has this been known?

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    Good find!

    I know that the Camille was mastered, but not the last config of Crystal Ball.

    Are we sure those aren't the Camille album, as well as Crystal Ball, both tapes being shown in the pic?

    Too many discs for a single Camille album, though.

    Maybe Prince was just being mysterious in the moment (again) and threw the Camille name out there on a whim.
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    Here is the actual original source, they are up for auction: RR Auction: Bidtracker Item Detail

    Plenty of other interesting items on that site, for example:

    "Group of (6) Lovesexy Tour DAT Tapes": RR Auction: Bidtracker Item Detail

    "U-Matic Tape of 1990 Nude Tour Footage": RR Auction: Bidtracker Item Detail

    The items come from the collections of nine people, Eric Leeds being one of them, as seen here: RR Auction February 2018 Prince Online Virtual Catalog

    (They seem to have one of the copies of the "Black Album" that was already auctioned at another site (as linked to earlier), seems they are now doing the rounds.)
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    I thought Prince was very protective of his material? Why would he not have his vault be climate controlled? Surely he knew he should be doing that, no? I don't get it... He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would just throw his tapes into a random room that isn't protected from humidity and moisture.
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    it's to bad the Tom Petty thread was closed yet this Prince thread has thousands of replies. I think people feel better if they can discuss Tom with this Prince thread. Just my humble opinion

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    That's the dichotomy of Prince.

    He was protective of his music, but not protective enough to hand out select tapes of unreleased stuff to people from time to time.

    At one point he was asked what he'd do with all of his unreleased music when he died, and he said probably have them take it out and burn it.

    He liked to hold the cards, to control everything, even if that control was in his own kooky way (and I say that with much love).

    I've known for a while that the state of the tapes in his vault was screwed up. Too many sources attested to that.

    Prince did too good of a job of living in the present. The past was there for him only when he needed it, which wasn't often.
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    Yea! He was letting that club play unreleased stuff (where it was no doubt copied), but took lots of stuff off youtube.

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    Right! It's back to control. He wanted party people to get off to unreleased jams at his club, knowing that folks would dupe his copies. That was in his control.

    He knew he could exert his control on YouTube, too, so he had his stuff pulled...and even wrote a song (quite a good one, too) to the YouTubers who moaned about it.

    And you know, I never complained about any of it. I just shrugged and said, "Well, that's Prince for ya." Really, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Sure, I wished he had released a lot of that promised music in his lifetime. In the end, however, I smile and remember him with fondness for what he gave to me.

    What I find a little disturbing, though, is auctions like this, where his unreleased stuff is getting out there, but the family can't get their **** together in order to give it to us!
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    Great post. In the 80's whenever you saw people use TDK AD90 audio cassettes that was a first indication you could trust their ears.

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