Quadrophenia on Vinyl - Any Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Fatman, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. Fatman

    Fatman Senior Member Thread Starter

    Salt Lake City
    I love this album to death and have never been satisfied with any version on CD. I recently got a turntable and threw on my circa 1982 MCA copy (no booklet) and am back to loving this album again. I noticed on E-bay that there are a few different versions (e.g., Track, Canadian MCA). Are any of these superior?


    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid

  3. vette442

    vette442 Well-Known Member

    The German Universal '320' pressing got good reviews and may be an option for you. I have it but usually play my Mofi CDs instead for convenience. I never did a thorough A/B but in a quick comparison when I first got it, my impression was that it was as good or slightly better than the MFSL, with a little better detail and tighter bass.
  4. Cassius

    Cassius Forum Resident

    Lafayette, Co
    I prefer the Mofi to any of the US vinyl pressings I have heard
  5. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Forum Resident

    I have no doubt that the UK and German pressings are the best, but I have the original US brown label/blue Track/MCA logo pressing with the booklet and I love it. Sounds great, and it's neat to hear the original mix on vinyl. I think it's pretty generally agreed that the US Decca and brown label Track/MCA pressings beat the later rainbow label MCA reissues.
  6. dgsinner

    dgsinner New Member

    Far East
    I have a Sony Japan that WhiteFang over on his Who site says is the best vinyl press ever. Don't know about that...I have an early Dutch press that sounds better to my ears, maybe closer to the original UK...

  7. LesPaul666

    LesPaul666 Active Member

    New Jersey
    I think most of these original Quadrophenia LP's were pressed from the same TML stampers worldwide. Though I've never heard a Sony/Japan Track pressing, if it's from the same plates as the others, it *may* be that good.
  8. Stax Fan

    Stax Fan Active Member

    Yep, TML US and UK (dunno about the rest). That's tubes, kids. :)

    Odds & Sods as well. There's no Decca Quadrophenia though...that was the US Track transition.

    The Universal is very good indeed. :righton:
  9. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Forum Resident

    I know that. What I was trying to communicate (and failed to clearly communicate) is that if you have a choice between the US Decca or US Track pressing of any Who album versus a later MCA rainbow label reissue, you should go for the US Decca or US Track pressing. Although, as our host has discussed, and my personal copy confirms, most, if not all, US Decca Tommy pressings have some serious problems.
  10. Stax Fan

    Stax Fan Active Member

    My bad. I do happen to have a nice US Decca Tommy cut by Gilbert Kong in 1971 though. An anomoly for sure.
  11. jpgettes

    jpgettes Active Member

    I was blown away by a friend's Japanese pressing a couple years ago. It completely smoked my US w/ booklet copy FWIW. Wish I could remember more details about the pressing...:sigh:
  12. I would agree. One of my matt black label Track copies has the MCA number in the deadwax on side 1. They sound great.
  13. VinylNutz

    VinylNutz Active Member

    I've got an early UK Track issue which I prefer to my 1980s Canadian MCA rainbow copy which in itself isn't bad. The early UK Track issues have the booklet too.

    This is a great sounding 1973 recording IMO so get an original. It worth noting that Classic Records has been reissuing all of the Who albums. If you haven't heard any, they are excellent sounding, cut from the orignial mastertapes and complete with original UK packaging. I believe Quadrophenia is next in line. It could be released soon so it could be worth waiting for.
  14. John

    John Well-Known Member

    rhode island
    Nothing new to add here. I have an early UK Track with booklet and TML stampers and its it great, although a bit "ticky" in spots as some of my Tracks tend to be. The MOFI CD is closer to the Track than I care to admit, I really like that as well. I had the Astley remix CD in the early 90s, and I dumped it. The opening rain on Reign Or Me sounded like bacon frying. Please dont buy that one.

    All the Best
  15. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    I have a German Quadrophenia LP that I think sounds great.

    However, after checking out the dead wax (which apparently has "4 / 3 / 5 / 4" stampers), it looks like it's nowhere near a first press.

    Anyone have any knowledge about the era pressed, and comparative sound of this?

    WHO / “QUADROPHENIA” / GERMAN TRACK (# 2409 203 / 204) / released in 1973 / Pretty thin vinyl

    LABEL: Black & Silver TRACK RECORD. “Made In Germany”

    COVER: Very flexible / flimsy… not bad material, just bends easily.

    A: 2409 203 S 1 = 4 320 2B sideways B H
    B: 2409 203 = 3 S 2 1B sideways A G
    C: 2409 204 S3=5 320 2 sideways A E
    D: 2409 204 S 4 = 4 320 3 sideways A I

  16. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    Side note: I'm almost positive that my German pressing (listed in the previous post) is not a "320 Universal" pressing, as those are fairly recent.

    I bought this used six or so years ago, and the cover definitely had some wear -- I'm guessing it was pressed in the 70's or 80's...

    BTW, as you can see, there's no TML in them thar stampers.
  17. James Glennon

    James Glennon Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
    I have a Who Boxset 'Phases' released in 1981, with quadrophenia in it, the deadwax information is the same as yours.

    Just to point out that '320' in the deadwax is not a recent thing. It is an identification mark for LPs pressed in Hanover (I think). Possibly by Willem Makkee, he definitely did the recent Universal pressings, which are very hit and miss as far as I am concerned. When they are good as some of them are, they are really good, but when they are bad, blah! blah!

    Nirvana - excellent
    Cat Stevens - awful

    I have been trying to get an original Uk pressing of Quadrophenia, but every copy I have looked at, has been pretty worn and quite expensive. But patience is a great virtue.

    Hope this is of some help!

  18. VinylNutz

    VinylNutz Active Member

    The 320 refers to where the LP was cut so in your case it was mastered at the same place as the newer Willem Makkee mastered version but not necessarily by him. 320 stands for Hanover specifically. See for an interesting interview:

  19. Fatman

    Fatman Senior Member Thread Starter

    Salt Lake City
    I was not aware that Classic has plans to release this. I'll be near the front of the line if and when they do. Thanks for the heads up and thanks for everyones' advice

  20. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Forum Resident

    You would have to assume that Classic will release it as some point, as they've released just about everything else except The Who By Numbers and Who Are You by now.

    I'd love to see this album get the Classic treatment - not just for the sound quality, but also for the gatefold, booklet, etc. Classic usually seems to do a good job of getting that stuff right. My copy of Quad sounds great, but the booklet and gatefold are in pretty bad shape.
  21. Fatman

    Fatman Senior Member Thread Starter

    Salt Lake City
    All these years and I never even knew there was a booklet (my rainbow-label MCA does not have it)!

    Who by Numbers, Quad, and Who Are You are probably the ones I'd like to see classic do the most. I'm happy with the Tommy SACD and Steve's Who's Next. The Who Are You MFSL CD is pretty good. I'm not nearly as satisfied with the Quad MFSL CD.

  22. onlyconnect

    onlyconnect Forum Resident

    Nottingham, UK
    The booklet is great; it is one of my favourite record sleeves, counting the booklet as part of the sleeve. Excellent b/w photography.

    The problem is that the booklet is heavy and tends to pull away from the sleeve itself. Result: most booklets are in poor shape, mine included, even when the vinyl is fine. I've considered re-buying just to get a better booklet.

  23. Jvalvano

    Jvalvano Forum Resident

    In two different articles in the latest stereophile they mentioned that Classic was releasing Quad.
  24. Spitfire

    Spitfire Forum Resident

    Pacific Northwest
    My rainbow labelled MCA came with the booklet.
  25. crassus515

    crassus515 Forum Resident

    this is great news. i had been wondering if Quad was on the horizon from them. Get them to do Who Are You and then my bases are covered!
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