Quality John Coltrane Vinyl Reissues. Is It As Confusing As It Seems?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SteveCam, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. SteveCam

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    I'm looking to add some good John Coltrane vinyl reissues to my collection. After getting into Jazz mostly through Miles Davis, and listening to some Coltrane CDs I would like to pick up some quality vinyl reissues, ones I can pick up new, mostly through Amazon, which is one of my only outlets considering where I live. With Miles Davis it was fairly easy to figure out the reissues, as most have been done by Mofi and some by Analogue Productions, most still available. These aren't cheap but in my mind worth it for such classic albums. I have also picked up reissue from Impex, Org, Speakers Corner etc. However, with Coltrane it doesn't seem as easy. There are a couple of the Analogue Productions available right now but after that I'm seeing mostly what I would describe as either these public domain cheapies or other reissues that are either not reviewed well, or from an unknown company.

    Is it possible to get respectable AAA versions of Blue Train, A Love Supreme, My Favorite Things, Giant Steps etc? These are classic albums but good copies don't seem as easy to buy as you would think. There even seems to be two different Rhino reissues of some albums, one better than the other. It's confusing and frustrating when you want someone to take your money. Amazon doesn't help with their confusing and incomplete product descriptions. What are my options?
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  2. mcenters

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  3. rxcory

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    Portland, Oregon
    For Blue Train you can get really nice reissues on APO (45) or Music Matters (33) for prices that won't break the bank.
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  4. SteveCam

    SteveCam Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Not sure where I can source Music Matters stuff here in Canada. Not big on the 45rpm format.
  5. SteveCam

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  6. RichC

    RichC Forum Resident

    Agreed. The AP reissues of Blue Train and Love Supreme aren't cheap, but they sound magnificent.
    I've also heard the MM of Blue Train is nearly as good... And cheaper.

    The Atlantic reissue of Giant Steps is cheap and the KG mastering sounds great. I don't think it's true AAA tho.
    John Coltrane - Giant Steps
  7. DeRosa

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    Amazon isn't that helpful, I would look to speciality vinyl sellers like Acoustic Sounds for more guidance and details.
    They don't sell any crap, that cuts out the vast majority of the confusion.

    For the Atlantic Coltrane titles, you could get the Mono box set, or pick individual titles. I'm a big fan of My Favorite things, Giant Steps, Coltrane Jazz, Coltrane Sound,
    there are excellent versions from Atlantic/Rhino that are mastered from the original tapes, and pressed at RTI, the same place that does the MOFI vinyl.

    John Coltrane-My Favorite Things-180 Gram Vinyl Record|Acoustic Sounds
    John Coltrane-Coltrane Jazz-Vinyl Record|Acoustic Sounds
    John Coltrane-Coltranes Sound-180 Gram Vinyl Record|Acoustic Sounds
  8. SteveCam

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    The problem is Acoustic Sounds is in the U.S. It will cost a fortune to ship and buy from there into Canada, which is a consumer back woods. We don't have anything like that up here. Heard a CD of My Favorite things last night and loved it.
  9. SteveCam

    SteveCam Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I haven't seen AP reissues of Blue Train or Love Supreme on Amazon.ca. I also don't know of any Canadian sources for Music Matters stuff. I could be out of luck.
  10. Lebowski

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    Eastern MA
    How do all of these compare to the Heavyweight Champion box set?
  11. DeRosa

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    Order Analogue Productions from their Acoustic Sounds website, they ship to Canada with Fed Ex.
    Music Matters will ship to Canada using USPS/Canada Post.
  12. DeRosa

    DeRosa Forum Resident

    I'm in Canada, well aware of the shipping situation, i've been buying vinyl on-line for 15 years,
    and have encountered all the challenges. It's your call. Acoustic Sounds is a treasure trove of
    audiophile vinyl, it's your choice to avoid it, but you're crazy if you do. Be strategic and order
    during sale periods (currently 15%) and combine your shipments to optimize the value.

    It's cheaper than paying the premium prices some Canadian on-line or retailer sellers charge
    for importing them and reselling. Consider your low cost of living in NL part of the cost of
    funding your hobbies on-line.
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  14. TheIncredibleHoke

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    Brooklyn, NY
    This is your answer right here. I have several Coltrane albums from Analogue Productions and the MM pressing of Blue Train. They sound amazing, but you won't find them on Amazon. I waffled on buying the Atlantic box set, but finally picked it up on sale. The titles sound very good. Not quite AP or MM level, but better than most.
  15. patient_ot

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    Was the Atlantic Mono set AAA? I thought that was cut from hi-rez?

    +1 for the Music Matters Blue Train.
  16. SteveCam

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    Thanks for the tip on these sources. I haven't really had a look at Acoustic Sounds, and my bank account may curse you, but I will start to have a look and do the math. As for the low cost of living in NL, I wish! I'm not sure what you heard but it's anything but. We have some of the highest gas prices in the country, the government implemented a levy on pay cheques last year, food is expensive and housing has gone through the roof in the last few years. Wages are stagnant and the job market is grim.
  17. TheIncredibleHoke

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    Brooklyn, NY
    I don't think it's AAA. That's why I was on the fence for so long.
  18. SteveCam

    SteveCam Forum Resident Thread Starter

    It looks tempting, although the albums are still not cheap.
  19. SteveCam

    SteveCam Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Streaming Ole here now. What a great listen!
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  20. rxcory

    rxcory mastering connoisseur

    Portland, Oregon
    Discogs or Amazon.ca should have them both. I own the MM 33 and it is stunning.
  21. SteveCam

    SteveCam Forum Resident Thread Starter

    If Amazon.ca has it they aren't describing it as a Music Matters title. I haven't seen thier stuff on there.
  22. Tommyboy

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    New York
    You may have to go outside of your comfort zone to buy quality Coltrane reissues as people have recommended, otherwise, it seems that your options will be limited to those subpar public domain label reissues.
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  23. SteveCam

    SteveCam Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I agree. I'm going to look into these outlets. I'm glad they were pointed out to me. Less than the best won't do.
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  24. Eric242

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    Hi there,I've got that box set.Yeah,the packaging is so so,the 7'' don't have a proper jacket,but the albums sound really good to my ears. I have an old 'Ole' vinyl,canadian pressing from the '60 and the one in this box set sound the same to me. Over all, I'm an happy camper with that box set.
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  25. SteveCam

    SteveCam Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks for the feedback!

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