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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Wally Swift, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Wally Swift

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    I sold a clearly marked REPRESS with matrix info of Dennis Coffey Trio's Hair and Thangs for $24.99. Sold it through the GSP. 30 minutes after I mailed it the buyer tells me "oh, I didn't know it was a repress. If you mailed it already I'll be sending it back"


    Am I basically screwed? Do they even have to ship it back?
  2. eddiel

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    With respect to legit claims (as defined by eBay or paypal) the fact that you used the GSP is irrelevant. So this isn't a GSP question but rather a buyer wants to return an item situation.

    If eBay feels the buyer has a legit claim then you'll be asked to pay for the return shipping if the buyer asks/pushes for that. That will definitely be more than the USA portion you got for the GSP program.

    But this does not sound like a legit claim to me. You specified it was a repress and the buyer clearly made the mistake.

    As a result, I think you have a good chance of escaping any claim.

    If the buyer tried to file a claim via eBay I think you'd be safe here. If he claimed it was misrepresented you could point out that the auction ad said it was a repress. If he tried to file a claim for a different reason you have evidence that he intended on sending it back because he failed to realise it was a repress (and you could prove it with the eBay message). The fact he told you that does not help his case IMO, at least in terms of you having to pay out. What might happen is a courtesy refund from eBay to him (they have done this before in a claim I was involved in) with no cost to you.

    If an eBay claim failed and tried something via Paypal, paypal will tell him to return the album at no cost to you for a refund. If he wanted to, he could claim a postage refund from Paypal directly, but Paypal, unlike eBay, doesn't force sellers to pay for return shipping.

    Personally, although it might require a few phone calls to eBay to explain your side of things, I think you will be alright here.

    But whatever you do, don't engage this guy at all right now. Just wait till he receives the lp and contacts you or files an eBay claim. If for some reason he messages you again about it, stay calm, leave out any accusations and stick to the facts e.g. "I mentioned it was a repress in the auction ad. If you want a refund, return the lp at your cost and I'll refund you" Or something along those lines. I know you don't have to refund him but if this knob head (yeah that's what I think he is and he gives good buyers like me a bad name by annoying sellers) is willing to pay for return shipping then you might as well go through with a return at his cost.

    This seller sounds like he's going to be a real hassle though so don't be surprised if you need to make some phone calls. Don't even wait too long either. As soon as he files a claim, call eBay and tell them you aren't sure what to do and then explain what happened. I've done that in the past and they escalated the claim and it was cleared up pretty quickly from there.
  3. Wally Swift

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    Thanks for your thorough reply eddiel!
  4. tmtomh

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    Sage advice from @eddiel. Good luck Wally!
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  5. Wally Swift

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    Brooklyn New York
    Now this imbecile is chastising me for my "rip-off" shipping charges which I have nothing to do with. It was shipped via the GSP, not by me! That too was clearly indicated in the listing. This is why I don't ship abroad without GSP. No protection from asshats like this.
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  6. SJP

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    Great advice above. I'll add a couple points.

    1) Regarding shipping charges, yes...that is totally between the GSP and the buyer. If as a seller you want a preview of what buyers overseas are faced with, just click on the destination country of choice within the listing and the amount will come up. And yes, the charges are indeed rather high. From what I understand, any feedback or "stars" ratings related to shipping costs are subject to removal by eBay. In other words, you shouldn't bear the brunt of that part of the transaction.

    2) I think the initial communication from the buyer should be golden should he try to change his story later and claim a condition issue or something like that. I agree, stick to the facts and don't over-engage at this point. The ball is in the buyer's court.

    Also agree that this stinks, that a rogue buyer gives the entire process a bad name. GSP is actually great for sellers because it allows for transactions that otherwise would not have taken place absent reasonable protections for overseas shipping. Good luck, I'll be interested to hear how this turns out.
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  7. fab432

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    Interesting perspectives. As mentioned above it certainly does not sound like a reasonable reason for a return. Also buyers need to read the description and terms of the sale including shipping process.

    Having said that I have been collecting for some 45 years (yes I'm old school ha! ha!) and I never ever buy from a seller that uses the eBay global shipping program. I should add I am in Canada so it's an international shipping issue.

    Why is this. It's because the GSP adds time and expense to every transaction. This does not affect the seller only the buyer. I have found that the GSP postal rates can be higher by 20% compared to seller shipped items. This is bad for business.

    When I purchase an item from outside Canada about 30% of the packages get pulled aside and I pay additional duty and taxes on the genuine declared value. With GSP I pay that duty on 100% of the purchases. If for some reason the item needs to be returned I cannot get a refund for the duty and taxes paid. Very very bad for the buyer.

    I have had so many problems with the GSP process. Sellers ship to the depot. The depot opens the package (why?) Maybe to verify contents, repack or retape and send it. I bought two rare McCartney Columbia acetates and the GSP employee sliced right through the protective cardboard into the acetate completely ruining the item. And it took over 2 weeks to get to me. Normally it's a7 day turnaround.

    Perhaps GSP is good for domestic shipments but it's very bad for international shipments.
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  8. Wally Swift

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    Never heard another word about this. Including feedback.
  9. torcan

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    I agree totally. The US postal rates to Canada almost tripled a few years ago - I used to be able to buy a handful of 45s from the US seller and pay only $4 or $5 shipping. Now, it's about $14- 16. That's bad enough, but many sellers seem to use this crap Global Shipping program and it's even more expensive, plus the duty charges if applicable (and it almost always is).

    I don't know why US sellers can't just use the regular Post Office to ship to Canada. I can understand GSP for overseas, but Canada should be an exception.

    I believe it only costs the seller about $2 - 3 to ship GSP, then they add about $15 to the total. It's such a ripoff. I don't know why they can't bring their fees down to something more reasonable.

    I'll only buy from a seller who uses GSP if it's something I haven't been able to find elsewhere - and I certainly WON'T leave feedback for anyone who uses it.
  10. SJP

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    Using GSP offers at least some seller protection which is pretty much non-existent absent sending by registered mail (if available...and you thought GSP was pricey!).

    I'm not an apologist for eBay or GSP but it allows for some international transactions to take place where otherwise they would not because I will not ship directly to any international buyers (was burned by a buyer in Argentina well in excess of $50).

    Yes, the cost to send to the GSP depot for up to 4 ounces is $2.61, $2.77 up to 8 ounces. The cost of international shipping whether from GSP or direct is what it is. Just don't fault sellers for adapting as best they can.

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