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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by jimbutsu, Oct 13, 2017.

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    So I decided to dip my toes in the headphone water for the first time, and started with a fairly cheap pair of Tate & Bauer Electrostatz cans. While I wasn't expecting much from them in terms of blowing my mind sound-wise, what I wasn't expecting was for them to crackle at higher volumes. I'm not talking about a hard driving amp, I'm talking through an iPod where even my $15 ear buds don't crackle at max volume.

    Bad quality, defect, something to be wary of when using ostensibly "nicer (more sensitive?)" stuff?

    Again, wasn't expecting greatness, but I couldn't find any reviews or mentions of this product that mentioned any sort of crackle, so I didn't see that coming at all.
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    Return them for a new pair. The ones you have are defective.
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    Yeah, swap them. And if it happens again, the design is poor, return them permanently.

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