R.I.P. Bob Schiller - I Love Lucy writer

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Benno123, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Benno123

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    Bob Schiller, the last of the I Love Lucy writers, has passed away at age 98. At this time, except for Keith Thibodeaux who played Little Ricky, I cannot think of anyone else from the series - cast or crew - still with us. A few guest stars like Barbara Eden but not anyone else I can think of.

    Bob Schiller, Writer on 'I Love Lucy,' Dies at 98
  2. Benno123

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    Jay Sandrich, who worked on the final season of ILL, is still with us.
  3. MYKE

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    I tell my son all the time how his generation (1983-) is picking up the mantle from us, in all fields. He says he already has such conversations with his peers all the time.
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    Greater St. Louis
  5. Steve...O

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    Sad news and embarrassed to admit I didn't know he was still alive. One of the last great writers from Old Time Radio also.

    He was also prominent in the All In The Family world also. What a range of talent he had. Prayers to his family.
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  6. marka

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    Bob was an incredible guy. No surprise that he was fun to be around, and always had great stories to tell. My family and I will miss him.
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  7. Dude111

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    Very sad :(
  8. bartels76

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    I don't how how this is sad news. He lived until 98 years old. Let's celebrate the very long and great life he had and all that he accomplished. You can't ask for longer, better life than that. He did it all in his 98 years.
  9. marka

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    Today I attended Bob's memorial. There must have been two hundred or more that attended. Friends, family as well as a big collection of comedy writers. There were tears, yes, but mostly laughter, as a number of speakers (many of them comedy writers, so imagine how golden it was to hear) told stories about Bob. Even some of my favorite stories took on a new level of humor.

    I'll share one of the many stories I heard, apropos for the Hoffman site.

    Bob and his family visited Graceland one year. The tour guide talked about the place, showed the visitors around, and ended asking if anyone had any questions. With an opportunity like that, Bob raised his hand, and asked, "So who is it that lived here?"

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