Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody" first look

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by AKA, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. JJAM

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    Everything that Brian and Roger have done since Freddie's passing just tarnishes Queen's legacy. This film doesn't look as though it will be an exception to that.
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  2. Sondek

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    The screenplay is by this guy (so that might be a good sign)...

    "Anthony McCarten (born 1961) is a New Zealand-born novelist, filmmaker, and playwright. He produced and wrote the screenplays for The Theory of Everything (2014), which earned him Academy Award nominations for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay, and Darkest Hour (2017), which earned him another Best Picture nomination."

    Anthony McCarten - Wikipedia
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  3. Sondek

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    Go to 00:32. It doesn't look like they're shying away from Freddie's sexuality.
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  4. mark winstanley

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    all about the plot. i remember when the doors movie came out. i was disappointed that kilmer got the role ... when i eventually watched the movie, i thought kilmer did a great job, but the screenplay was empty and useless, to me
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  5. hurple

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    Spoiler: The lead singer dies
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  6. warewolf95

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    Diehard Queen fanboy here. Looks pretty promising to me. No expectations for greatness on my part but on a surface level I'm excited.

    And yea, holy hell that guy looks like Brian. :)
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  7. warewolf95

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  8. Michael Rose

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    The trailer went by so fast, I thought it was Freddie standing.
  9. Coricama

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    Agreed. I remember him from HBO's 'The Pacific' miniseries and he was very good in it.
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  10. andrewskyDE

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    Love this band... and the trailer looks pretty cool. I'm excited!
    Is it me or does that actor who plays Brian really sound like Brian?

    Nope. Reportedly the film ends with the Live Aid performance.
  11. andrewskyDE

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    Zack Island
    I wonder if there will be partly unreleased session takes to be heard.
    That remix stuff in the trailer's background sounds interesting.
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  12. AKA

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  13. Sondek

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    I wouldn't really expect folks on this forum to be that interested or particularly excited for the movie, but comments elsewhere outside this forum; Facebook and on 20th Century Fox YouTube and Queen channel are overwhelmingly positive.
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  14. Ghostworld

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    I was never a big Queen fan, so I might enjoy this more than your average biopic (which are terrible for the most part) because I don't have much vested in comparing reality vs truth or feeling bad about my rock "heroes" being deconstructed on the screen into Hollywood tropes and waxworks in wigs. I personally think the kid looks more like Mick Jagger.

    Good rock biopics, folks?

    I have a real hard time thinking of any except maybe "Sid and Nancy" and I wish I could say "24-Hour Party People" but that's really just an amalgam of brilliance.
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  15. ejluther

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    The fact that it's coming out in early November (awards season) rather than the summertime suggests to me the studio might have a lot of faith in it...I love movies about the music biz (even the bad ones) so color me excited!
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  16. warewolf95

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    I dare those same people to head over to Queenzone - it's probably a rage fest over there, lol.
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  17. Not gonna lie got chills watching that.
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  18. kwadguy

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    Yeah...I sure hope it doesn't end with Freddie with his fist pumped high in the air, freezing the action while the sounds of the crowd's adulation continues on to fade.
  19. Musicman1998

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    I thought Love and Mercy was very good; Walk the Line If that counts (Johnny was considered rock n roll at one point).

    When I think of good music biopics, yeah, I’m drawing a blank for ones that were rock-as @mark winstanley said about the Doors film, and I’m not even the biggest Doors fan, but the script did feel pretty empty, it felt almost like a parody in a way.
  20. George Blair

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    I'll watch that.
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  21. ejluther

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    Followed by somber title cards (white text on a black background of course) spelling out the fate of those involved? ;)
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  22. Musicman1998

    Musicman1998 And I'm The Critic Of The Group

    As far as the teaser, again, it’s just a teaser, but it doesn’t look half bad. Brian and Deacon they totally nailed appearance wise. The guy who plays Freddie, the eyes do seem off, I know that sounds harsh but it has to be put out there. And the wigs are pretty lame, but once he has short hair he looks pretty decent. And he is a great actor as others have attested to. Roger Taylor, whatever, it could be anybody. But it looks like it could be good.
  23. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Pick up a fast car, burn my name in the road

    walk the line was great, but the subject matter was well handled. the ray charles one wasn't bad either
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  24. Musicman1998

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    That’s probably how the movie will end. Here’s the title cards from Brian and Roger, who I’m personal friends with:
    • Freddie would later tragically pass from AIDS in 1991
    • John Deacon would retreat from music in 1997
    • Brian May and Roger Taylor would continue carrying Queen’s legacy for many years, with the help of the great Adam Lambert on vocals!
    • We Will Rock You
  25. Musicman1998

    Musicman1998 And I'm The Critic Of The Group

    I will say this, I do think with Ray, it was a good movie I thought, but the actors were better than the script.
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