Rare LPs STILL not Reissued on CD..What are YOUR Favorites?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mr_mjb1960, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. mr_mjb1960

    mr_mjb1960 I'm a Tarrytowner 'Til I die! Thread Starter

    Mine is:The Three Ring Circus' 1968 RCA Lp "Groovin' On the Sunshine" and 4 Jacks & a Jill's "Master Jack"(Also in 1968,also on RCA)..would be nice to see these Reissued on CD,with rare 45 RPM Bonus Tracks,too,added on.
  2. davers

    davers Forum Resident

    When these threads come around, I always pipe up with this one - perhaps under the illusion that it will actually see a cd release someday!

    Johnny and The Distractions - Let It Rock (1981, A&M Records)
  3. mr_mjb1960

    mr_mjb1960 I'm a Tarrytowner 'Til I die! Thread Starter

    Well,write to Gordon Anderson like I did,and,MAYBE,it will come true if we ALL write in! You can reach him at the following address: gordona@ccmusic.com ....good luck,Davers!:righton:
  4. Petrofsk

    Petrofsk Gort to Get You into My Life! Staff

    Lenny Bruce - The Law, Language & Lenny Bruce.

    Lenny Bruce - the Real Lenny Bruce

    Harry Nilsson - Flash Harry

    Randy Newman - Live

    Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (original track listing)
  5. badfinger54

    badfinger54 Forum Resident

    Victoria, TX USA
    Hilly Michaels Calling All Girls & Gayle McCormick Flesh and Blood. I bought a clean copy of the F&B LP recently and my buddy has a standalone turntable that can rip vinyl. He does NOT have it connected to his computer and is not very computer savvy, so when I have time I will De-Click it after I see what it sounds like in general. Hopefully it will be worth the time to work with it further.

    He ripped some rare singles for me before and those worked out well.

    Hopefully it will be better than the average vinyl rip I found online. Definitely a vintage LP that deserves a proper CD release.
  6. GroovinGarrett

    GroovinGarrett Mrs. Stately's Garden

    Atlanta, GA
    Bob Seger:
    Brand New Morning
    Back in '72

    Bob's entire back catalog is overdue for a proper upgrade.
  7. Jack

    Jack Forum Resident

    Orange, MA
    Andy Pratt - Andy Pratt
  8. It does exist on CD, I've seen it many times and eBay has a copy right now.

    Neil Young's Time Fades Away is of course an obvious choice. But also:

    Emmylou Harris - Glidin' Bird
    Emmylou Harris - Evangeline
    Emmylou Harris - Thirteen
    Little River Band - After Hours (original Australian tracklisting, it remains Glenn Shorrock's favourite LRB album)
    Blood Sweat & Tears - Brand New Day
    Kirsty MacColl - Desperate Character
  9. -Ben

    -Ben Active Member

    Washington DC Area

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  10. MikeP5877

    MikeP5877 Forum Resident

    Neil Diamond's Bang recordings, more than half of which have never been on CD.
  11. mwheelerk

    mwheelerk Believe In Music

    Gilbert AZ

    Bobby Whitlock - Bobby Whitlock

    How I would love this album on CD. I do think this might have been released on CD once in Japan but I have never been able to find it.
  12. dumangl

    dumangl Forum Resident

    The Honeys - Ecstasy (ideally with bonus a-capella tracks, demos)
    The Flame - The Flame (ideally with bonus second album)
    Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks (ideally with bonus Coffee Plant demos)
  13. Shawn

    Shawn Forum Resident

    Do mono mixes count? If so, I'd love to see the UK mono LP versions The Rolling Stones AFTERMATH, BETWEEN THE BUTTONS and SATANIC MAJESTIES released.

    Add to that the mono versions of The Doors S/T, STRANGE DAYS and WAITING FOR THE SUN (assuming the latter isn't a fold down). And Jimi Hendrix's mono mixes of ARE YOU EXPERIENCES and AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE.
  14. mr_mjb1960

    mr_mjb1960 I'm a Tarrytowner 'Til I die! Thread Starter

    But,of course,Shawn! Mono OR Stereo..take yer pick,Friends! It don't matter here!:righton:
  15. Jay F

    Jay F New Member

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Is it the Andy Pratt - Andy Pratt CD that's on this website? I bought Resolution from them a few months ago. Sounds fine.


    Also sending PM.
  16. davers

    davers Forum Resident

    Thanks for the tip! I'll check this out.

    I had previously written to Universal/Hippo about a possible reissue, as they control A&M records back catalog. They were pretty honest about the fact that they didn't believe a Johnny and The Distractions reissue would be profitable enough for them as a major label.
  17. Jay F

    Jay F New Member

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Mine would be Taught by Experts by Peter Allen
  18. Galley

    Galley Forum Resident

    The Suburbs' 1986 self-titled album.
  19. mr_mjb1960

    mr_mjb1960 I'm a Tarrytowner 'Til I die! Thread Starter

    CCM reissued the Sandpipers' First Two Lp's on one CD in the '90's,and they were owned by Universal/A&M..ditto for those Two-Fers of Jimmie Rodgers (The Rock Singer,not the "Singing Brakeman" with the same name!)..maybe they can persuade them to do the same to your request as well,too.:righton:
  20. Vintage Season

    Vintage Season Active Member

    Hillsborough, NC
    Fine Wine was essentially a missing-link Moby Grape album... still never been on CD. (Good thing I have it on vinyl!)

    - M.

  21. Jack Son #9 Dream

    Jack Son #9 Dream I Dig Love

    If this ever comes out on CD I'm buying it immediately.
  22. Scott M

    Scott M Member

    Chicago, IL, USA
    1 year ago, i would have said OV Wright's *Memphis Unlimited*. Thankfully, the music gods listened. If you want some slinky, groovy, heartfelt soul, it doesn't get much better than this. Willie Mitchell is a genius.
  23. Cool to see someone mention The Three Ring Circus. I'm sure you already know the history, but in case you don't...

    The Three Ring Circus was a side project for Robert Allen and Ray Ellis, both successful songwriter/producer/arrangers from the '50s. They'd worked with Johnny Mathis and a whole slew of dignified mellow-style artists back then. For some reason, they thought that a psychedelic album would be a good idea, and RCA released it. It was not a hit.

    The title track, "Groovin' On The Sunshine" was covered by The Tokens when they were on Buddah, and the Tokens' version appears on one or two of the playlists from the New York City radio stations from back then. Not a big hit by any means, but it got a spin or two.

    Three years after The Three Ring Circus had been released and forgotten, Robert Allen produced a kids' record for Bob McGrath from Sesame Street, and loaded it up with songs he'd written - some new, many old. One of them was "Groovin' On The Sunshine", which actually came out as a 45. The single and album were on Affinity Records, if you want to try and hunt them down. They're surprisingly listenable for kids' records. I think this is one of the few (or maybe the only) of the Sesame Street spinoff records that wasn't on a major label like Columbia.

    Basically, as I see it, The Three Ring Circus did so badly that in the space of three years, Robert Allen got demoted to producing kids' records...:winkgrin:
  24. mr_mjb1960

    mr_mjb1960 I'm a Tarrytowner 'Til I die! Thread Starter

    BTW,Crap From the Past,there was a "Debra Allen" on the Lp credits that Co-Wrote with Robert..is she the same Debra Allen of "Fame"? And,This is a silly question,but,was she the wife of Robert?
  25. Don't know, actually. It was pretty hard scraping together the info that I had.

    I had the Bob McGrath record first, as a kid. It proudly said "Featuring Songs By Robert Allen", so a few years back I poked around to see who Robert Allen was. Which finally led me to The Three Ring Circus. If you're used to a kids' record version of the song, which is all happy and shiny, and THEN you hear the original, which has a major bummer freak-out at the end of the song, it's really pretty shocking.
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