Rarest of the Rare: Amperex Holland 7308 Bugle Boy Ever Verified by AudioTubes.com!

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    (Copy of pic is sharpened to show Date/Batch code)


    Never before seen 7308 Bugle Boy Tube: Amperex (Holland) 7308 labeled (eqiv. E88CC or better) w/ the Bugle Boy logo (w/ production & date codes: 1963). First 7308 Holland Bugle Boy Ever Verified by AudioTubes.com in 20 years and counting.

    Audio Tubes.com Email:

    "In 20 years of tube collecting and tube selling, this is the FIRST real Bugle Boy 7308 I have ever seen! It appears your tube was originally imported into Canada, as it has HOLLAND etched into the glass at the top. This was standard for all Philips/Amperex tubes that were imported or sold in Canada. It is just possible that for some reason the Bugle Boy labels were only sold in Canada? The Holland name sandblasted into the glass is only seen on Dutch Philips or Amperex tubes coming out of Canada.

    I think, due to the extreme rarity of a real Holland made and date coded 7308 Bugle boy, that 99% of those you actually encounter are fakes from Richardson Electronics. Your pictures do reinforce some facts that still tell the real thing from the fake: The fake 7308 or 6922 tubes NEVER have date codes or production codes on them. Yours does, so I will concede that you have one of the very few real Bugle Boy 7308 tubes in existence." - Brent from AudioTubes.com in an Email Response to Me

    I am gauging interest to see where people would put the value of this ultra rare and amazing sounding tube vs. other rare tubes. However this is different caliber of rare even to say CCa Siemens or MiniWatt, those are just hard to find due to cost at time of production. The tube I have which still tests 77/100 on my 82A tube tester (in line with orig Ebay test results in link above) made in 1963 and found its way to the US through Canada.

    When I found it on Ebay and had a strong suspicion this could be a diamond in the rough (ugly metallic Tektronix Sticker rating). However I had to take a chance on it and pay the premium for an Amperex 7308 Holland ($70-$80) testing about 85% with no shorts or leaks present. Screen still in good shape, overall the tube itself was nearly perfect except that ugly sticker..

    I was offered $200 in 2015, but turned it down right after Brent from AudioTubes.com verified the tube as a real Bugle Boy, the first spotted online. $200 is about what a CCa brings, so what would you all value this tube at?

    The sound really is beyond my Siemens CCa and my other Amperex 7308. The top end of the tube is detailed, but smooth and pleasant. The bottom end isn't the best of all 6992/E88CC equivalents I have heard, but it is tight and refined. I am basing these opinions off of my Aune T1 that uses the tube as an EQ buffer and then I am sending line out to my Magni 2 headphone amp for these comparison tests.

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