Realistic 42-2101/42-2101-a Phono Preamps

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Robin L, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. scompton

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    The Realistic STA-2200 receiver uses MOSFETs. Sounds nice too.
  2. UnmarkedBill

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    I ended up with this Realistic 33-1057a, a little later I suspect, but similar stuff inside? I noticed the schematic of the 42-2101 calls for C1327 transistors, mine has C1815 transistors, are these also a FET? Would you suspect this preamp is comparable to the 2101 or 2101a sonically?

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  3. UnmarkedBill

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  4. WestGrooving

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    I have the 42-2101A and believe it uses a pair of BJT NPN transistors for each channel.
  5. Mileater

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    the 42-2101a and 42-2109 upgraded are excellent, they perform way past there value!!
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  6. Paul Lancaster

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    Would you mind sharing how it's been upgraded? Re-cap, power supply, etc.
  7. harby

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    Here's my attempt at making the schematic diagram for this thing legible

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  8. Paul Lancaster

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    Thanks harby, appreciate that.

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