Recommend a *specific Brand / Model* 120V to 100V Step Down Transformer

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by TheVinylAddict, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. TheVinylAddict

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    Hmmmm... so the first choice has the step down built in.. interesting.

    Valuable info my friend!
  2. 808_state

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    No US to JPN step down inside...runs on 120v and outputs a constant 24 volt supply to the player.

    When you bypass the internal power supply the JPN voltage becomes irrelevant, the player just wants 24 volts.
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  3. TheVinylAddict

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    Ahhh, I see... you are a rock star!

    Thank you again for all this, very helpful.
  4. Burt

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    Japan has 100V domestic distribution but half the country is 50 Hz and half 60 Hz. This is a historical artifact.

    At the wattages needed by such a device it would be easy and cheap to wire up a small filament or solid state power supply transformer as an autoformer. You don't need isolation, obviously.
  5. jea48

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    "No US to JPN step down inside." As in no step down transformer? It has an electronic switch mode power supply, SMPS. You might want to read up a little on switch mode power supplies. Some, many?, spew nasty harmonics back out on the AC mains.
  6. 808_state

    808_state Fearless Yamahanian LP/CD

    I don't really claim to be an expert on step down transformers but my point was that the model I recommended to him will plug directly into a US wall outlet and output a steady 24 volts to the turntable. So obviously there's some form of step down/conversion going on and I've never opened mine up so I can't verify what's inside. I can confirm that I've used mine without issue/noise and so have many other GT 2000 owners.
  7. TheVinylAddict

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    If I had to pick downside with just blindly buying the GT-2000 YOP-1 clone it would be A) I cannot contact the seller for questions B) There is no support or returns if I have a problem C) There are literally zero reviews, and internet searches yield nothing on feedback from users.

    Although it is tempting, I may have to start with a Step Down here in the US with support and ease into getting something once I do some more research and feel more comfortable.... with electronics, accessible support with reasonable shipping is too important to me....

    Thanks though, these are on the radar now, but I will wait.
  8. 808_state

    808_state Fearless Yamahanian LP/CD

    Arkay's Yamaha GT 2000 Social Group. | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

    It's all there in those pages, an answer for nearly any question you could have about this table. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
  9. TheVinylAddict

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    So viewing these sites gets me access to the seller, a warranty, and the ability to return it if it has a problem?

    That was my point... not the fact a discussion group exists. I was already aware of those sites, I do have Google.

    Thanks again for all the information.
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