Recommendations for CD Storage and Expedit

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Troyh, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Ikea has several storage options that are designed specifically for the Expedit that are around the same size as the boxes jamesc recommended. I always go for function over form, but some of the Ikea options seem pretty functional. Please let me know what you end up using. I love Expedit bookcases. :)
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    Uline makes a white 50 count CD box which I used last time I moved. Very sturdy and it's all one piece, needs no tape and has a built in top with flaps that fold tightly into the box.
    As the previous poster mentioned, Ikea has a few storage options, one is an insert with 2 drawers, another is an insert with a glass door and a glass shelf.
    If you're looking at Ikea, either in person or online, check out the Besta series. I realize you already have an Expedit, which while perfect for LPs is less than perfect for CDs.
    I've been using the Ikea Billy series for CD storage for years, using the CD inserts they stopped making years ago. Each insert holds 125 or so CDs, but sadly they no longer make 'em. A couple of weeks ago on craigslist I found someone selling seven of the inserts...brand new, still in the original boxes! I felt like I won the lottery!! So, I'm good for another almost 900 future CDs.
    BUT, if I was starting from scratch I'd seriously be looking at the Besta series. Part of the series looks to be perfectly sized for CDs and seems to be easily added upon.
    Sorry, if this is way more info than you're looking for, but I've been in moving/storage/organization mode lately having lost a 3 bedroom house and moving into a studio. Willing to lose furniture but unwilling to lose CDs, LPs, books etc. I've needed to use space as efficiently as possible and to do it with a bit of style, if economically possible.
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    Thank you L.H.R. James, and Auburn! I appreciate all the info. The nearest Ikea is about 2 hours from us and although my wife would love to go back, I am trying to steer her clear for awhile. :)
    I ended up going with this from Amazon:
    They would only let me order 5 at a time, (need about 4 more), so I will order some more if I like them.
    These are just for Beatle CDs. I'm 'redoing' my record room, keeping the rest of the collection in some drawer chests. (Works wonderfully BTW.
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    Glad you found something! They look good sturdy boxes. Attractive, too.

    Have fun redoing the record room!

    Btw, I think I'm spoiled. There is an Ikea 15 minutes away and then another one an hour away. At the same token, its close enough that I take it for granted so very good for the wallet.

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