Record Store Day "RSD" April 2018 Releases*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by cwd, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. cwd

    cwd Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Clarksville, TN
    to early to speculate? i saw some Elvis stuff announced and that's ot so far.
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  2. joe1320

    joe1320 Forum Resident

    dublin, ireland
    I am sure we will be some David Bowie maybe 1978 Live album
  3. Richard 1966

    Richard 1966 New Member

    Seen a Rainbow live at Rockplast and The Who at the IOW fest 1970. These were on amazon with a release date of the 21st April ( RSD) along with some Eddie and the Hotrods stuff. Guess these will be coloured or numbered.

    The dates have now changed to a month or so later. Maybe they're getting a general release later on ?
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  4. Richard 1966

    Richard 1966 New Member

    Prodigy 2018RSD - Keep It Thoro (pic disc) Rock/Pop 889854747312 SONY 12"EP 889854747312
    Abruptum 2018RSD - Evil Genius (silver/black marble vinyl) Metal 200000064426 BLACK LODGE LP BLOD027LP01
    Blue Oyster Cult 2018RSD - On Your Feet Or On Your Knees (blue vinyl) Rock/Pop 819514011460 CULTURE FACTORY LP 819514011460
    Duran Duran 2018RSD - Thanksgiving Live (grey vinyl) Rock/Pop 819514011514 CULTURE FACTORY LP 819514011514
    B-52'S 2018RSD - Rock N' Rockets, Live (yellow vinyl) Rock/Pop 819514011521 CULTURE FACTORY LP 819514011521
    Watson, Johnny "Guitar" 2018RSD - Giant (blue vinyl) R&B 3700477827960 CULTURE FACTORY LP 3700477827960
    Pop, Iggy 2018RSD - Live at The Ritz, NYC 1986 (red vinyl) Rock/Pop 3700477828110 CULTURE FACTORY LP 3700477828110
    Presley, Elvis 2018RSD - Girls Girls Girls (red vinyl) Rock/Pop 3700477828141 L.M.L.R. LP 3700477828141
    Presley, Elvis 2018RSD - Loving You (yellow vinyl) Rock/Pop 3700477828158 L.M.L.R. LP 3700477828158
    Hallyday, Johnny/Elvis Presley 2018RSD - Johnny reprend Elvis (red vinyl) Rock/Pop 3700477828172 L.M.L.R. LP 3700477828172
    Superjoint Ritual 2018RSD - Use Once and Destroy (2LP/transparent green vinyl) Metal 0803341506091 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV470LP
    Superjoint Ritual 2018rsd - A Lethal Dose of American Hatred (transparent green vinyl) Metal 0803341506107 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV471LP
    Wall 2018RSD - Personal Troubles & Public Issues (blue vinyl) Punk 0803341499461 LET THEM EAT VINYL LP LETV476LP
    Page, Jimmy 2018RSD - Playin Up a Storm (orange vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343165418 LET THEM EAT VINYL LP LETV561LP
    Presley, Elvis 2018RSD - RCA Studio 1 - The New York Sessions (180g) Rock/Pop 5024545809619 MEMPHIS RECORDING SERVICE LP MRV40002756
    Ocean 2018RSd - Rhyacian (picture disc) Metal 4059251210795 PELAGIC 12"EP PEL107
    Rainbow 2018RSD - Rockpalast 1995 - Black Masquerade Vol.1 (2LP/clear vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343163223 ROCK CLASSICS LP RCV215LP
    Rainbow 2018RSD - Rockpalast 1995 - Black Masquerade Vol.2 (clear vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343163230 ROCK CLASSICS LP RCV216LP
    Manfred Mann 2018RSD - The Albums '64-'67 (4LP+DVD) Rock/Pop 5060051334328 UMBRELLA MUSIC LP UMBLPBOX1
    Dio 2018RSD - Sacred Heart (2LP/transparent red vinyl) Metal 0803343163216 BACK ON BLACK LP BOBV528LP
    Tangerine Dream 2018RSD - Zeit (2LP/orange vinyl) Electronic 3700477827953 L.M.L.R. LP 3700477827953
    Simone, Nina 2018RSD - Best Of (LP+CD/orange vinyl) Jazz 3700477828165 L.M.L.R. LP 3700477828165
    Merciless 2018RSD - s/t (orange/black marble vinyl) Metal 200000065010 BLACK LODGE LP BLOD001LP01
    Merciless 2018RSD - Treasures Within (orange vinyl) Metal 200000065041 BLACK LODGE LP BLOD0051P01
    Marduk 2018RSD - Dark Endless (red vinyl) Metal 200000064433 BLACK LODGE LP BLOD024LP01
    Merciless 2018RSD - Unbound (lime green vinyl) Metal 200000065027 BLACK LODGE LP BLOD025LP01
    Eddie & The Hot Rods 2018RSD - Teenage Depression (clear vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343118766 LET THEM EAT VINYL LP LETV530LP
    Eddie & The Hot Rods 2018RSD - Doing Anything They Wanna Do (2LP/red vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343119169 LET THEM EAT VINYL LP LETV531LP
    Mao Morta 2018RSD - s/t (2LP/colored vinyl) Rock/Pop 5609330048628 RASTILHO RECORDS LP RASTILHO179LP2018
    Lulu Blind 2018RSD - Dread (2LP/colored vinyl) Rock/Pop 5609330049120 RASTILHO RECORDS LP RASTILHO181LP2018
    Who 2018RSD - Live at the Isle of Wight Vol.1 (2LP/white vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343163247 ROCK CLASSICS LP RCV217LP
    Who 2018RSD - Live at the Isle of Wight Vol.2 (white vinyl) Rock/Pop 0803343163254 ROCK CLASSICS LP RCV218LP

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  5. cwd

    cwd Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Clarksville, TN
    At this point, definitely interested in that BOC and Tangerine Dream.cwd
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  6. troggy

    troggy Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow

    southern Illinois
    I know this is only an early list and a million other things will be added but do people really care about colored vinyl enough to make it a reason to show up for RSD?
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  7. NaturalD

    NaturalD Forum Resident

    Boston, Mass., USA
    Most of that list looks like the garbage pseudo-pirate companies with the usual gimmick releases hopping on the day. There will certainly be better stuff announced than that.
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  8. cwd

    cwd Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Clarksville, TN
    I don't give a "get you banned from SHF for profanity" (gybfSHFfp?) what color the vinyl is-I'm after clean pressings with good sourcing and mastering (hopefully on all three issues) of stuff I want in my listening rotation.
  9. NaturalD

    NaturalD Forum Resident

    Boston, Mass., USA
    You'll want to be cautious with anything from Let Them Eat Vinyl (and that Culture Factory stuff certainly doesn't look to be from any original tapes).
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  10. cwd

    cwd Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Clarksville, TN
    Check that and thanks-any ideas or data on the Tangerine Dream release company?
  11. NaturalD

    NaturalD Forum Resident

    Boston, Mass., USA
    I've never heard of that one -- but I see some gimmicky Elvis titles from the same label on the list, which is a red flag for me. Looking at that list, apart from one Sony I don't see anything from the "tried and true" labels. (I admittedly don't know the metal stuff.)
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  12. nosliw

    nosliw Forum Resident

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Add Back On Black to the list as well, another subsidiary of Plastic Head like Let Them Eat Vinyl and Rock Classics.
  13. Partyslammer

    Partyslammer Forum Resident

    It's not been publicly announced yet but Killing Joke will be reissuing a remastered 2 LP set for RSD of their 2010 album "Absolute Dissent." Despite being a excellent comeback/reunion album, the original release was slammed for being brickwalled to death even for the LP release. Supposedly they went back and properly remastered this for vinyl to give the album better dynamics. It's also been suggested though not verified that this release may contain a few bonus tracks from those AD sessions, possibilities include "Sixth Sun," "Timewave" and "Feast Of Fools."
  14. nosliw

    nosliw Forum Resident

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Where did you hear about this? I can't find any information about this upcoming re-issue of Absolute Dissent and I hope they fixed the dynamic range on that release.
  15. Partyslammer

    Partyslammer Forum Resident

    A person very close to the band and has some involvement with their back catalog posted info about this on the KJ mailing list. They also have long standing plans to finally release the self titled 2003 album on vinyl as a 2 LP set remastered for vinyl with the original, never published cover art (instead of the awful "clown" graphic used on the original CD) by Mike Coles late in 2018. This too may include a couple bonus tracks, probably "Zennon" and "Inferno."
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  16. GroovyGuy

    GroovyGuy Well-Known Member

    Halifax, NS Canada
    Well said !!! I don't care what color the LP is as long as it spins well and and sounds good. Can't wait to see what RSD this year brings. I'm hoping for some good releases at reasonable prices. Hopefully that's not too much to ask .....
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  17. nosliw

    nosliw Forum Resident

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Very interesting, indeed... did the person say what label will be released on for both releases?
  18. angelo73

    angelo73 vettvangur heimilisfastur

  19. andrewskyDE

    andrewskyDE Island Owner

    Oh, these could be interesting to me!
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  20. mahanusafa02

    mahanusafa02 Forum Resident

    For most "others" buying RSD vinyl, the colour overshadows and is likely far more important than provenance or mastering, or even playback quality. Don't a lot of folks either never play them or think the ticks and pops give it some sort of retro appeal?
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  21. shelflife

    shelflife Forum Resident

    Rockville, MD
    Please, please, please tell them to reissue Pandemonium next. I'm not asking, I'm begging.
  22. gojikranz

    gojikranz Forum Resident

    a little bit of news from infinity cat records

    It wouldn't be Valentine's Day if you didn't jam out to a lil Peach Kelli Pop. And lucky for you, and us, and everyone- she has a new single out! Called "Crooked & Crazy" Watch the music video and get ready for a special 6 song EP coming from Mint Records on Record Store Day!
  23. cwd

    cwd Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Clarksville, TN
    That may be for some on the ticks and pops, not for me at all.
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  24. hutlock

    hutlock Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Intrigued by the Manfred Mann set. Any details about the contents or that label (Umbrella Music)?
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  25. mahanusafa02

    mahanusafa02 Forum Resident

    Agreed. 95% of my vinyl is second-hand, so the few times I’ve gone for a new pressing it had better be quiet.
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