Record Stores That Jumped The Shark?

Discussion in 'Music, Movie and Hardware Store Guide' started by Marc Perman, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. PB with J

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    Somersworth NH USA
    The Quincy Market NC is like most of the mall stores - clothing with very little actual "music". Only a couple are worthwhile - the Newbury Street store in Boston and the one at the Garage in Cambridge still have a lot of music to sell - the one in the Garage had a good number of discounted new vinyl records that I picked up. I'd generally stay away form the amll Newbury Comics (and the one at Quincy Market, unfortunately). Anyone for socks?
  2. klockwerk

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    Not only the mall record stores are closing, the malls are closing.
  3. jawn

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    I do almost all my shopping online and almost never buy LP unless it's something I have to have and can't get as CD (this might have to change sooner than later as there are many sought-after jazz releases that more than likely will never see the digital light of day), but your use of the phrase "jumped the shark" and my subsequent looking up of it's meaning has caused me to laugh audibly. Thank you for that.
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    I know about jumpin the rabbit but not the shark
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    The problem I see a lot now is that workers in shops are snagging 1st-2nd tier at half off or more, so to compensate they are pricing a bunch of Bee Gee schleck at $10-20 when it should be $3-5
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  6. Tjazz

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    I still find a gem or two at Record Surplus.
  7. Marc Perman

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    Yes, but I've been shopping for vinyl there for just a few years and and their prices have almost doubled in that time. The $41 used Jimi Hendrix Smash Hits (w/ poster) is still there.

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