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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Wally Swift, Mar 20, 2017 at 1:02 PM.

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    Can old 12" records that play from the inner grooves to the outer grooves be played on an SL1200MKII? I realize that you need to determine the right stylus size but as far as actually playing them it should work, no?

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    They do whaaaaaaat? :yikes:
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    A 12" record which is cut inside start (yours are) can be played on any manual 12" turntable with the correct speed and a conical stylus. Yes, your SL-1200 Mk II is just fine to do this playback.
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    You heard Wally Swift. The records he wants to play are started from the inside out. A common situation with broadcast transcription discs. This was often done on the second side so the sound quality would stay consistent and not jarring from side to side.
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    I have one, School of Fish - The Wrong Sampler on blue vinyl, plays from the inside out.
    Plays fine on a plx-1000.
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    A conical stylus isn't necessary in particular but otherwise this is correct. Your 1200 will handle them just fine.
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    This is the one I was thinking of too, I have a copy.
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  9. Cool! Radio transcriptions. Pretty much any manual turntable can play them. These came in both 33 and 78 rpm, so your turntable must be capable of playing these speeds. Proper stylus is a 3 mil conical. Plying with a smaller than 2 mil stylus can damage the transcriptions as they are made of a softer material like lacquer and are not cut as deep as a regular groove. Some of these were vertically cut, like an Edison 'Diamond Disc' as opposed to the regular lateral cut. If vertically cut, you will have to wire a stereo cartridge out of phase for proper playback.

    Side "A" of Jack Black's "Lazaretto" LP plays from the inside out. No special stylus is needed. The hidden track under the label on Side "A" plays at 78 rpm in the normal outside in direction.
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  10. If you're looking for an easily accessible LP that plays from the inside out (aka reverse groove), grab a copy of Jack White's most recent studio album, Lazaretto. Side A plays in that direction. The outer groove locks to avoid any cartridge disasters.

    If you're really daring with your needle their are songs that play under the label on both sides, one at 45 rpm and the other at 78.

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    Riverside Records did a bunch of these in the '70s. I had one which was strictly race car sounds. Kinda silly, but a good conversation starter.

    Larry B.
  12. There's never such a thing as too much information. That's how we learn.;)
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    Drop Dead - 2nd self titled LP.
  14. Wally Swift

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    Thanks for all the info everyone! I don't actually own records like this but I saw this mentioned in an ebay listing and it got me wondering.
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