Rega introduces the new Rega Planar 6 Turntable

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by btf1980, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. PhxJohn

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    YOU are correct. I put an Ortofon Quintet Blue on my Rega. I had to buy the Rega spacer and use the tallest posts. I had to buy an underslung counterweight. AND the thinnest Rega mat from the RP10. A Quintet has a flat bottom surface and a very short cantilever.
  2. frummox

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    New York
    Waiting and waiting and waiting for my Planar 6 to arrive at my dealer. Starting to wonder if Rega discovered some sort of production problem and had to make some adjustments.
  3. JCOehler

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    It's my understanding Rega sold out of the first production batch very quickly and are manufacturing a new batch which is supposed to be available November. I love my P6/Ania combo.
  4. GoldprintAudio

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    Jeff is correct....the first batch to come in the States was gobbled up fairly fast by dealers that were quick on the draw with initial orders. So now Sound Org is waiting for the second batch to come over from Rega.

    Frummox -- Did you order it with or without a cart?
  5. frummox

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    New York
    Ordered from a dealer on September 8. Rega Planar 6, Rega Ania Cartridge and Rega Fono MC. The dealer had two on order, one for himself as a demo and one for me. Initially predicted for mid/end of September. After a discussion with the Soundorg was told mid/end of October.
  6. Tartifless

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    In France many shops have it in stock, i guess the supply in Europe is faster or people tend to purchase less tt here, or at least less Regas
  7. avanti1960

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    what is the hot selling turntable in France?
  8. Rega Royale? :tiphat:
  9. Maccaroni

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    I'd imagine that supply would be quicker - the UK being still in Europe (for the moment) would significantly smooth the process for getting electronics into a European market.
  10. frummox

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    New York
    Arrived and all hooked up. First thing I noticed was more detail. Just started testing. Dealer said something interesting to me which I'd never heard before, that I keep my integrated amp and the fono MC on all the time as they need to be warmed up well before playing an LP (something about the caps). Any other thoughts out there about this?
  11. Maccaroni

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    I read about this a bit when I was researching am purchases specifically in relation to the Rega Brio. However I'm not sure if I buy it.

    I can imagine that SOME warming would be beneficial but leaving them on constantly I think is overkill.

    Besides I live in Singapore where the ambient temperature is about 32 degrees (90F) at any given time year round so "warming up" is not usually the first thing on my mind.
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  12. If you live in Alaska, then sure. :tiphat:
  13. googlymoogly

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    Check out the big brain on Mazzy!
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  14. swvahokie

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    My Yamaha integrated stays on 24/7. My Sutherland KC Vibe doesn't come with an on/off switch period, its meant to be powered continuously. SS stuff does sound better if left on. The Yamaha sounds broken when first turned on compared with being left on for a few days. Its not subtle.
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  15. Maccaroni

    Maccaroni Forum Resident

    I guess I'm wondering whether it needs to be 24x7 or whether the benefit appears at some point. 10 minutes? An hour? Electricity ain't cheap!
  16. swvahokie

    swvahokie Forum Resident

    The phono will probably use less power than a night light. A Brio isn't going to use much either sitting there idling. Like I said, my Yamaha needs days, not hours or minutes. Try it for yourself, the Rega stuff is not going to sub for a space heater like some big class A amps.
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  17. revolversoul

    revolversoul Forum Resident

    Do you mean actually powered on, or in standby? I have the same integrated, and put it in standby when not in use.
  18. Mean Dorris

    Mean Dorris Member

    I have had the P6/Ania/Fono MC now for a couple of weeks.

    It is sitting alongside my 10 month old P3/Elys2/TTPSU.

    Both hooked up into my Pioneer LX-81 Avr, the P3 direct into it's mm input.

    Side by side the P6 certainly looks a lot classier. I definitely prefer the smoked lid, and the grey matt finish looks surprisingly good and has the benefit of not being the finger print magnet and scratch fest that the gloss black on the P3 can be.

    Other noticeable touches/differences of the P6 are the metal trim around the feet and the silver finish of the balance weight.

    The platter sits noticeably closer to the plinth on the P6 which also adds to the aesthetics slightly, as does the slimmer and smoked edged platter itself.

    When all set up, the needle/catridge sits much higher off the record with the arm up.

    Putting a copy of the same record on both decks simultaneously and switching between the corresponding inputs on the AVR reveals quite startling differences.

    I had always enjoyed listening to the P3 and always found it very musical and exhibiting a nice vinyl warmth.

    However, switching between the P6 and P3 is night and day different, with the level of detail and clarity produced by the P6 making the P3 sound a little dull and muddy in comparision (Even the good lady commented on the detail difference between them)

    Now, the volume level of the P6 via Fono MC is higher than the P3 going direct, but I have tried to manually adjust for this when doing the comparison (The AVR has trim level adjustment and memory settings so intended to match with a test tone disc and Db meter but haven't quite around to that yet.)

    I am putting the bulk of the difference down to the Ania/Fono MC versus the Elys 2 going direct. I am not sure how much audio difference I would hear were the Ania/Fono MC on the P3, other than the potential advantages of better speed stability and lower noise floor.

    However, after living with the P6 for a couple of weeks I am actually finding it a little too clinical and lacking in some warmth, and some thinness in the lower mids (comparing Hannah Reids of London Grammar vocals sounds much preferable on the P3).

    The Pioneer is one of the brighter sounding AVR's so it may be just the combination of that with the phono stage and MC cart are pushing it over the edge a little bit.

    I am wondering whether something like the High output Dynavector 10x5 going direct into the MM input may give me back a little warmth while maitaining detail and clarity, or perhaps I should be looking at a an alternative and maybe higher end MC phone stage for the Ania to give me that balance?

    I would be glad to get any thoughts and suggestions from others regards this.

    PS - after a few days of use, the P6 developed a problem in that it would not start up under it's own steam. Giving the subplatter a manual nudge would get it going but sometimes it would actually start spinning anticlockwise!! I continued to use it by manually spinning the platter up a little before switching it on. After doing this for a while it now managed to start up by itself once again, but has a little think about it sometimes, it is being swapped out with a new one.
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  19. Music Collector Mike

    Music Collector Mike New Member

    Interesting read especially as you have both turntables linked up to a Pioneer unit. Unfortunately I cannot offer you any thoughts on the sound - I posted a new thread the other day regarding thoughts on partnering either of your decks with a newer Pioneer SX N30 $650 (would it be overkill for an RP6), and yes, Pioneer units are a little bright, but I find this N30 unit rather nice. Just need some new bookshelf speakers. Unfortunately I have had no responses yet to my thread.
    Not sure I’d be able to go down the MC Ania route though as I would need to buy a Phone MC unit too. Hope your replacement unit does not have any issues.
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  20. frummox

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    New York
    Regarding the comment by Mean Doris about spinning up, the first time I switched from 33 to 45 the platter didn't move. Called dealer and tried again then worked fine. Something was said about the belt being new. Rest of the evening went back and forth between 33 and 45 and it worked fine but will of course continue to monitor.
  21. Moebius

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    Hampshire, UK
    I've had a P6 with Exact for a few weeks. Making a big step up from a budget deck, and putting together my first mid-end system so can't make direct comparisons with P3 / RP6 or similar. Generally its been great -nice to use and look at. Sound-wise low surface noise even with a few records that could be cleaner. Enjoyable mid-range. It seemed to handle a couple of slightly warped records and still sound very good.

    I've had a couple of issues - the volume level is pretty high running it through the phono stage in my Yamaha A-S1100. I have the volume dial at around 9-10 o'clock for normal listening (and yes, I checked the amp's stage was set to MM not MC). I figured this is maybe the high output of the Exact cartridge being a poor match for the Yamaha's phono stage? I'm thinking I'll be upgrading to an external stage very soon. Also found the soundstage seems a little flat which may again be poor matching with the Exact cartridge. The other small thing is I have noticed the wall plug humming a bit, and so have sometimes been turning it off at the mains when not in use.
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  22. Mean Dorris

    Mean Dorris Member

    Thanks, but wasn't the belt on mine, tried my "old" one from the P3 but had the same problem.
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  24. chacha

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    mill valley CA USA
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  25. Would make an excellent Hannukah present this year :tiphat: 2 RPMs slower per night for 8 nights.
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