Releases that the artists have forbidden?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by TheLazenby, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. TheLazenby

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    I've been wondering about what works have been created, but then the artists forbade their release for one reason or another - either only giving fans a glimpse of them, or hiding them completely.

    Obviously a lot has been said about two of the more notable ones - They Might Be Giants' first music video and ABBA's "Just Like That", but I was curious if there were any others! I mean, the Esher demos could almost fit in here; we got a handful on "Anthology 3", but the Beatles have knocked down the possibility of a full-length 'Beatles Unplugged' LP, despite George attempting to put one out in the late Eighties.

    (Note: No, the 'Let It Be' film DOESN'T apply as a 'forbidden release', because it has seen a commercial release many times, just not recently!)
  2. porpoise mouth

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    Sing apore
    Bob Seger - Brand New Morning.

    Seger hated the LP and once joked that the only copy he had was "buried in his backyard."
  3. Uncle John

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    I heard it was the masters that got buried hence never been a legit reissue.
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  4. beccabear67

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    Victoria, Canada
    We only saw stills from The Rolling Stones' Rock And Roll Circus film for decades. Now we can get it on DVD with extras and a nice LP or CD to match!

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  5. TheLazenby

    TheLazenby Forum Resident Thread Starter

    And the bootlegs supposedly holding R'n'R Circus material often had completely unrelated stuff, usually with acts not involved in the real event.
  6. ibekeen

    ibekeen Forum Resident

    Heart - Magazine

    Released with a disclaimer on the cover.
  7. beccabear67

    beccabear67 Musical Omnivore

    Victoria, Canada
    Oh yeah, 'Magazine', there are still two different mixes of that, the initial one was pulled as Heart had gotten no input on it.
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  8. BryanA-HTX

    BryanA-HTX Crazy Doctor

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    Wasn't there a Milli Vanilli album with the ACTUAL guys singing that went unreleased?
  9. Khamakhazee

    Khamakhazee Forum Resident

    Was Buckingham/Nicks forbidden or is it a record dispute? I do know Hoodoo by John Fogerty is something he tried to erase.
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  10. beccabear67

    beccabear67 Musical Omnivore

    Victoria, Canada
    It just hasn't been on properly licensed CD. It was available on LP and cassette 'back in the day'.
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  11. TheLazenby

    TheLazenby Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Sort of.

    "Rob and Fab" had them singing for real, and did see release around 1993, though not a very large one, because the record company behind it was struggling.

    There was also a true Milli Vanilli album called "Back And In Attack" (1998), which featured Rob and Fab alongside the GYKIT-era singers, but Rob's sudden death prevented its release.
  12. Wayne Hubbard

    Wayne Hubbard Forum Resident


    Add C Sucker's Blues to the Stones' repertoire of unreleased stuff.

    At least we got the numerous attempts at Reggae Keith wanted to put out. :D
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  13. music4life

    music4life Well-Known Member

    South Elgin, IL
    Same with "Back In '72" and "Noah". '72 is a great album and Id include it in his top 5 albums. "Noah"?, not so much. It's more a curiosity from his career at that point, and I can see his refusal to re-release that one.
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  14. vernon

    vernon Well-Known Member

    Honky Kong
    Would Roadhouse Garden by Prince qualify?
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  15. melstapler

    melstapler Reissue Activist

    Despite the negativity from John Fogerty, his "Hoodoo" album was enjoyable. Of course, that's based on the rough versions found on unofficial releases.
  16. Farmer Mike

    Farmer Mike Forum Resident

    There are difference's among:
    1) an artist legally preventing a release
    2) sitting on finished or unfinished material
    3) dissembling a project by farming out parts of it to other projects
    4) reaching an understanding with the label that releasing something that they have every right to release would negatively impact any business relationship that they currently have or hope to have in the future.
    As an example, I think Capital owns all of those post Cameo/Parkway Bob Seger masters, but will not release any of it because it would mess up whatever deal they currently have with him.
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  17. Sevoflurane

    Sevoflurane Forum Resident

    West Yorkshire
    I believe the story behind the new stereo and multichannel mix of "Meddle", which is on one of the Blu Rays in the Pink Floyd Early Tears box set is that the new mixes hadn't been heard or approved by Roger Waters so they were pulled at the last minute.

    Fortunately, the menus were edited to stop anyone from playing the files on a Blu Ray machine, but the music files themselves were left on the disc and can be ripped.
  18. francocozzolives

    francocozzolives Active Member

    I guess in an unfortunate sense you could say that Badfinger were forbidden to release anything under a new label because of:

    Not Badfinger's fault; their manager was a criminal con man. But Badfinger couldn't contact him to end the contract.
  19. sathvyre

    sathvyre formerly known as ABBAmaniac

    There is a completely unreleased album by the Black Metal band OFERMOD. It was recorded, mixed and mastered in its entirety, but withdrawn.
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  20. bekayne

    bekayne Forum Resident

    And his early singles.
  21. mc7t

    mc7t Forum Resident

    Stoke on Trent,UK
    Ringo Starr - The Memphis album from the 80s?
    Did this ever get released in any shape, way or form?
  22. HiFi Guy 008

    HiFi Guy 008 Forum Resident

    We're talking about official releases? I'm surprised to hear about Heart's Magazine. That was a huge seller. Two mixes? So the first pressing was not the approved one? What did the disclaimer say?

    We're not supposed to count bootlegs here, but The Cars' Candy-O early studio recordings are fantastic.
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  23. PretzelLogic

    PretzelLogic Machine wrapped in butter.

    London, England
    Smile, as a whole. Brian forbade it, and it'll never be released because it was never completed.
  24. spencer1

    spencer1 Great Western Forum Resident

    Gregg Allman's "One More Try" Anthology was pulled by Gregg pretty quickly.
    Not sure why. Two discs of mostly acoustic demos but there is Johnny Winter, Buddy Miles and Berry Oakley on a version of "Wasted Words".

    I talked to the folks at Hittin' the Note and they said it will not be reissued.
    I grab them whenever I see them in the used bins and give them as gifts to friends
    Currently have I think three, they still pop up.

  25. Nostaljack

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    DC metro area
    They even got a spot on "Arsenio" performing the single but the record company couldn't handle any demand so, as you said, the record was doomed.


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