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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by BlackStrat_Fan, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. BlackStrat_Fan

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    Woodland Hills, CA
    As someone who has bought and sold music gear on, with great results, I'll be interested to see how this turns out. Gonna dig in over the weekend and make a couple trial purchases.

    Reverb LP | Buy & sell new, used, and rare music
  2. Guitarded

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    Friend of mine has been selling restored turntables there for a bit.

    Be interesting to see how the LPs sell through the Reverb Portal.
  3. Champagne Boot

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    Anyone use this yet? A friend of mine is one of the folks running it, and I've been quietly interested to see how it unfolds. They're talking about having a massive inventory of vinyl in-house to sell on the site, in addition to individual storefronts. It just seems otherwise so similar to Discogs...
  4. Guitarded

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    I tried checking it out re. listing.

    They didn't have much of a database and I couldn't figure out how to list something not already in there.
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  5. Mr Bass

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    As of July 2018 it seems to be in good shape. The search function works well and you pull up pictures of items in most cases which beats Discogs. I got a couple of records to test it and it worked out fine. Obviously they don't have the stock of Ebay or Discogs at this point but they have quite a bit and often at good prices.
  6. goodpickins

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    They are learning as they go along forsure. They are top notch on the gear side, my go-to site anyway. But they have a lot of things to work out on the LP side. And I think they will. The customer service is top end, just like the gear side. They will sometimes answer you 3 or 4 times in one day if necessary. But the infrastrcuture isnt there yet.

    For instance you can only have one shipping rate per country. If you list a 7" obviously it will cost much, much less than shipping a 2xLP. But to prtect yourself you have to assume the highest cost. So if you set 20 bucks shipping for europe (the price it costs from here for an LP) nobody is going to pay that for a 7" which would only cost a fraction of that to ship. And oif someone orders a 2xLP suddenly they are only paying half the actual cost anf it would be left to the seller to sort things out.

    Within USa this is not as big a problem, the rates are fairly standard. But in Canada, I can send 30 records to one large city for the same price as 1 record to a remote community. If I want a 7" right now Im looking at 20 bucks shipping because they have to set it that way to protect themselves. Ive been buying online for decades now so I will communicate with the sller and sort it out, but a pedestrian buyer will not add tat toi cart anbd check out. and those are the buyers who make your site grow.

    They need to adapt discogs' formula. They scraped all the inventory from their anyway (fair game, its public access). Seller spells out clear and accurate terms. Buyer places order. Seller sends an invoice according to weight, region, and shipping method.
    It's simply not feasible any other way for many areas and it wont reach it's potential until they resolve this. For now their "solution" is to overprice everything and enable make offer. Thats ok if you are selling an amp, there is some communication involved then. But not when you are selling 1000s of records, it simply doesnt work.

    I hope they get it figured out because they are a great site and we need more options. Im sure they will, all sites have growing pains but they may have rolled out the LP side a bit early, they dont have answers to some issues. They're trying though and if they make the LP side as great as the gear side then the sky is the limit.
  7. goodpickins

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    I dont know how to edit my post, I'm really not illiterate though. I know the difference between their and there, and as for the rest it isnt the spelling, it's the typing.
  8. Dave

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    :shrug: As a fluent English fellow I completely understand what you are saying.

    You are only able to edit your posts here for 30 minutes. After that the edit button disappears.
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  9. Old Zorki II

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    Tampa, FL
    I used it 3 or 4 times recently. The overall design of site now is great, I mean really zero complains.
    Individual "store owners" are hit or miss. I found that some greatly "overgrading" their records, far more often then discogs. Got 2 cheap records described as NM - real trash. But got refunds no questions asked.
    One owner required me to sent him pics of broken record and teared up cover - to prove that I am not keeping it, and refunded me only after me sending him pics.
    Prices are similar to discogs, may be a touch higher sometimes - but ease of use and often cheap shipping costs compensate for those.
    Selection is growing.
    Good place to bulk up on popular inexpensive titles, not as good for rare/expensive stuff.

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