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    As someone who has bought and sold music gear on, with great results, I'll be interested to see how this turns out. Gonna dig in over the weekend and make a couple trial purchases.

    Reverb LP | Buy & sell new, used, and rare music
  2. Guitarded

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    Friend of mine has been selling restored turntables there for a bit.

    Be interesting to see how the LPs sell through the Reverb Portal.
  3. Champagne Boot

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    Anyone use this yet? A friend of mine is one of the folks running it, and I've been quietly interested to see how it unfolds. They're talking about having a massive inventory of vinyl in-house to sell on the site, in addition to individual storefronts. It just seems otherwise so similar to Discogs...
  4. Guitarded

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    I tried checking it out re. listing.

    They didn't have much of a database and I couldn't figure out how to list something not already in there.
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