REVIEW: Record Doctor V Record Cleaning Machine from Audio Advisor

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by action pact, Apr 12, 2013.

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    And the bearing that makes them spin, which is probably what you need to replace. See links above.
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    OK! I had this issue several years ago and I called Nitty Gritty who made the early Record Doctor models. I spoke with a company rep named Gail. She explained that the problem I was having - the same problem you are having - is because the pads are becoming dirty and losing their "sticky" grip. She told me to wet the pads under a lukewarm running water and gently massage the pads with your fingertips - NO SCRUBBING which will help to give the pads a much shorter lifespan - you should see dirty water running into the sink. Dry them by PATTING them with a soft towel - again NO RUBBING. The clean pads will again have a sticky grip. I have to do this a few times a year and have now cleaned well over 1000 lp's with the same pads. This should solve your problem. There should be no need to buy new pads yet.
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    Good tips! Thanks!

    I'll give the pad washing a try before ordering new ones or bearings.
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    I need to buy one of these machines. I do like my Spin Clean for the first cleaning of used LPs. It is great for all of $79.
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    If the record is that dirty I rinse it off with luke warm tap water first. Also the mats are designed so the record only contacts it on the label and the outer lead in groove area. Unless one bears down quite hard while scrubbing, grinding dirt/debris into the downside face is not an issue. I also check and clean the rubber mat if necessary before laying a record on it.
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    There are quite a few people that use their spin clean to "pre clean" their records then use the RD to vacuum them off followed by another cleaning cycle and vacuum with the RD only. Makes good use of a Spin Clean if you already have one.
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    I've had a Record Doctor III for around 5-6 years now and it's still going strong. I clean every record I buy (and most every record my father buys lately...) with it using a 3 step process and have had nothing but excellent results.

    Like other posters, I also do the scrubbing/washing part on a different surface. I use an old MDF Rega platter covered in micro fibre cloth (using velcro to attach the cloth on the bottom). I've also got the KAB upgraded spinner, and it is a worthwhile upgrade. It's much easier to turn and it doesn't occasionally snag like the old one did.
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    I have a KAB EV-1 and am definitely a fan of scrubbing on a towel I keep next to it. I say Just Say No to the Spinclean pre-clean, not worth the hassle of filling and draining the Spinclean.
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    I have a KAB EV-1 as well as a RD-V. Recently received the KAB Gliding platter/bearing for the RD and fixed the only weak spot on this machine.
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    anyone can explain me, whats the point of buy a KAB EV-1 for $169 WITHOU VACUM and why not buy the RECORD DOCTOR V for $200 with VACUM, yes just for 30bucks more you got the Vacum in the unit, you dont need buy a vacum, for me is very logic go for the RECORD DOCTOR V or Im wrong??? the KAB EV-1 is better for some reason? any help? I planing buy the KAB EV-1 or the RECORD DOCTOR V.
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    by the way it would be nice a version VI with a better platter!!! so we dont need buy the KAV platter replacement...
  13. Wngnt90

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    Yes....because that is about the only complaint that I had with mine.
  14. senseabove

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    Can anyone confirm that the Vac Sweep Kit (M) listed at KAB USA will work on the RDV?

    Some previous posts seem to imply this, but I'd like a confirmation before I order from KAB. I need a new set of strips, and it looks like Audio Advisor is the only place selling the strips listed as specifically for the RDV. If the Vac Sweep Kit at KAB will fit the RDV, though, I was going to pick up the upgraded bearing as well...
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    worst web site ever...
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    Just thought I'd let folks know: I ordered the Vac Sweep Kit (M) (for models without the fluid pump), and they fit the RDV just fine. It isn't an absolutely perfect fit, but it's about a 98% fit; I can see a tiny bit, a millimeter if not less, of the RDV's lip inside one end of the velvet strip. And the little card that comes with the kit to help apply the strip evenly is a smidge to large for the RDV's slit, so you'll have to apply the strip without it.

    I also went for the upgraded bearing, which I wouldn't say is a necessary upgrade, but it does make spinning a whoooooole lot easier, and I'm glad I got it. Also, the bearing upgrade includes a new lower rubber platter, if yours is losing grip.
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    You obviously don’t by tubes from Brent Jessie.
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    Just got my first vacuum machine the Record Doctor V, as someone who's been using the Spin Clean for the last 6- 7 years, although that did a great job this is a bit of a revelation.

    I get the problem with the existing platter and it is wobbly so I've asked KAB for international shipping details for the upgrade platter as that seems the way to go but the results I'm getting at the moment I consider it £200 well spent.
  21. Ghostworld

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  22. stenway

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    is very annoying/bad that Audio Advisor or well the company that make the Record Doctor knowing that the platter have issues and they don't replace it... so all the owners need go to KAB page to buy a replace.
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    used a record doctor for years & brilliant for the money , with a Spin Clean as a pre-wash
    not as well built as my new Loricraft PRC6 but that costs 12 times as much
  24. stenway

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    vaccum power is enough to dry well the records?
  25. Erik Tracy

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    Most definitely.

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