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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jackie P, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Good to know, thanks! :righton:
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    Even more stoopid than the Sony Elvis soundtracks box is the one with both Elvis Presley Blvd and Moody Blue so you actually get 10 tracks twice.

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    A new low in Sony's reissue of Elvis :(
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    the pantera one is great value you get a ready made discography of the major label releases. got that and the donny hathaway this week
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    Dub Lane
    Just been listening to a cassette of Gris-Gris by Dr John,
    The Night Tripper, and followed that up with reading this thread....


    ....and that led me to re-check the contents of the Dr John
    Rhino / Warner 5CD box.


    Gris-Gris / Babylon / The Sun, Moon & Herbs
    / Dr John's Gumbo / In The Right Place.

    Need Gris-Gris on CD!

    Order now placed.
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    Dub Lane
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    The following artists are getting releases in the Original Album Series on 9/11. SRP is $21.95.

    Alanis Morissette
    Linda Ronstadt
    Dwight Yoakam
    The Monkees
    Anita Baker
    ZZ Top
    The Cars
    Rod Stewart
    John Michael Montgomery
    Curtis Mayfield
    Carly Simon
    Little Feat
    Warren Zevon
    Wilson Pickett
    Ray Charles
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    I just got the America box in the mail yesterday. Great value as most of their first 5 albums still cost $13.98 each on Amazon. My total price direct from the UK was $20.83. Nice set and a definite space saver with the mini LP sleeves.
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    Clinton, IL, USA
    Is there a full list what artists these boxes are available for, anywhere?

    I have the Dr John, Rascals, all three Lou Reed and the J Geils Band boxes, and have tried to find others, but it's such a crapshoot.
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    Most if not all of these are already out!!
  12. rs4951

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    The R Stewart one is a couple of years old now.
    Buyer beware, some sites suggest that some of the five are remasters, but they are not...
  13. The Curtis Mayfield "Original Album Series" release includes what I think is the first Rhino issue of his "Back To The World". Rhino already issued the 4 other titles previously, ALL of them with bonus material (and I'm presume those versions will be used).

    What are the odds of the disc of "Back To The World" also having bonus material, and can anyone here come up with a track-listing of the "Original Album Series" version of the "Back To The World" disc?

    (I've gone through 2 or 3 pages of Google searches, and although there are lots of positive search hits for the Mayfield set, none have any track-listings.)

    "Back To The World" is a fairly short album, at barely 36 minutes, and I'm really hoping they'll include some extras.
  14. djej

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    Not officially in the US. They're only available as imports to my knowledge.

    Rooster, The Mayfield track list is:

    Compact Disc 1 (Curtis)

    01 (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're All Going To Go
    02 The Other Side Of Town (LP Version)
    03 The Makings Of You
    04 We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue (LP Version)
    05 Move On Up (Extended Version)
    06 Miss Black America (LP Version)
    07 Wild And Free (LP Version)
    08 Give It Up (LP Version)

    Compact Disc 2 (Curtis Live)

    01 Mighty Mighty (Spade And Whitey) (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    02 Rap #1 (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    03 I Plan To Stay A Believer (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    04 We're A Winner (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    05 Rap #2 (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    06 We've Only Just Begun (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    07 People Get Ready (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    08 Rap #3 (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    09 Stare And Stare (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    10 Check Out Your Mind (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    11 Gypsy Woman (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    12 The Makings Of You (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    13 Rap #4 (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    14 We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    15 (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're All Going To Go (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)
    16 Stone Junkie (Live @ Bitter End, NYC)

    Compact Disc 3 (Roots)

    01 Get Down (LP Version)
    02 Keep on Keeping On (LP Version)
    03 Underground (LP Version)
    04 We Got To Have Peace (LP Version)
    05 Beautiful Brother Of Mine (LP Version)
    06 Now Your're Gone (LP Version)
    07 Love To Keep You In My Mind (LP Version)

    Compact Disc 4 (Superfly)

    01 Little Child Runnin' Wild (LP Version)
    02 Pusherman (LP Version)
    03 Freddie's Dead [Theme From 'Superfly']
    04 Junkie Chase (Instrumental) (LP Version)
    05 Give Me Your Love (Love Song) (LP Version)
    06 Eddie You Should Know Better (LP Version)
    07 No Thing On Me (Cocaine Song) (LP Version)
    08 Think (Instrumental)
    09 Superfly (LP Version)

    Compact Disc 5 (Back To The World)

    01 Back To The World (LP Version)
    02 Future Shock (LP Version)
    03 Right On For The Darkness (LP Version)
    04 Future Song (Love A Good Woman, Love A Good Man) (LP Version)
    05 If I Were A Child Again (LP Version)
    06 Can't Say Nothin' (LP Version)
    07 Keep On Trippin' (LP Version)
  15. re: those Curtis Mayfield tracklistings...

    Really?? Anybody got a source on this? I can't believe they'd stip off the bonus material from the first four Rhinos, and just release 5 straight replicas of the LP's.
  16. djej

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    My source is direct from Warner's B2B site.
  17. How disappointing. I mean, I hadn't necessarily expected bonus material on the 5th "Back To The World" disc -- but I sure as heck didn't expect them to remove the bonus material from the earlier Rhino issues of Mayfield's first four solo releases. Those six '1970-71 Publishing Demos' on "Curtis" are particularly nice, and it's a shame anyone would miss out on those.
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    France, Paris area
    i get your point but i think those cheapo sets are not aimed at fans who have already all the albums
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    Davis, CA
    Anyone know what mastering this set is? Is it the old "bad" mastering or is it improved sound?
  20. Jimmy Agates

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    My favorite of the sets so far...also the hardest to find.
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    Any thoughts on how the five albums were selected for these sets?
    It seems thoughtlessly random to me.
    The Chris Rea and Rod Stewart sets don't really make sense at all - not chronological, not filling any obvious gaps left by other reissues, not quality or success based...
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    Boylston, MA, USA
    I really enjoyed the Harry Chapin and Randy Newman sets, as I'd never heard the albums. The Ray Charles was a bit blah and the sound was'nt great either but if you're familiar with the albums you might fare better. All sets were incredible value.
    Does anyone have a list of what is being released in the UK next?
    On my wish list is a Tony Joe White or Andrew Gold set?
    Thanks, Trevor.
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    Dub Lane
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    The Alice Cooper set is great for those that never bothered to pick up Pretties For You and Easy Action. Both essential albums IMO.
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    Gotta get that one :righton:

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