RIP John Phillip Law, 70; actor played blind angel in 'Barbarella'

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by christopher, May 15, 2008.

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  1. christopher

    christopher Forum Neurotic Thread Starter,0,4156367.story

    later, chris

  2. Jackson

    Jackson Forum Resident

    MA, USA
    Sad to hear it ''Death Rides A Horse'' will always be one of my favorite spaghetti westerns.He was good in other roles as well.
  3. BradF

    BradF Forum Resident

    SW Ontario
    I liked him in Mario Bava's Danger: Diabolik. Brilliant fun, adapted from an Italian comic book series.

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  4. christopher

    christopher Forum Neurotic Thread Starter

    and savaged on MST3K. :)

    later, chris
  5. He also was the best actor to play "Sinbad" and looked the part (unlike, say, Patrick Wayne).
  6. Vivaldinization

    Vivaldinization Active Member

    Kalgan, take me away...
  7. Barnabas Collins

    Barnabas Collins Forum Resident

    Great film! And I think John Philip Law is on the DVD commentary track.
  8. Walt

    Walt Forum Resident

    Takoma Park, MD
    I love that film. One of my favorite comic book films - killer soundtrack by Morricone as well. The DVD does indeed have a commentary track with Law and Bava biographer and expert Tim Lucas.

    So sad to hear he passed away. :shake:
  9. RIP John.
  10. b8375629

    b8375629 New Member

    Maryland, U.S.
    True that. It happens to have one of the best Morricone soundtracks of all time, imo...
  11. GKH

    GKH Well-Known Member

    Somerville, TN

    I loved, "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad"! And, who could forget Caroline Munro in that movie?!
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