Robert Plant: Fans Should Move On

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by FredV, Dec 4, 2017.

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    It's a sad fact of life that what we want for ourselves doesn't amount to a hill of beans to most people and to some it's a fit subject for vitriol and bile. Oh well don't ever become famous and you will avoid the second part of the problem to a very great extent.
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    One thing that's important to remember is that Plant working in a Zeppelin context, where it's formally Zeppelin, probably puts him right back in the frame of mind where he lost his son, where he lost one of his best friends (Bonham), where he thought he might lose his ability to walk, and it might bring back memories of Maureen that are difficult to deal with, it might bring back memories of a lifestyle (drug use, etc.) that he'd rather not remember, etc.

    That's a lot of difficult emotional stuff to dig back up. Most of us wouldn't want to put ourselves back in that sort of headspace if we'd lived through such challenging events. That doesn't mean there are no good memories for him (and remembering being with Maureen might be painful because it was good), but most of us older folks have had the experience of having some place, or some music, or some people winding up associated with tragedies or hard times or being sick or whatever, so that re-experiencing those places, that music, etc. puts us right back in the frame of mind of those tragedies, those hard times, or whatever.
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    I agree - 80 percent of Robert solo work could fit in a Zeppelin musical context. And his concerts are 40-60 percent Zep material; He's not musically moving on in any fundamental way - But in terms of the social context of being in Led Zeppelin - of being the Golden God frontman who shines light on Page, and is second in the band hiearchy - I just don't think he has time for that. He's really talking about how he carries himself in a more fundamental way and doesn't want to have to adopt a persona that has long passed its expiration date. It would be nice if we could get the Page-Plant music without the Page-Percy personas, but they can't seem to pull off that alchemy. And if they tried to do it, we'd be worse off in some ways, because I don't see Page being involved in putting out the quantity of music Plant has advanced over the past 40-odd years
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    Hilarious!!! Bravo - that post made my night!!!
  5. Exile On My Street

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    I agree with him 100%. The same could be said for this forum as we continue to ponder....Is there even an audience for new rock anymore?
  6. Scott S.

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    There are people out there supporting indie music til they're blue in the face but getting people to listen is like asking them to watch a foreign film without subtitles.
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    Do you always pitch in with vitriol and don't bother discussing why?
    How is Plant a hypocrite? He's been saying this for over 30 years now. The reunions with Zep have all been one-offs or charity events.
    He also has a right to play songs from his catalog because he helped write them!

    It's really sad how a good number of people here LOVE to cry "Hypocrite" when it comes to artists that speak their minds. It's like they can't wait to pounce. Weird.
  8. SoundAdvice

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    He talks about not living in the past, then does a couple festivals that are 7 out of 11 Zeppelin songs.

    Just like Peter Gabriel is a hypocrite for saying he won't do Genesis because it's living in the past. Then he announce the "So" Album tour.
  9. Scott S.

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    The truth is, people always considered Zep Page's band, so Plant still feels unappreciated and that's why he always takes the tact of underplaying Zep and its majesty.
  10. O Don Piano

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    Have you read or considered any of the posts on this thread other than the ones that cry “hypocrite”? I assume not.
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  11. O Don Piano

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    He doesn’t underplay what Zep was. He’s describing Zep as it would be now if they were to continue. Not worthy of the comparison, that it’s a different time now.
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    Honestly, I don't know why you bother.
  13. O Don Piano

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    You’ve got a point.......

    I understand it’s become acceptable in modern discourse, espcially online discourse, to just spew out half-formed or unformed opinions without anything to back it up other than wanting to be a contrarian or to “stir the pot”. It’s no use trying to add reasonable scenarios or examples of fact. It’s a game to most folks. Talking seriously about artists is old-hat and naive. I forget that sometimes.
  14. RogerB

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    Don't blame Plant at all. Anything Zep would do today, whether it be a tour or album, would pale in comparison to their heyday.

    I'm happy with my memories of them in the 70's and the show I saw in 77. They were awesome!

    But time marches on.....and so has Plant.
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  15. The Elephant Man

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    All of your posts make perfect sense. Some fans choose to only see things in black & white.
    It's a lot easier that way.
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    Ya, "Bluebirds Over The Mountains" - a real head banger that is... :laugh::sigh:
  17. Rojo

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    I think Robert Plant is wise in not trying to do Led Zep all over again -- with or without his former mates. Heavy rock is a game for youth, especially for the singer.

    He has found another niche, where he is more comfortable with his current voice and musical tastes.

    It was a very smart move regardless of whether it was motivated by his vocal restrictions, his musical interests or a combination of both.
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  18. yarbles

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    Why is he a troll? For his endless supercilious pontification concerning Zep fans and Zep music, not to mention disparaging remarks about other vocalists and 'heavy metal' in general. I've been reading his increasingly erratic ramblings for decades, and although one obviously has to take him with a pinch of salt and make allowances for his unconventional take on humour, I really think it's time he showed a little respect, and stopped biting the hands that have fed him for half a century.
  19. CorporalClegg

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    I completely disagree: I love Dinosaurs :evil:
  20. coniferouspine

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    Indeed, Zeppelin is inextricably wound up with those emotions for him, especially his lost son, and there is certainly a "before Karac" and an "after Karac" element to all things in the story of Zeppelin. In fact, it's there in just about every quote or interview answer Plant's ever said about the Zeppelin topic, whenever he talks about fame, reunions, money, etcetera. It's instantly recognizable that he is really talking about the loss of his son, if you peer into his quotes a little bit and if you know what it is you're looking at, or see the outlines of what he's really saying.

    He still feels it, every time he's ever come back to New Orleans on tour -- to him the city will always be the place where he was when he got that fateful phone call. In more recent years, he's often spoken about Zeppelin as "the bubble" (that same word came out in a lot of interviews, around the O2 shows as well) and he's talked about how losing his son was the moment when he left the bubble, and not wanting to go back into the bubble again. At that time that Karac died, he also quit everything drug-wise, cold turkey, in a single day, after being on a roll and somewhat high or drunk or mildly buzzed in some fashion or other, every day for what -- ten or eleven years? This was a guy who used to gleefully joke onstage about needing Alcapulco gold or telling the audience to take "half a Quaalude with water" to go to bed, because the concert was over.

    There was also a report somewhere (I think it was originally mentioned in Stephen Davis' book?) that Plant didn't very much like singing "In My Time Of Dying" on the '77 US tour. It got darker and darker, as the tour went on, and he felt it was an ominous downer, too much doom and gloom -- it gave him a feeling like something bad was about to happen... (the stop-start tempo probably also caused a lot of pushing and shoving and moshing, down in the front rows, which having the only microphone meant he always wound up being the one who had to deal with crowd control). Later in the tour they actually dropped it and switched to "Over The Hills And Far Away," trying to be more upbeat and positive. So that right there is an example of, even before Karac died Robert Plant was growing and changing as a person, and he had a vague feeling of not wanting to continue in the same direction or path.
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  21. HotelYorba101

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    I have probably seen all of the same interviews and videos over the years as you, and I just don't think about it the same way as you.

    Regarding the "stopped biting the hands that have fed him" thing, I mean I am not really getting that. He is a dude who has his views, his wants in life, and if he is not doing anything based on what other people want him to do. We don't know him personally, he doesn't owe us anything
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  22. OnTheRoad

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    Thing is though....

    His voice in '75 was awful. It's much better now, but still a pale shadow of his earlier LZ output...say into '72, but going out it was waning. House of the Holy utilized some trickery to maintain the voice he'd had up to then.

    I've not cared for his output now for 45 years.
  23. pinkrudy

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    ironic...considering he has been making the same album since dreamland.
    He is the male equivalent of aimee mann.
  24. xj32

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    Must explain why I love both Plant, Mann and each of their last 3-4 albums so much. :)
  25. Glenn Christense

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    To be honest, I think it might be you who needs to show a little respect .
    Respect Robert's right to say and do what he wants at this point in his life .

    Zeppelin's music is around to be enjoyed but Robert doesn't want to record or play with Led Zeppelin anymore. Fair enough.
    His reason, or reasons are actually irrelevant. It's his personal choice .
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