Robert Plant: Fans Should Move On

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by FredV, Dec 4, 2017.

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    This. As Page said "the music was meant to be there and it's still there". That is enough for me.
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    I used to be a singer in a band that played gigs on the club scene in Los Angeles, and my guitarist wanted to cover "The Song Remains The Same". I told him there was no way I could sing the high parts, although I had a pretty good range and could cover most Zeppelin. I had to sing it lower which made me feel a little inadequate as a singer.

    Well, years later I found out later that Plant couldn't sing that high, either. The vocals were sped up to make them higher. :laugh:

    I dig his vocals on Physical Graffiti from 1975, though. That slightly raspy tone he had on a lot of that album.
  3. O Don Piano

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    Also keep in mind the menacing tour juggernaut of violent roadies and managers. The 1977 San Francisco shows come to mind.
    Although Plant and there rest were protected by their management bubble, it was still very dark and out of control. I;'m sure this lurks in Plant's mind as part of the whole larger than life situation Zep was involved in and implicitly encouraged.
  4. Scott S.

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    but you can tell he's exasperated with the topic. Page on the other hand comes off more proud of being part of the mighty Zep.
  5. wildstar

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    There's lots of possible reasons for that. He certainly could have felt guilty like if he had been home at the time maybe his son wouldn't have died, or perhaps he wished he had been there to at least say goodbye/have some final memories/bonding with his son..

    Maybe he just got hit with the realization that family was ultimately more important to him than touring/drugs/groupies/etc. Plus they had been on a roll of bad luck at that time and perhaps (if he believed in that kind of thing) he thought the band was cursed and it would be best to leave than to tempt fate further.
  6. wildstar

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    Why is that hypocritical? There's lots of valid reasons for him to do a SO tour and not a Genesis reunion tour:

    1 - The SO album was his #1 biggest commercial success of his entire career by far. Genesis was a relative footnote. I'm sure that to this day many fans of that album don't even know (or if they do know they were shocked when they found out) that Gabriel was ever even in Genesis.

    2 - The SO album tour was likely to make him far more money because of the fact that a reunited Genesis might actually have sold less tickets/played smaller venues than the SO tour did, and regardless of whether that's true or not, either way he would have definitely taken home less money for himself having to split the profits five ways.

    3 - How would he do a Genesis tour? Would he bring out all the old costumes? Would he tell all the old between song stories? Or should he just leave all that to the tribute bands? Would the hardcore early Genesis fans be disappointed if he didn't recreate his early 20s year old self completely, and would the casual latter day fans of Genesis who though "Really? I never knew he was in Genesis. I'll buy a ticket and check them out" - think (or even shout) WTF is all this? - "Play Sledgehammer/Invisible Touch and take off that stupid old man mask/flower mask/batwings hat/etc you look ridiculous!"

    4 - He'd have to fight the other members to get his way - just like in the good old days. Why bother at this point in his life especially since that was a large part of why he left the band in the first place. Solo he can do whatever he wants without having to put everything to a five way vote.


    A SO tour and a Genesis reunion tour are very different things and each offer very different pros and cons for Peter (and definitely more cons for Peter than a SO tour) so I fail to see the hypocrisy.
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  7. wildstar

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    ontario, canada
    Well to be (perhaps overly) fair to them, Bonham was his best and longest friend in the band. They were friends/bandmates long before Zeppelin happened. Its possible that the others didn't feel it was their place, and it was best to just leave Plant alone in his grief.

    I'm not saying that it was that way, just that it may have been. Its possible that they held back, thinking "He'll call if he needs me - I'll leave it up to him, and not impose"

    My guess is Jones probably did feel that way, Grant might have felt that way, Page? Well due to his heavy drug addiction at the time - perhaps it is fair to say that Page just wasn't there for Plant (or probably anyone) at the time.
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  8. Rather, he knows that if he lays down that sort of rule it's going to become part of the story, and trigger even more chatter among the desperate.
  9. Has Plant ever explicitly stated or alluded to such thinking? I don't think such psychoanalyzing is necessary, especially since the reasons he has given are more then enough. Why should he want to spend his later years being a dancing bear in a regimented rock and roll carnival for a bunch of entitled folks who want to use him as a vehicle to relive their youth? No dice, he's going down the pub to play some folk songs with his mates.
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    Almost all celebs at a certain level have ground rules, they also agree to make no mention of the ground rule in the final piece.

    Roster | ITB | International Talent Booking. Live music booking agency London
    When rules are broken the media outlet/interviewer has the potential to lose access to all the other clients associated to that agency/label/promoter.

    Plant/management ENCOURAGE the reunion question because it's free promo for his own touring.
  11. dudley07726

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    Obviously, Page was in charge during LZ. After it’s demise, Page switched places with Plant on who ruled.
    Reminds me of how much power Harrison had before and after the Beatles when it came to The Beatles. He was the one now who held the cards in his hands.
  12. rjp

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    i think robert plant is the one who needs to move page has....and then just talk about what you are going to do next forever.
  13. stax o' wax

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    The West
    Why would Plant need to retire?
    He's performing incredibly well and making very good albums.
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    I’m in the mood for Leah Remini.
    I’m in the mood for Leah Remini.
    I’m in the mooood.
  15. BDC

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    How good could Zeppelin be in their 70s, with Pages extreme inactivity as a working musician.
    I find it stupid, a rock journalist wanting to talk about a reunion.
    I may have to try and see Robert again....
    I admire his drive and creativity to keep going.....and of course his work..
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    At least RP is being honest . I can live with that response.

    Let's move on.. but to what?
  17. BDC

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    I think that is so apparent and obvious, and as much as I appreciate the O2 gig, it's only Led Zeppelin because they called it that... If Page/Plant/Jones got inspired to work together, IMO they should give the group another name.......They'll never sound like 1972 again.... and it would be cheesy if they tried.. Without Bonham they can't even sound like 1980 Zeppelin...
    Jason Bonham is a good drummer, and in the clinics he does a good job of replicating his dad, but in his heart a different drummer. Still a power drummer, but a much different one..
    I like his work with UFO...
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  18. What, you've never read a feature where the writer mentions that (X) had set some issues as off-limits, but he asked about them anyway, and after some perfunctory bluster (X) went on about the issue? Maybe not, but every music journalist has. And so has Plant, I've no doubt.
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    That's a lot of difficult emotional stuff to dig back up. Most of us wouldn't want to put ourselves back in that sort of headspace if we'd lived through such challenging events. That doesn't mean there are no good memories for him (and remembering being with Maureen might be painful because it was good), but most of us older folks have had the experience of having some place, or some music, or some people winding up associated with tragedies or hard times or being sick or whatever, so that re-experiencing those places, that music, etc. puts us right back in the frame of mind of those tragedies, those hard times, or whatever.[/QUOTE]

    I can relate to the emotional part that you talk about. My wife, who was a singer/songwriter and professional cellist passed away in June 2017. I play guitar in a band and my band backed her up in the studio and live when she performed.

    After she passed unexpectedly at age 45, I couldn’t even think about playing guitar or performing with my band. It was so painful to think about playing again.

    After a few months, I started to realize my wife would want me to play again. I picked up the guitar and started playing and jammed with my band and it’s now helping me.
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  20. Leah Remini, perhaps.
  21. rjp

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    if you say so......

    we certainly disagree on this. for me it has been a downhill slide since that horrid duet album with alison krauss.
  22. zen

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    With Jimmy Page's track record, it surely would have paled.
  23. bob chabot

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    he plays pretty radically reworked zep songs, presumably so the long time fans will not feel let down. at least that's how it was when i saw him a few years back. they are not the centerpiece of his show, and he consistently releases new material.
  24. bob chabot

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    florence, mass
    loved that album!
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    I was bashed last time I wrote it, but I'm going to write it again. :D

    If I could only own either all the Led Zep albums, or all of Plant's - then Zep would have to go.

    Post Zep, Plant has flourished. His latter work is incredible - albeit butchered by idiots in the mastering of its digital releases. Page? Essentially nothing. Plant has matured, his voice has gotten better. Enough said. Just wish he would interest himself in digital mastering.
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