Robert Plant new album "Carry Fire" on Nonesuch/Warner (10/13/2017)*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Elliottmarx, Apr 29, 2017.

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  3. johnny 99

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    Massey Hall's going to sell out instantly.
    The 3 songs previewed so far (Bones Of Saints, The May Queen and Bluebirds Over The Mountain) are excellent.
    I suspect this new album may be even better than "Lullaby..." was (and I enjoyed that as well)

    Every Plant album since 1988 has been an event for me of sorts; I've enjoyed everything's done in that almost 30 year stretch (I also loved "Pictures At Eleven" back in '82)

    By the time we get to the end of Dec., I'll have a nice Top 10 for 2017 for sure!
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  4. pablorkcz

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    FYI (taken from Facebook event page for one of the N. American tour dates):

    Every ticket purchased online for Robert Plant includes your choice of either a physical or digital copy of the new album Carry Fire, releasing 10/13/2017. You will receive instructions via email on how to redeem your album shortly after ticket purchase.​
  5. Tree-bot

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    I find that track with Chrissy Hynde a bit of a grind to get through. I have all of his albums and always find some tracks that I like on them. Hopefully the new album continues that trend.
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  6. vamborules

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    The best.

    Now I'm going to be hearing him say that in my mind all night. :laugh:
  7. violetvinyl

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    I don't know what's worse, the acting or the haircut.
  8. pablorkcz

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    I know he wore a wig for the close-up shots at Shepperton Studios. I wonder if he also wore a wig in some of the non-stage scenes like this one.
  9. Olompali

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    The hair. Definitely, the hair.
  10. John Rhett Thomas

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    It was in the voice of JPJ that I made my last post. :p
  11. superstar19

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    But they're not for tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow....
  12. John Rhett Thomas

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    (Cue sound of water boiling.)
    "Presale on Thursday, Thursday, Thursday..."
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  13. dee

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    Good to hear something new again from RP. I couldn't get all the way through Bones of Saints on first or second listen as RP sounded like he was singing at a slower tempo than the music was playing at and I found it distracting. The lyrics felt like a downer so maybe I tuned out a little too. I like the mood and sound of May Queen. The guitar riff reminded me of LZ's Poor Tom or something else but then I kind of forget about whatever it might be as the song moved along. Nice track, imo that sounds good on its own, as it is. Bluebirds Over The Mountain seems like ambient-trance-hippie blues music ;) to me, whatever that might be. It demands more attention from this listener as it stretches out and unfolds itself. Another nice track, imo.
  14. Olompali

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    Welcome to my life
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  15. pghmusiclover

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    Would it kill people to spell Chrissie Hynde’s name correctly?
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  16. Chris Schoen

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    Folks here can't spell common words correctly. That's a high expectation.
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  17. pghmusiclover

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    That's truly one of my pet peeves LOL (I hate it when people spell Carole King's first name wrong also)! Lord knows I've made my share of typos...
  18. Chris Schoen

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    Maryland, U.S.A.
    I'd like to see better spelling, but it is what it is...
  19. johnny q

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    Lets' knot loose trac of the topick at hande buy verring off in two spelling misteaks :)

    Seriously folks, I am SO going to that NYC show! I have not been entirely knocked out by Plants live shows since the P/P era disintegrated, but the show I saw in NYC two years ago was one of the best I have personally seen him perform in any era. And...I have seen him close to 30 times in various incarnations. So I have high hopes the February show will maintain the high standards. As far as the new material? A bit "ho hum" to my ears but more compelling than the "Lullaby" tracks that premiered prior to that albums release. The Carry Fire vinyl is on pre-order.
  20. Diablo Griffin

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  21. rushed again

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    I've never been to a Robert Plant show so really tempted on The Beacon also. My problem is that I just bought 4 tickets last week to other shows. I really hate it when money gets in the way of having fun however, seeing Robert Plant does fall into my bucket list category. I will probably need to do some negotiating with my better half to get NYC. If you have any presale codes your able to share...please send. Thx.
  22. pghmusiclover

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    According to the story above, "More dates will be announced later this year."
  23. Senor Muddy

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    So there was no Denver date listed under the ticketmaster verified presale, most likely because Denver uses AXS. The AXS site says there is a presale for Denver tomorrow AM... hmmmm. Anyone know the dealio on that?
  24. johnny q

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    Well....the Beacon is a small enough theater that even balcony (i.e. cheaper seats) are still close enough...for rock n roll :) I hear ya though - this ticket purchasing stuff accumulates real fast...not cheap entertainment anymore.
  25. zen

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    :agree: wasn't just me.
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