Ronnie James Dio in Black Sabbath

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Siegmund, Aug 1, 2017.

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    I've said this in VH threads, but I really do think DLR's Van Halen had creatively run its course after 1984. Eddie was definitely moving in a more melodic direction, away from the straight riff-based structure of the earlier VH records, and I don't think Dave would've been up to the task vocally. Other factors caused the split, but musically I think it was inevitable, no matter how much people wish they could've just gone on making 1984 or Fair Warning clones forever.

    Eat Em & Smile and 5150 are both amazing records, but the follow-ups by both were pretty underwhelming. (Although Van Hagar got back on track with their later albums, IMO)
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    Absolutely. I would also add Heaven And Hell's The Devil You Know.
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    I agree, except I do like Skyscraper for Steve Vai's guitar playing.
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    I think Dehumanizer is a solid album. I like the way Dio got away from the fantasy lyrics and delved into more modern topics. It was the right kind of album they could have done for the time.
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    I agree. And I believe that Dio and Geezer worked on "Computer God" together. I seem to remember that was a concept Geezer was working on.

    If you read those lyrics and consider that they are from 1992, and then consider where things are today with Artificial Intelligence and such, it's kind of mind blowing.
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    Involuntary coffee/keyboard interface scenario.

    Although I do empathise with Curvey since it's a little bit of a smelter, whatever Sabbatic bandwaggonista may suggest.
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    Well said! The tour came through my town, and the band played a 2,400 seat theater...sold out! Gawd, that show was loud...but clear and not a bad seat in the house. Yeah, I was there :)
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