Rose Marie, R.I.P.

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    RIP Rose.
    Always good for a laugh (about 4:00)

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    The difference is that Sally was shown doing what was a "man's job" (or at least a job that was dominated by men at the time) and was presumably making the same money as Buddy. Whereas Miss Brooks was a teacher, a job that was much lower-paying and commoplace for women to have. So the Sally character was more of a ground breaker in that regard.
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    A brassy, but classy, dame! :cry:
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    Very sad :(
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    Saw Wait For Your Laugh tonight at Chicago's Facets art house. Very enjoyable film about an amazing life. Most interesting thing I learned from it was that Morey Amsterdam was her recommendation to Carl Reiner for the Dick Van Dyke show - he'd been writing material for her stage shows.

    One part of the film really bugged me though - they had all these "reenactments" of her life, and they had rented a classic microphone - and used it wrong!


    They had the actors speaking into the end!
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