Rotel RA-1572 Integrated Amplifier

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by George P, Jun 13, 2018.

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    That's a steal at this price. I bought a new "open box" Parasound headphone amp from Sight & Sound at a comparable discount, and have been very happy with it.
    I also bought a factory-refurbished NAD M51 DAC from another audio dealer at 25% off list price, and that worked out as well. The refurb units are the same as new, except one year less on the factory warranty.
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    Rotel stuff is nice. Personally, I would buy a Rotel integrated over a NAD one. I just think Rotel is better built and sounds better. Its hard to say what you will hear different sonically vs your Yamaha. I imagine yo will get a little bit more resolution and imaging. It Rotel will match very well with Rotel. As far as low volume listening, I prefer high current solid state amplifiers. They seem to take control of speakers at low volumes. The other option for low volume listening is to find a integrated that has a loudness control.
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    For low level listening on the Rotel you can adjust the tone controls (perish the thought!) as a sort of makeshift loudness control (bring them back, I say!) Simply press the tone bypass switch on the remote to put it in or out of circuit.
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    Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately, that unit is too deep to fit on the shelf I use for my stereo. I'm in a small studio apartment.
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    Thanks. The integrated I have now has a variable loudness control.
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    What’s the “particularity” of “B&W” speakers, please?
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    They like gobs of power reserves.
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    Many thanks for the help, you guys! I decided to give the Yamaha A-S801 a try, since I could get one close to where I live and try it out with no risk for 30 days. So far it's going very well and only cost me $899.
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    I've bumped this thread having just purchased a Rotel RA-1572 (yesterday, Fri 5th), replacing a Cambridge CXA60. Some thoughts and observations which may or may not be helpful to others looking at integrated amps...

    It's early hours but, to my ears, the RA-1572 is helping to produce some rather lovely sounds. I have it hooked up, bi-wired, to a pair of relatively lowly Q Acoustics Concept 20s (they punch way above their weight). So far, it's dealt with light classical, Pink Floyd, Marillion and Jean Michel Jarre with ease. I just don't understand What Hi-Fi's finding(s) that the RA-1572 has issues with timing and dynamics. It's certainly not in-your-face but, to my ears, there's no laziness in keeping up with intricate and/or busy passages. During the demo, I threw in some Metallica specifically to see how the RA-1572 dealt with quick / hard music. No problem at all. I listen(ed) to music from both analogue and digital sources.

    The soundstage is nice and wide plus it has decent height & depth. Detail is definitely there with plenty of separation but with the music still sounding very much "as one". Some might prefer a slightly brighter, edgier sound but I think the RA-1572 is far from dull. IMO, it's definitely worth giving this a listen when demoing other amps, if for no other reason than for contrast.

    I did consider the RA-1592 but it was beyond my budget and, based on what I could find on the web, the one major difference is the power (200w) with no deal-breaker differences in sound characteristics. When demoing the RA-1572, I also listened to a Rotel A14, Nad C 388 and Nad C 368 (links at the end of this post). Both Nads were fairly rich in sound with the C 388 sounding just a fraction "fuller". The Nads had very good mids and upper frequencies but, for me, the bottom end was a bit on the woolly side and lacked detail that was definitely present with the RA-1572. The A14 was "OK" but I found it a touch on the toppy side, with the overall sound being thinner (relatively) and it didn't dig as deeply into the bottom end as the RA-1572. With the A14 at GBP £999, it's hard to see value in that price when the RA-1572 is "only" GBP £1,395. Obviously, if the preference is for the A14's slightly thinner sound, then the price consideration is moot. Personally, I wouldn't have purchased the A14 or either of the NADs, even if the prices had been massively discounted. To my ears, the RA-1572 had that bit of extra "pull" and, in summary, simply sounded more accurate than the other amps demoed.

    For what it's worth, I didn't get hung up on the class of amplification. In fact, I took a novel approach: listened to the music, not the hi-fi... :confused: :faint: :crazy: :) :goodie:

    Happy listening all. Links below for ease of reference if anyone is curious enough:


    C 368 - NAD Electronics
    C 388 - NAD Electronics
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    Nice post.
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