Roxy Music: Avalon and Flesh + Blood WG VS 32VD Comparisons

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by pdovore, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. pdovore

    pdovore Active Member Thread Starter

    Hi All,

    Looking for comparison opinions from members for:

    Roxy Music - Avalon - Japan 32VD-1051 Black Triangle
    EG / Warner (Target) 23686-2 Matrix: 800 032-2 03 (my copy)


    Roxy Music - Flesh + Blood - Japan 32VD-1052 Black Triangle
    EG for Europe / Polydor Matrix: 800019 2 02 Silverface (my copy)

    Q1. I'm hoping forum members have done a comparison or own both and have an opinion of the different pressings / masterings here.
    Q2. The Japan release I assume is available in both "TO" and non-"TO" pressings.
    - With Pink Floyd's DSOTM it's pretty unanimous that the "TO" is inferior - Is there a large difference in sound quality here?

    Any info would be warmly appreciated!!

  2. pig whisperer

    pig whisperer CD Member

    Tokyo, Japan
    I like the VJD second pressing of "Flesh + Blood" more than the 32VD. I don't know what EAC has to say about it, they may be the same mastering. It doesn't matter much to me either way.

    edit: I have a 32VD "Avalon". I am not a fan of the album and haven't compared it with anything. I keep forgetting to sell it and will do it this week. Thanks for the reminder.
  3. pdovore

    pdovore Active Member Thread Starter

    Hehe, no problem on the reminder.
    I'm not familiar with the "VJD" series, but if I am correct they are made by JVC with the "tetris"-like matrix patterns. In either case, it would be interesting to hear that copy.
    I am already happy with my "Flesh + Blood" but I know the forum doesn't like the WG Target of "Avalon" so thought i'd better pop the question.

    Thanks for your response!
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  4. Is the SACD version of Avalon considered the best version? Sounds pretty great to me.
  5. Paul K

    Paul K Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    EG CD of Avalon is my fave!
  6. PaulT

    PaulT Spuzzum

    Here's the 32VD's:

    66.8 / 67.2 / 64.4 / 63.7 / 64.5 / 66.3 / 64.9 / 67.1 / 61.7 / 33.8

    Note that for some reason on the 32VD Avalon the track listing is different from all the other releases (not sure about the VJD, Darcy can confirm). The EAC logs therefore will be screwed up comparing them.

    Avalon Track Listing:

    More Than This
    The Space Between
    True To Life
    The Main Thing
    While My Heart Is Still Beating
    Take A Chance With Me
    To Turn You On

    Flesh + Blood
    87.8 / 88.7 / 91.7 / 90.1 / 63.6 / 73.6 / 86.7 / 87.2 / 72.6 / 70.9

    Ref TO vs non-TO ; I don't think so with this 32VD series. I have not seen or heard of a non-TO Roxy Music 32VD (doesn't mean they don't exist).

    The Avalon SACD surround is wonderful. For stereo I prefer the 32VD though - have not heard the VJD's.
  7. pdovore

    pdovore Active Member Thread Starter

    Thanks for that brilliant info.

    EAC results:

    Flesh + Blood 800 019-2 EG/Polydor West Germany (silverface)
    100.0 / 100.0 / 95.0 / 88.6 / 59.7 / 72.3 / 92.7 / 79.8 / 63.2 / 70.9

    Avalon 9 23686-2 Warner/EG WG Target
    82.5 / 100.0 / 91.9 / 89.4 / 82.6 / 100.0 / 86.1 / 75.7 / 77.4 / 38.6

    Track listing:

    More Than This 82.5
    The Space Between 100.0
    Avalon 91.9
    India 89.4
    While My Heart Is Still Beating 82.6
    The Main Thing 100.0
    Take A Chance With Me 86.1
    To Turn You On 75.7
    True To Life 77.4
    Tara 38.6

    Adjusting track listings to match the 32VD I have:
    82.5 / 100.0 / 89.4 / 91.9 / 77.4 / 100.0 / 82.6 / 86.1 / 75.7 / 38.6

    Appears the 32VD is much quieter than Target.
  8. pdovore

    pdovore Active Member Thread Starter

    Well, i've bit the bullet and bought the 2 32VD's anyway. I'm most interested in the Avalon pressing due to the different mastering - time will tell.
  9. darkmatter

    darkmatter Gort Astronomer Staff

    Hi Brabley,

    I will be able to compare Avalons as I have the Red Face Polydor, the Target 01 (Wide non-data section as the Red Face) & 03 matrices plus the 32VD-1051

    I will come back with my findings

    Simon :)
  10. So what were your findings, Simon?

    WG Target vs 32VD vs Red Face.....

    Trying to sort out first pressings of Roxy Music, I am intrigued
  11. Also, there is a P33P japanese version of Avalon out there, which is a German pressing with a blue ring and solid aluminum center.
    Is it different from an early WG pressing (non-target) that looks very similar?
  12. Bump...

    So anyone knows whether (made in WG) P33P is different from the red face Polydor or the Target?
    And how all these compared with 32VD?
  13. darkmatter

    darkmatter Gort Astronomer Staff

    Forgot to post my fave of these at the time was the Red Face 01 matrix with the wide mirror band I have a new CDP so could redo the test?

    The 32VD sounded too bright in my system

    I have since found a Target with an 01 matrix and wide mirror band that is close to the Red Face if not identical :)
  14. darkmatter

    darkmatter Gort Astronomer Staff

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