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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by thatguy1976, Jul 25, 2017.

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    Watermark= no sale for me. I have the AFTK anniversary CD. I will have a listen. Any reports as to where the watermarking has been most audible?
  2. Angel66

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    Yes he does.

    "Even Rush themselves (bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, drummer Neil Peart) have some major issues with Hold Your Fire, at least looking in hindsight. In 2009, the ever-candid Lee remarked to Blender magazine, 'You're supposed to be crappy when you make your first three or four records. But even in our middle period, we did this song called 'Tai Shan,' using a poem Peart wrote about climbing a mountain in China, and when I listen to that, it's like 'Bzzt.' Error. We should have known better.'"

    30 Years Ago: Rush Explore More New Territory on 'Hold Your Fire'
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    Since it was mentioned earlier, here are the mix differences on the Sector version of Hold Your Fire, from a different thread here at SHF:

    Force Ten
    "Rising falling at force ten" channels reversed. Doesn't pan as wide.
    Solo guitar at 1 Min 57 Sec channels reversed

    Time Stand Still
    Two Simmons pad hits at 1 Min 38 Sec (like he plays it live)

    Second Nature
    Swirling keyboard 46 Sec and 2 Min 6 Sec channels reversed
    Swirly thing at 3 Min 40 Sec channels reversed
    Swirly thing at 4 Min 13 Sec channels reversed

    Added strings on second chorus

    Turn The Page
    Geddy's voice pans during chorus

    Tai Shan
    Added wind chimes during intro

    High Water
    "Elephant" guitar sound at 4 Min 37 Sec

    And for what it's worth, there's also an added 3-note keyboard part at the end of "Mystic Rhythms" on Power Windows.
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    What exactly is watermarking and how does it affect the sound?
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    I bought it on vinyl on import-out in America before here-I didn't even know they had a new album due-I had went from mega fan to a guy listening to a lot of other stuff....and it didn't sound great -too long for single vinyl.

    It lacked energy and I never really got into it-probably the marker for me despite previous missteps where they fell off a cliff-I'm not sure there's a song on the record I would put up with their best.

    I do think time has been kinder to the record thought I hear a subtle decent record if I listen now some interesting grown up observations but musically it's a bit of a cul de sac with none of those moments where they seemed to be really stretching themselves.
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    It does affect the whole album, but it's more noticeable during certain passages, especially when cranked.
    You can read more about it in this thread.
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    Eh, him not liking 1 of the 10 songs doesn't mean he doesn't like the album as a whole.
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    If I'm not mistaken, the tour opened that year in Halifax after a petition to get them to come there.

    As "pop" as it might sound initially, there is some sick musicianship on that record. It's just very subtle and not immediately noticeable.

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