Russian Circles

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Maestro63, May 22, 2016.

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  2. cmi

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    Moscow, Russia

    DOUBTINGTHOMAS29 Well-Known Member

    Portland, OR
    I have Geneva on 2 x 45 rpm on transparent blue vinyl.
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  4. Maestro63

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    Ohhhh nice! X
  5. radiophonic

    radiophonic Well-Known Member

    Nottingham, UK
  6. CrombyMouse

    CrombyMouse Well-Known Member

    Great band. Saw them live. They try hard to expand the boundaries of their genre and mostly succeed.
    Great drummer also!

    Interesting fact: their latest LPs were produced by Brandon Curtis of Secret Machines/Interpol fame.
  7. GodShifter

    GodShifter The Last in Line®

    Dallas, TX, USA
    I dig these guys but it's been awhile since I've listened to them. I have everything from Enter to Empros.
  8. HiredGoon

    HiredGoon Forum Resident

    I only have "Geneva", though I do like what I have heard of their other albums. Saw them live once, great show.

  9. GuidedByJonO)))

    GuidedByJonO))) Forum Resident

    I've been into these guys since I first heard Station, sent to me back in my music reviewing days. Just realized that I have yet to hear Geneva (which, from this thread so far, sounds like I need to remedy), but I've liked everything since then. Just tossed on the new one was pleasantly surprised to see a thread for these guys.

    In quite a bit of a different vein, but I highly recommend the two Sumac records that Brian Cook has made with Aaron Turner (ex-Isis) and Nick Yacyshyn.
  10. Gaslight

    Gaslight Cave dwelller

    Northeast USA
    "Enter" is still my favorite. The new one I still new to listen to again.
  11. Freedom Rider

    Freedom Rider Forum Resident

    Never heard about this band but the band title got me curious. :) Their new album seems to be pretty well received - definitely gonna check it out.
  12. kevin5brown

    kevin5brown Forum Resident

    My sister got me a few discs by them a while back, on my recommendation, but I still need to listen to them. I learned about them because they were compared to a few other bands that I like. I'm posting in hopes that this motivates me to actually dig those CDs out and LISTEN to them. :)
  13. scottp

    scottp Active Member

    Saw them open for Mastodon earlier this year & liked their set. Finally picked up Guidance this weekend and love it! I will work my way back through their catalog now.
  14. keep667

    keep667 Well-Known Member

    Port Chester, NY
    I have seen them live about 3 times and I really enjoy all they do. Live they are something to behold with the sheer power they put out.
    The albums are all great, IMHO and I will always buy anything they put out.
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