Sgt. Pepper's 50th Anniversary Edition Price and Shipping Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by The Hole Got Fixed, Apr 4, 2017.

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    I did try to move away from this, and apologies to everyone who must be bored rigid with it, but:
    [A l'il bit of politics for you=] In the UK you don't just walk into another job any more, and the government is making the welfare system here unjustly punitive [as a delicious taster to removing it altogether, probably]. Either way, you'll get starved into submission. The employers call all the shots here now, as our country scrabbles for scraps from our new Chinese and Saudi overlords.[/thankyougoodnight]
    How's that for an answer? Not good enough for you, I bet.

    General point: I'm out of the discussion now, thanks. Convincing a few blowhards that the fuss isn't just sour grapes coming from a bunch of scam artists griping about losing out on their Big Corporate Con, but rather about being branded as little better than criminals, is equal to hammering your skull against a brick wall.
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    You should have stopped right there.
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    It may seem obvious to you that this is a "regular retailing tactic" by Amazon, but to many here, it seemed either a huge pricing error, a keypunch mistake, or something similar.

    There was one skeptic that mused it was Amazon's ploy to prevent them from pre-ordering elsewhere, but that logic falls through. (Since the release date is more than a month away, I'd speculate most of those buyers will now shop elsewhere.)

    Why would such a marketing tactic benefit Amazon?
  4. Conspiracy theorists are all the rage. Even in musical retailing I guess.
  5. mongo

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    Talk about off the rails.
    A simple pricing error devolves into Amazon being Darth Vader and an old filling in my molar starts tweaking from all of the tin-foil hats.
    Sometimes the Internet can be seriously disappointing.
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    Only sometimes?

    Actually, this place does a pretty good job of staying away from fruit loop conspiracies, trolling and exchanges of heated insults compared to most other public sites I have seen.
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    Not when it comes to the Beatles.
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  8. Mal

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    I expect their reputation for occasional drastically low pricing errors when listings are first put up for pre-order attracts a lot of visits to their site for newly announced items - and here we are promoting their habits, again...

    Do Amazon ever initially list pre-orders items way over the standard price, as might be expected from a pricing algorithm glitch or data entry transcription error? OK, maybe the algorithm could have a built in ceiling but they don't seem too keen on resolving the low initial pricing bug if it is one.

    Of course, it would seem that somebody was actively involved in generating these 'New Originals' listings...

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  9. eelkiller

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    I hope not, I ordered 6 copies to list on Ebay. ;)
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    I hope for your sake you're a young man.
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    Yes, it's too bad that a few hardcore cynics have such strong adamant feelings about what they thought the ulterior motives of many of us, while the Sale Price was on, and afterwards, too.
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  12. aoxomoxoa

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    Well I predict it will take a year. Who knows I may cave before that.
  13. let him run...

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    It's my guess the only way this could be priced below fifty bucks is if it were to absolutely tank. Short of that it'll never be under 50. Maybe in five and a half years you'll find a used one that's missing the book and the posters for fifty.
    There's no shame in caving. Between now and the release I'm sure you can think of a few things not to buy.
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    Plus, after a certain point, unfortunately, there will be fakes.
  15. Sidewinder43

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    I don't see legitimate new copies every dropping to $50. MAYBE $75-$80. Who knows. I waited 9 months for The Beach Boys Pet Sounds 50th Super Deluxe and was able to get it for $33 from a legitimate seller.
  16. let him run...

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    I'm not sure. This seems like an expensive one to fake. The lenticular cover alone seems problematic for any counterfeiters. Then there's the hardcover book, posters etc. All for an item that to undercut Apple, they'd need to price at under a hundred. Seems like there's not enough profit.
  17. Sidewinder43

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    Pasadena, TX
    You're probably right. I hope so.
  18. jl151080

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    I've now had the email from cancelling the pre order.
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  19. Dee Zee

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    Yes, me too. It was nice while it lasted but I preordered from Amazon US same day.
  20. If the SDE Sgt. Pepper sells as well as Apple hopes (and I hope, for future release reasons), the possibility of counterfeit knockoffs will be interesting to think about and watch. The design of the package does look like it's partially to thwart counterfeiters. (Something learned from all the counterfeit 2009 sets?) Credit cards had/have lenticular images for that reason. Something more to watch for and discuss in the coming months! :)

    P.S. I personally hope it's not counterfeitable, in case anyone starts looking at it as something to look forward to.

    P.P.S. Since this topic really isn't directly about the cost of the "new Pepper", I repeated it in the main thread, where it fits better.
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    What the heck? No replies in 3 days?!?! Surely there's something we can discuss here
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    Nah, try being the strong silent type.
  23. Glad, Happy, Fantastic, Stupendous and b@ll@cks to negativety just for a while. Have you heard about Sgt. Pepper?
  24. Kim Olesen

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    Just to keep it alive i can happily report about the non cancellation of my Amazon IT order ;-)
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    No there isn't.
    Discussions between patients and their psychologists are confidential.
    Don't Cha know....... :wave::cussing:

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