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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Togo, Apr 29, 2002.

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  1. Highway Star

    Highway Star New Member

    eastern us
    1. Link Wray and the Wraymen-(Epic LN 3661 c.'59/'60)
    2. The Beatles-The Beatles (aka the White Album)
    3. The Byrds-The Notorious Byrd Brothers
    4. The Flying Burrito Brothers-The Gilded Palace of Sin
    5. The Monkees-Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones LTD.
    6. The Doors- Waiting For The Sun
    7. Nazz-Nazz Nazz
    8. CCR-Cosmo's Factory
    9. Badfinger-No Dice
    10.Alice Cooper-Killer
  2. Juan

    Juan Forum Resident

    1. GENTLE GIANT " In a Glass House" WWA British vinyl
    2. KEITH JARRET "The Köln Concert" ECM German vinyl
    3. THE WHO "Quadrophenia" Polydor Japan CD
    4. GENESIS "The Lamb...." CHARISMA British vinyl
    5. SUPERTRAMP "Crime of the Century" SPEAKER CORNER German vinyl
    6. EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER "ELP" VICTOR 20bit K2 Japan CD
    7. STEVE TIBBETS "Yr" ECM Reissue German vinyl
    8. YES "Relayer" ALTLANTIC HDCD Japan CD
    9. KING CRIMSON "Larks Tongues..." ATLANTIC British vinyl
    10. FLEETWOOD MAC "Then Play On" German CD
  3. JPartyka

    JPartyka I Got a Home on High

    Um, who's Bob? :confused:

    I lived with the CD for the full year it took me to find the two-LP set. It is not easy to find.

    I like the LP better; it comes across as fuller, with better separation of individual instruments. Tweedy's voice sounds a little more real. It's not an astounding difference (I'm guessing the LP was cut from the digital master), but it's noticeable on my system.

    The LP of Being There, their previous album, is excellent too, but then so is the CD in that case. That one is still readily available in both formats.
  4. Joe Koz

    Joe Koz Prodigal Bone Brother™ In Memoriam

    Sorry Jeff,

    Bob was from a previous post and I didn't change the name. So Bob, ah, I mean Jeff, thanks for the info, I'm going to keep an eye out for that "Summerteeth" LP.

  5. alternatetune

    alternatetune New Member

    YES~Tales from Topographic Oceans
    LARRY NORMAN~So Long Ago, The Garden
    MARILLION~Brave 24bit 2cd remaster
    JOURNEY~In the Beginning (Rolie era)
    GENESIS~Wind and Wuthering
    STEELY DAN~Two Against Nature
    TEN YEARS AFTER~A Space in Time

    Ask me again next month!
  6. 120dB

    120dB Active Member

    Baltimore, MD
    I love Revolver, Pet Sounds, Blonde On Blonde, Forever Changes,
    etc. etc. but they are everywhere these days and rightfully hailed
    as the landmark recordings that they are. Here's 10 alternate pop
    platters that I like to hype whenever possible.

    BEATLES - Yesterday and Today (original U.S. mono & 1980s stereo remaster)
    KINKS - Face To Face (original U.K. mono mix)
    JAMES LUTHER DICKINSON - Dixie Fried (stereo)
    JACKIE DE SHANNON - Breaking It Up On The Beatles Tour (mono & stereo)
    KAK - self-titled (original U.S. stereo mix)
    DANNY O'KEEFE - Breezy Stories (stereo)
    SAM COOKE - Tribute To The Lady (mono & stereo)
    EVERLY BROTHERS - Two Yanks In England (U.S. stereo mix)
    THE ROSE - Hooked On A Rose (stereo)
    BEACH BOYS - Today (original U.S. mono mix)
  7. Peter D

    Peter D Active Member

    New Jersey
    My 15 picks:

    Beatles: Abbey Road
    Big Star: #1 Record/Radio City
    Camper Van Beethoven: S/T
    Brian Eno: Another Green World
    The Feelies: Any of their first 3 albums
    The Go-Betweens: 16 Lovers Lane
    The Jayhawks: Hollywood Town Hall
    The Pogues: If I Should Fall From Grace With God
    R.E.M.: Document (or maybe Fables)
    Talking Heads: Fear Of Music
    Richard & Linda Thompson: Shoot Out The Lights
    Violent Femmes: Debut
    The Who: Tommy
    Wilco: Summerteeth
    Yo La Tengo: Fakebook
  8. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    Hyannis Ma
    This is what I've been listening to intently this week in the tuby basement:

    10. Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 8CD Box
    9. Elton John - Madman Across the Water - DCC LP
    8. The Doors - DCC CD
    7. Jethro Tull - Stand Up MFSL CD
    6. Rolling Stones - Exile On Main St.
    5. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - Sax Master, CD (Now Capitol)
    4. The Beatles - Rubber Soul (Mono Mix) LP
    3. Allman Brothers - "Beginnings" Polydoor Lps, circa 1978
    2. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bayou Country (AA)
    1. The Beatles - Abbey Road/Stan Ricker cut MFSL LP (not the sealed one I have ;))

    Odds & Ends,

    Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Blinded By The Light (7min)
    S&G - BOTW 1973 Columbia Pressing (Mint)
    Neil Young - Tonight's The Night - Sealed "Super Saver" Reprise LP (w/ the newer steamboat label on it)
    Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - Columbia Record club issue, white "WB" label. (God this sucks!)
    Ray Charles - "Uh Huh" 2 CD Set - DCC
    Miles Davis - 'Round Midnight Sony remaster CD
    Bob Dylan - Highway 61 DCC CD (I finally found one, thanks to Dave, I believe!)
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